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  • Server Maintenance and Patch - April 25, 2017

    Hello War Mages!

    This week's server maintenance will begin at 7:00 a.m. Central time on Tuesday, April 25. Maintenance is expected to last 5 hours. Not sure what time that is in your local timezone? This handy link should help you out: https://time.is/Dallas

    During maintenance there will be a patch to address several issues:
    • An issue has been resolved that was causing some players to bypass the post-match reward screen in Sabotage games. This should no longer occur. 
    • An issue has been resolved that was preventing some players from logging in after disconnecting or crashing. 
    • An issue allowing consumables to be used more than once on a single wave.
    • An issue with joining late causing problems in Sabotage matches.
    • Additional fixes to make service more stable.
    We've also resolved the most common crash reported with our new crash report tool (something that was added in the launch update). Thank you to all players for submitting your crash reports to us to help make the OMDU client more stable!

    Known Issues:
    • Our team is still investigating the "5/6 players accepting and 1 player declining" experience in the matchmaker. 
  • Re: Good Strategies For Swiftyhooves?

    That's a great video! 
  • Re: Sabotage Mode First Impressions

    Excuse you, Juicy. Dobbin is short and sassy. Now I'll just see myself out with a warning for derailing the thread.

    Great format for your response, though, it's perfect (just like Dobbin).
  • Update 2.0 Login Issue - "Login Failure"

    Hey Everyone,

    We're aware of a login issue following update 2.0 and are currently investigating the cause. This issue seems to be affecting some former European players. 

    Cannot log into game

    Error Message:
    "Login failure. Please verify the email and password are correct"

    Current Solution:
    1. Disable your antivirus, malware detection, internet security, and firewall programs as they can silently interfere with your connection.
    2. If you're running a hardware firewall, make sure it is configured per the specs outlined here: https://support.robotentertainment.com/hc/en-us/articles/203597585
    3. Shut down any secondary programs that may be running in the background.
    5. If you're trying to log in via the Steam client, make sure you're letting Steam load completely before attempting to launch Orcs Must Die! Unchained.

    If it persists, please follow these steps and contact the support team.
  • Re: OMDU Launch Maintenance!

    We're so excited! We're keeping an eye on things, guys, and it *may* take a bit longer than we anticipated. I'll have an official update at around 1 pm, just over an hour from now.

    1 pm update:
    Looks like we're running about 2 hours behind schedule so our estimated up-time will be 4 pm Central. Be sure to follow @OMDServers for updates!

    3 pm update:
    We've uncovered a few issues that need to be resolved before the servers are brought back online. No firm ETA yet, but I will let you guys know as soon as possible when we expect the servers to return. Hang in there!
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