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  • Welcome to the Orcs Must Die! Forums

    Welcome to the very best place to talk about orc-gibbing and ogre-slaying with your fellow War Mages: the Orcs Must Die forums.

    If you're new to Orcs Must Die! Unchained, or new to the Robot service (hello European players!) take a moment to introduce yourself and say hello.

    A number of us from Robot Entertainment are active here on the forums (and you can often find us in-game as well!). Here's a handy guide to those of us who are most active on the forums!

    I'd also like to offer a great big welcome to our French and German CMs who are starting this week.

    Harmonia - Global Community Manager
    Fifireto - German Community Manager
    Zaghaara - French Community Manager
    SixOkay - Marketing Manager
    ShadeDev - Designer
    MitchellW - Support
    WinWin - Support
    Wafflefoot - QA

    See you at the rift!

  • Re: ErrorDlg_ServersOffline

    Keep an eye out for the email from Gameforge. These are getting sent now. Once you get your code you can link the accounts and that will update your new Robot account :)
  • Re: still haven't 5 star orcatraz and orcri-la?

    Serious question: What do you guys think of these two maps? I find myself saying this often, but I LOVE THESE MAPS. I think Orcatraz might be my favorite map. I had a lot of trouble myself when we were first trying out Orcri-La (*shakes fist and curses at Swiftyhooves*) but I really like the idea of that map, too! 
  • Re: Stables at Eventide - Noteable minions.

    Hey Molten: question related to a few other threads and discussions on this topic.

    Would having a "common" enemies section like the "notable" enemies section achieve what you are asking for here? Notable would be bosses and rare enemy types, and common would be the enemy type you're facing the most of to help you prepare traps and select heroes.
  • Re: Update 1.6 Known Issues Thread

    Jacowboy said:
    Max is not dancing in the first level of prologue when winning... (I don't know if that's intended, but I suspect not). And the 3rd... and 5th =P
    If you're doing something (I believe both moving and attacking counts) at the conclusion of the match it will cancel the dance. Bummer, I know, especially with Max's slick victory dance! We're working on that, though!