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  • Re: Custom Skins for Traps

    I have suggested this in the past... so a 100% agreed... skins for traps!! =)
  • Re: As someone who has spent over $1000 on your game...

    DnbNation said:

    Maybe to address this issue put a token system in place, this way people dont feel ripped off. Might be good for people who don't receive the items the want.

    Example - Every 1,000 Gibs obtained through store bought chest offers 1 token. Takes 5-10 amount of tokens and The system will determine which traps of yours are not T7 and it will randomly choose one of the parts for you. No selection. 

    Best of luck to everyone.
    Not really necessary because you'll get the daily deals soon enough... when that happens you'll be able to buy all the non t7 trap cards for skulls... So, buying gibs chests will both give you a chance, but also give you 1k skulls per pop, which should also help acquiring the remaining traps with skulls.

    Personally I would recommend you buy parts chests, so you can outfit your traps, and when you guys get thechaos trials, buy CT keys with gibs as well...

    As for the store chests, I'm not sure there's anything to do when you're high level. I mean, the majority of people still have a lot of skins and dyies to buy I'm assuming. If you've injected enough cash to already have everything, it's kinda tough sure, but you're in the minority of people. I'd honestly recommend you wait a bit for the next updates so you can better target your remaining traps through the daily deals, and buy skulls with gold if needed, then parts & keys with gibs... it's the best way I can think of to maximize everything.
  • Re: Gabby Blink Feedback

    Everyone saying blinking off cliffs is not a problem needs to open their mind and think from someone elses perspective for a change.  Using the logic that gabby's blink off cliffs is avoided with some skill completely nullifies the point of the change.  The point of the change was to make it easier for those with no skill, so stating they should "just have skill" is nonsensical.

    Im fine with forward blink, I like it a lot actually.  I think it really opens up Gabby's game, but the blinking off a cliff part is really dumb.  Youre gonna have noobs just not bother with her for fear of accidentally screwing up on some maps.  As I stated previously, Im over this.  Let it play out and I think the data will support my view. Gabby is a map-dependent liability at low skill levels due to her ability to accidentally suicide. I think at higher levels its mitigated somewhat, but there is still that threat of accidental suicide whereas previously there wasnt.  Directional blink is not enough of a buff to offset this nerf IMO. 
    huh and here I thought it was changed so Gabs would be a bit more useful =P

    Anyways, I don't see the issue... it's a game where you CAN fall off cliffs and die... and some heros have a higher chance of doing so if you don't pay attention (like BP).

    Directional blink opens up more gamplay otpions so it's good. Learning how to calculate your distances is a pretty basic gameplay skill that is required in the vast majoirty of videogames since before Mario Bros... it's really not a big issue AT ALL.
  • Re: 2 questions

    1. It never did in OMDU as far as I know... It doesn't, and probably will never do that because it'd make the game waaay too easy.

    2. That "freeze" time is because the video player is loading, so it only loads the first time, after that there's no more freezes. I don't think there's anything to be done about it.
  • Re: Workshop and Prologue bug

    Did you try skipping the prologue? You can replay it later if you want... Devs should take a look at this, but maybe you can play in the meanwhile by skipping it altogether :)