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  • Steam Cards added to OMDU for PC!

    Hey guys,

    I completely spaced out yesterday on stream :shakes fist at fire alarm: and did not announce that we activated Steam Trading Cards yesterday just before the Insider Access episode! 

    If you're into the trading cards you can find them on the marketplace, or earn them by making purchases. If you've made purchases in the past, you'll discover that those have been retroactively credited with cards!

  • Re: Deadeye PS4

    We'll have another hero coming to PS4 within the next few weeks, but whether that's Tundra or Deadeye I will leave up to your imaginations for now!
  • Server Maintenance for the week of August 7, 2017

    Hello War Mages!

    Below you will find the maintenance and update schedule for the week.

    PlayStation 4:
    There will be an update on Tuesday, August 8 to introduce a new Sabotage map, 3 new consumables, and resolve an issue with vanity chests on the PlayStation. This maintenance will begin at 7:00 AM Central time and is expected to last approximately three hours. 

    There will be maintenance on Wednesday, August 9. Maintenance will begin at 7:00 AM Central time and is expected to last two hours.

    There are no patch notes for this change but one matchmaking adjustment was made that will enable Sabotage games to rarely launch as 1v1, similar to how they currently launch as 2v2 when there are not enough players within a given range.

    UPDATE: PC maintenance is currently extended. Early ETA is noon Central at earliest but more likely around 1 pm Central. Will provide additional updates if this changes.

    Not sure what time that is in your local timezone? This handy link should help you out: https://time.is/Dallas

    For up to date server and maintenance information, follow @OMDservers on Twitter!
  • Re: Server Maintenance for the week of August 7, 2017

    Hey guys, another update: everything is cruising along well but it's looking more like sometime around 1 pm Central for servers to be available again. Thanks for your patience today, I will share more info as soon as it's available.
  • Re: [PS4] Will we be able to communicate?

    As Sashimiak indicated we don't have details yet, but new features for PS4 are being developed to address these complaints. Developing new features and even improving existing ones take time so we don't have details to share yet. Snarky comments that derail constructive feedback threads are not appreciated and have been removed.