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  • Release 2.2 - Chaos Trials

    Release 2.2 – Chaos Trials – Patch Notes

    Available June 20

    New Mode: Chaos Trials

    Chaos Trials are a new and exciting way to play Survival. Players will occasionally discover "Chaos Keys" when playing matches in Survival, Sabotage, Endless, and Weekly Challenges (they have a random chance to be acquired after a match). These keys will have an associated challenge level (Apprentice, War Mage, Master, and Rift Lord) as well as random additional modifiers for playing a map within those difficulties.

    Each time a team (1-3 players) defeats a chaos trial tier, their chaos key will be upgraded, adding additional modifiers into the mix. However, be careful, each chaos key only has three lives!

    Chaos Trials are the most rewarding way to play OMD!U. They offer a chest after every victory including increasing number of skulls based on how far you get. Furthermore, Chaos Trials feature a leaderboard to track your best performance relative to other players.

    Chaos Keys can be randomly discovered through playing other modes, by completing certain achievements, through daily login rewards, or via the Premium Shoppe and store.

    Read more about Chaos Trials.

    New Mercenary: The iMage

    The iMage is an enemy that splits into multiple variations: Arcane, Fire, Frost, and Lightning. Each variation fires a unique ranged attack. However, only one of these illusions is the real mercenary and it must be slain to defeat the iMage.

    New Feature: Full Screen Dashboard and Updated Play Screen

    We've heard from many players that the game needs a full screen dashboard. You asked and we listened. This first iteration of the full screen dashboard will make everything scale to fit your screen, however, future iterations will actually begin redesigning the dashboard for a dedicated full-screen experience.

    We have also revamped the play screen to make it easier to discover the modes that OMD!U has to offer. Check it out below!

    New For Sabotage: Map and Consumables

    • Academy Sewers is now available in Sabotage!
    • Polymorph Chicken: select one enemy hero and turn him or her into a chicken.
    • Immolation Staff: places a staff on the enemy team’s battleground that damages barricades, decoys, and summoner trap retainers.
    • Armored Giants: Summons a medium-sized army of armored giants.

    New For Sabotage: Additional Base Deck Consumables

    • Guardian Potion
    • Minion Stealth
    • Satyrs
    • Pride Hunters

    New: Premium Shoppe Skins

    • Dragon Tamer Ivy
    • Dragon Ward Hogarth


    • Pressing Alt-K to kill your hero now requires a 5-second cast.
    • The survival experience quest has been changed to: Win 5 Survival Matchmade Games. Reward: Chest.


    • Sabotage matchmaking will now pick easier battlegrounds when there is a high skill separation between players.
    • Players will now lose rank for leaving/disconnecting from a game.
    • Sabotage matchmaking will now more aggressively try to create games with:
      • Similar account level
      • Similar skill level
      • Similar party size
    Developer Comment: We have been hearing lots of complaints surrounding matchmaking. These changes should make matches fairer, however, they could potentially increase queue times, so we will be monitoring the status of matchmaking closely.


    • We have added new visual indicators during the match which highlight the players that have taken the most damage, dealt the most trap damage, or dealt the most hero damage. These badges will update in real time during the game.
    • 4 new titles have been added to the game, available to everyone.
    • We have increased the maximum number of loadouts to 14 (from 8).
    • Player rating on the tab screen and post-game stats have been removed.
    • Players can now enable a game/par timer to be visible at all times via the options menu.
    • Receiving a party invite will now provide a toast notification, rather than a pop-up. This is designed to reduce interruptions in the dashboard.
    • When deleting and adding friends, the friends list will now remain open. This makes it less tedious to make multiple modifications.
    • We have updated minion consumable card backs to have more information regarding minion keywords/skills.
    • Enemy team stats are no longer displayed in Sabotage. These stats were providing the wrong impression because higher level teams face minions with greater health.
    • An alpha slider has been added to chat. Chat is now more transparent by default.
    • Party chat will now automatically open when joining a party.
    • Guardian text during the loadout phase of pre-game now shows abilities.
    • Minion portals will now appear red during go-breaks if they will spawn immediately after the go-break.
    • The game is now available in Russian and Spanish!

    Sounds and Effects

    • In-game music has been updated with more tracks. Existing tracks have been rock-ified. Additional changes are coming in the future.
    • The visuals for all staffs in Sabotage have been updated.
    • Fireling death effects are now much clearer.


    • Sabotage now requires players to be account level 5. If you group with other players who are higher level, we ignore this restriction.
    • The countdown timer during hero select has been reduced by 30 seconds.
    • The countdown timer during the first go-break has been reduced by 30 seconds in Sabotage only.
    • The go-break timer between waves has been increased to 45 seconds (from 30) for apprentice maps.
    • Many Sabotage consumable achievements have been made easier to complete.
    • Sudden death now provides increasing control resistance to minions.
    • Most minion consumables have had their minion count increased by 25 to 50%, with the exception of base set kobolds, mages, and gnolls.
    • Powerful consumables are now less likely to appear during the early game.
    • Throne Room has been made significantly more challenging in Sabotage.
    • Banquet Hall sudden death has been made more challenging in high difficulties.
    • "The Bomb" spell timer has been reduced to 4 seconds, from 5.
    • "More Aggro" spell now increases aggro by an additional 50%.
    • "Coin Drain Aura" now drains twice as much coin each second. However, its duration has been reduced to 10 seconds, from 20.
    • Spell consumables that deal damage now deal damage as percent health.
    • Many waves have been updated. In general, early waves are easier, while later waves are harder.
    Developer Comment: These changes are designed to do a few things:
    • Reduce the number of games that end on wave 1 or 2.
    • Create more comebacks. We know it stinks to lose a few rift points early and feel unable to score later in the match.
    • Make consumables feel more impactful. We know it can feel unimpactful to use many spells/minions, so we targeted a series of changes to improve them.


    • Now provides increasing control resistance to minions every wave after wave 25.
    • The score bonus for completing a wave has been decreased to 5%, from 15%. As a result of this change, we are wiping Endless leaderboards with patch 2.2.

    Survival Difficulty

    • Reduced the difficulty of wave 3 on Banquet Hall (Apprentice), wave 5 of Highlands (Apprentice), wave 3 of Restricted Section (War Mage), and wave 7 of Temple Graveyard (War Mage).
    • The first go-break is now properly twice as long in solo games.
    • Orcrila pathing has been updated.
    • Several par times have been made easier.
    • Several maps in Apprentice have been made more challenging for 2 and 3 player parties.

    Teacup Gnoll Breeder

    • Teacup Gnolls no longer mini-stun their target for 0.1 seconds on attack.


    • Increased the attack width of his primary attack by 25%.
    • Mana increased to 200 (from 185).
    • Delicious Meals now restore 3x as much health and now also reduce Bloodspike's cooldowns by 5% when consumed.
    • Fixed a bug that caused Bloodspike to receive less than the intended amount of max health when collecting delicious meals with the corresponding weaver upgrade.
    Developer Comment: Bloodspike's Delicious Meals have been nearly unnoticeable for quite a while. These changes will help them become far more relevant. In addition, the wider attack width should help with some surrounding criticisms regarding his primary attack's difficulty of use.

    • Lowered the range of Hogarth's leap by a large amount. This is intended to buff the usability of his skill to hit minions, rather than act as a nerf.
    • Hogarth's shield now slows nearby enemies by 25% for its duration.
    • Hogarth's first weaver upgrade now causes his shield to slow fast minions by twice as much.
    • Fixed a bug that was causing Hogarth's aggro bonus weaver upgrade to not apply the full 40% bonus.
    Developer Comment: We want Hogarth to be a tank and control king. However, he is still lacking in this area, so we have buffed his baseline utility in these areas.

    • All upgrades associated with Ivy's "Life Current" ability will now apply to Ivy IN ADDITION to allies, rather than only allies.
    • Nature's Swiftness now increases allied movement speed by 30% (up from 15%).
    • Warden's Tutelage now decreases the mana cost of Penetrating Shot by -20 (from -15).
    • Life Current now restores +50% more health per second.
    • Life Current radius increased by 100%.
    • Reach of Roots cooldown increased to 14 seconds (from 12).
    • Reach of Roots now reduces enemy armor by -50 (improved from -40).
    • The Natural Knack upgrade now reduces the cooldown of Reach of Roots by 15% (down from 25%).
    • Developer Comment: Ivy is currently acting as a "one trick pony" oriented around Reach of Roots. These changes are designed to open up more build options for Ivy without changing her overall power level.
    • Ivy's passive no longer triggers when she is low on health. Instead, it now provides her with a movement speed bonus when she spawns or re-spawns.
    • Ivy passive cooldown removed.
    • Developer Comment: The lack of control over Ivy's passive has been a subject of criticism for some time. It often triggers at unexpected times, making it hard to utilize its benefit. This change is designed to allow Ivy to get greater use of her passive.
    • Increased all damage by 12%.
    • Reduced the cooldown of "From The Ashes" passive to 90 seconds (from 150).

      Developer Comment: This change allows Smolder to play more aggressively without constant fear of dying. Furthermore, this improves weaver builds oriented around Smolder's passive.

    Traps and Trap Parts

    • Cost reduced to 300 coin (from 700).
    Summoner Trap
    • Cost reduced to 2000 coin (from 3000).
    Power Generator
    • Cooldown now resets at the start of a wave, rather than after 50 seconds.
    Unchained Resonator Part
    • Increased by 300%.
    Vanity Plating
    • Experience gain increased by 40%.
    Revenge Rune Part
    • Now deals 75% of minion health (from 100%).
    Reflective Armor Part
    • Now reflects 200% of damage (from 50%).
    Mana Siphon Part
    • Now restores half as much mana.
    Health Siphon Part
    • Now restores half as much health.
    Ice Resonator Part
    • Increases damage by 90% (from 70%).
    Fire Resonator Part
    • Increases damage by 30% (from 35%).
    Control Resonator Part
    • Increases damage by 30% (from 35%).
    Bounty Generator Part
    • Increases bounty by 2% (from 1%).
    • Cap changed to 20% (from 50%).

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed an issue where clicking "Buy Now" under "How to Obtain" caused the dashboard to become stuck.
    • Fixed an issue where base set consumables would show up as owned during loadout select.
    • Fixed several issues with minion clipping on Orcri-la.
    • Fixed an issue where opening chat before receiving messages could cause scrolling to behave improperly.
    • Fixed an issue where consumables had a larger area than displayed.
    • Fixed an issue where changing whisper targets while the dashboard is loading could cause the player drop-down to disappear.
    • Fixed an issue where trap projections could persist forever.
    • Fixed a bug that caused Tundra's defeat animation to play incorrectly when using the War Chief skin.
    • Fixed a bug that caused Ivy's defeat animation to play incorrectly when using the Valkyrie skin.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause heroes to flash during their defeat animation.
    • Fixed an issue where your cursor could remain on screen during Sabotage.
    • Fixed a bug where Wall Building PhD would not provide the full amount of health regeneration.
    • Fixed a bug where party chat was not cleared upon leaving a party.
    • Fixed several bugs related to minion card back information for sabotage consumables.
    • Fixed a bug where barricade destroying minions would occasionally not target barricades when they should.
    • Fixed many tooltips associated with tier upgrades.
  • New Game Mode: Chaos Trials!

    We’re pleased to announce that the next Orcs Must Die! Unchained update will introduce a brand new, survival-based game mode called Chaos Trials!

    Chaos Trials bring the chaos and dynamic play of Sabotage mode and the problem-solving of Weekly Challenges to Survival gameplay. Available to teams of 1-3 players, Chaos Trials offer lucrative rewards for conquering a series of increasingly difficult challenges. Though each trial begins simply they increase in complexity and difficulty with every victory. Put yourself to the ultimate orc-slaying test!

    Chaos Trials

    Chaos Trials are accessed with Chaos Keys that are occasionally discovered while playing matches in all other game modes, or earned as a daily login reward. Each key has an associated challenge level from Apprentice through Rift Lord, and players are likely to encounter keys of all challenge levels up to their current progression.

    Each Chaos Key will select one map as well as random, additional rules to comprise the challenge for that Chaos Trial. Each time a challenge is defeated the Chaos Key will upgrade by selecting a new map, increasing in difficulty, and adding additional rules into the mix. Each time a challenge is failed, one of three Chaos Key lives will be lost. After three failures or twelve successes, the Chaos Trial ends.

    Insider Extra

    Bring your questions and join Harmonia and Shade this afternoon for a special episode of Insider Access on Chaos Trials at 3:00 p.m. Central, only on OrcsMustDie.tv.

    Get more details on this exciting new game mode in the full blog post.
  • Re: Voice Actors?

    I've been promising you guys this list for a while, here it is!

    Midnight - Jaimie Marchi
    Smolder - Monica Rial
    Gabriella - Collen Clinkenbeard
    Stinkeye - Chris Rager
    Blackpaw - Mike McFarland
    Bloodspike - Christopher Sabat
    Ivy - Tia Ballard
    Hogarth - Tyson Rinehart
    Zoey - Elizabeth Maxwell
    Tundra - Ian Sinclair
    Dobbin - Charlie Campbell
    Cygnus - R. Bruce Elliott
    Maximilian - Rob McCollum
    Oziel - Brad Venable
    Bionka - Jennifer Emmerson
    Temper - John Michael Tatum

    Thank you AndrealVox for this amazing clip!!

  • Server Maintenance and Update - May 16, 2017

    Hello War Mages!

    This week's server maintenance will begin at 7:00 a.m. Central time on Tuesday, May 16. Maintenance is expected to last 5 hours. Not sure what time that is in your local timezone? This handy link should help you out: https://time.is/Dallas

    Following maintenance update 2.1 will become available. You can find full details on that update in the official patch notes.