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  • Re: Some suggestions to modifiers in Chaos Trials.

    Here's my take for new CT mods:

    Slippery floor: Heroes (and minions?) slides around, depending of how fast they are moving.
    Counter-intuitive: Traps and hero attacks heal minions, trap debuffs actually -buffs- minions and minions -must- go through the rift. The game is lost if all minions takes way too long to get through the rift. (Maybe a timer can be set up depending of how many minions are around?)
    "The price of skill is beyond diamonds": Heroes deal damage depending of the amount of (available) coins.
    Wealthily dangerous: Placing traps now costs rift points instead of coins. Health pool is now based on the amount of coins the player has. If the player runs out of coins, it's game over. If the player runs out of rift points... it's game over, as well. And selling traps will not refund rift points.

  • Can we have a arcane-based version of the Heat activated trigger, please?

    Something like "Curse-activated trigger: 10% chance for the trap to trigger again if a minion with the arcane debuff walks into the trap range."

    "This is a good trap part. Please don't curse at it." - Zoey, the chaos apprentice
  • Here's a few ideas for new chaos trial modifiers.

    * Traps teleports to random locations in the map

    * Minions has a chance to transform into other type of minions (including bosses)

    * Minions immunity to stun/slow/etc.

    * Minions reflect (10/20/30%?) of received damage back to the player

    * Chance to spawn baby gnolls while attacking large minions

    * Chance to spawn kobolds while attacking large minions

    * Chance to spawn a boss (?) while attacking large minions

    * Rift teleports around the map each wave

    * "Diehard": Minions keep spawning nonstop and will only go to the rift after the player is dead (player has unlimited aggro, nonstop spawn but the game progresses like nothing is happening?)

    * The rift now damages the player instead of healing

    * Player cannot jump

    * Minions can now jump over barricades (!)

    * Traps now heal minions instead of damaging em

    * Traps are all tier 1 (!) (This mod seems overkill, but...)

    * Player is stunned each time a minion is killed (Temper's curse? :D)

    * "Chaotic minions": Minions will be swapped randomly by other type of minions each wave (with a chance for a boss).

    * "Chaotic skills": Hero skill will be randomly swapped everytime the player uses it (Q becomes E, E becomes shift... etc.)

    * "Chaotic hero": Selected hero will be randomly swapped by another hero each wave (is this one even possible? :V)

    * Player is pulled closer to the rift for the whole match. Pull strength is stronger depending of how far away the player is from the rift

    * "Floor is vtar": Movement speed is decreased while the player is touching the ground (this debuff can be avoided if the player keeps jumping nonstop. just a typical "silly" mod)

    * "Your momma is fat": AoE stun shockwave (and screen shake) each time the player touches the ground after a jump.

    * "How 2 shot gun": Player has a chance to damage himself/herself for each primary attack.

    * "Crazy legs": Player has a chance to fall down while walking/running. Chance is increased depending of the player's current movement speed (Something like a ragdoll effect?)

    * "Zero gravity": Gravity is disabled.

    * "All ogre it": Chance to spawn a kamikaze kobold each time the player attacks a ogre.

    * (Add something about pessimism here): Chance to stun/bleed/poison/burn the player each time a wave starts.

    * "Inferiority complex": Player's damage is decreased depending of the amount of minions alive.

    * "OCD": Traps now trigger randomly nonstop, even if there's no minion nearby.

    * "Careless coins": Player loses coins each time a minion is killed.

    * "Ogres have taken over the world": Only ogres will be spawned. Kobolds will be replaced by ogres with rift rush effect.

    * "E.X.P.L.O.S.I.O.N.S": Only kamikaze kobolds will be spawned. Minion hp increased by x5.

    * "Mommy said I'm the rift": Player hp and rift points will be swapped. Which means, player hp is now 25 and rift points will now be (current player's hp.).

    * "What would MAX do": Player loses the ability to place traps;the game will place traps for the player.

    * "Unstable traps": Traps keeps randomly gaining (and losing) tiers each second.

    * "Unstable hero": Player keeps randomly gaining (and losing) hp/mp each second.

    * "Unstable minions": Minions keeps randomly gaining (and losing) health each second.

    * "The hero boss minion": All minions will be replaced by a single light orc each wave. This light orc has a really high hp and a chance to spawn a random minion (including a boss) each time it is damaged by a trap or the player.

    * "One and done": Match is reduced by a single wave; -ALL MINIONS- will be spawned at once in this wave, including the boss(es).

    * "The orc inside me": Chance to spawn a random minion (including a boss) close to the player each time the player receives damage.

    * "P-p-power!": Player is pushed away each time it receives damage from any kind of minion.

    * "Fair game": Ranged attacks are disabled if the player is way too far from its target.

    * "MAXIMUM MAX": Player(s) will be forced to play as max.

    * "Doing it wrong": The game will randomly pick traps for the player. The player cannot change said traps.

    * "Money is power": Player will deal damage depending of the current amount of coins.

    * "Money is peace of mind": Minions will be added (or removed) from the wave depending of the current amount of coins the player has.

    * "The attack of the undead orcs": Minions will be ressurected fully healed but with 25% less max hp and movement speed each time they are killed. (Which means, they need to die 4 times in order to be "really" killed.)

    * "Italian plumberin'": Jumping on a minion now deals damage.

    * "Money is a illusion": Chance to spawn a minion (in a random spot around the map) each time the player gains coins from kills/combos. This minion does not consume rift points.

    * "Gotta go slow": Player's movement speed is decreased if the player is walking on a straight line for some time (5% decreased movement speed each second?). Changing directions resets this debuff.

    * "It's a trap!": Dropped health/mana potions and coins from minions does not give any benefits;but instead, a chance to spawn a boss.

    * "No one shall pass!...including you.": Guardians now damages everyone... including the player.

  • New minion ideas.

    Imagine something like a old female orc (Grandma orcress?), carrying a wooden rolling pin on her right hand and a umbrella on her left hand (immune to damaging ceiling traps and a melee specialist?), wearing a pyjama and mumbling some random things about her past life ("Back in my days we used to get pushed away by the wind belt...!", etc.) and how today's heroes are wrong and futile.

    Another orc (maybe a new merc?) that is a reference to the Terminator movie, that keeps roaming around the map and cannot be killed by traps or hero skills. The only way to kill him is by using environmental traps or by pushing him off the map with physic traps, hero skills, etc.

    A orc wearing a max wig, pretending to be max while setting up traps around to defeat the player (!?) (With some funny lines, like "There can be only one............ awesome guy!", etc.)

    A very slow fat orc that is immune to wall traps and can even be used as a "barricade" when killed. (Maybe a way to push this dead orc around while holding F...?)

    The orc businessman. Imagine something like "If Dobbin was a orc", while wearing a tux. He doesn't do damage at all, doesn't go to the rift and his only purpose is to force players to sell traps (!) (Imagine something like, when the orc business gets close to a trap, a window pops up with "The orc businessman wants to buy (trap name here) for (coin quantity). Would you like to sell?". And if the player denies, the player will receive damage equal to half of the orc businessman's offer.) (A literal "kamikaze kobold 2.0".)

    Female orc teenager. Basically, a "kobold version" of the Gnoll Breeder -- that inflicts various status effects, not only slow. (Imagine something like a orc wearing a girly wig, that runs really fast, hugs the player while randomly rambling about life and how does the rift is awesome.)

  • Remove power generator trap from the game.

    Simply because this is meant to be a co-op game; and there's nothing "co-op" in this trap.

    Or make it share the coin earned between the team;not solely for the trap owner.