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  • Welcome to the Orcs Must Die! Forums

    Welcome to the very best place to talk about orc-gibbing and ogre-slaying with your fellow War Mages: the Orcs Must Die forums.

    If you're new to Orcs Must Die! Unchained, or new to the Robot service (hello European players!) take a moment to introduce yourself and say hello.

    A number of us from Robot Entertainment are active here on the forums (and you can often find us in-game as well!). Here's a handy guide to those of us who are most active on the forums!

    I'd also like to offer a great big welcome to our French and German CMs who are starting this week.

    Harmonia - Global Community Manager
    Fifireto - German Community Manager
    Zaghaara - French Community Manager
    SixOkay - Marketing Manager
    ShadeDev - Designer
    MitchellW - Support
    WinWin - Support
    Wafflefoot - QA

    See you at the rift!

  • Re: Release 1.9 - Patch Notes

    Known issue:

    Players may log in without any sound. Turn up the master volume in your dashboard to resolve this!

  • Re: ErrorDlg_ServersOffline

    You'll need to patch, but you should be fine otherwise :)
  • Re: New Daily Quests

    Lemartes said:
    This really should have been fixed by now.  I've already stopped playing daily, and pretty close to dropping this down to casual once a week thing now if the daily chest is going to be 50/50 for me.
    We've got improvements coming in the next update, which we stated in this thread (and others) several times. Patch notes will be discussed on tomorrow's IA episode, so tune in!
  • Re: An announcement on OMD!U European Publishing

    Hey guys, great questions :) I believe we've already stated this publicly so I won't get in too much trouble for saying that the game will have several localized languages once it's launched. We'll have more details to share as that gets closer! :)