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  • Re: How to effectively give contructive feedback about siege games?

    Well you and your pride buddies never understood the difference between "winning" and "stomping".

    Being honest, Siege mode was very limited in that the key to winning was basically reduced to "strenght in numbers". And you guys had a very effective and well rehearsed strategy that consisted in always out-numbering your opponents in any situation... that and your rehearsed coordinated use of CC to create unbeatable chain CCs (and to be fair, you guys were really good at it)... Keyword here being "rehearsed".

    Anytime there were 2 pride players and 3 randoms, for exemple, things would go VERY differently... hum... I wonder why? Which is btw the reason you guys stopped solo-queuing or duo-queuing altogether... 

    As for cheating or using exploits during a game or insulting opponents after a game? Well, no one cheated in this game. Exploits? Oh you sure as hell used them. Being insulting? Not directly, no... but I mean, being condescending isn't being nice either, for exemple... but anyways...

    No one is blaming pride for what happened to Siege, don't be dense... But players complained again and again about your stomping strategies and you guys never cared, which to be fair, is your decision and fair enough... but then don't be surprised if people didn't like you and didn't want to play against you, because to be fair, it's also their decision and fair enough as well. 

    So while it was obviously not pride's or anyone fault, let's just say that some people never cared to be part of the solution either. But we've had this conversation over and over and I know I'm not gonna make you change your mind... fortunately, it doesn't matter anymore.