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  • Re: Maximilian Jamez Ripher Skin

    damn you, you always get the cool stuff :p
  • Re: 1.8 Stinkeye

    pff you crazy... I love those giant totems... (oh and btw, totems are actually quite big, in reality)

    I wish boom barrels would get a size upgrade as well... Not as big as the totems obviously, but actual barrel size, not the mini bucket thing that's currently in game.
  • Re: Unlocked Stinkeye: gameplay discussion, tips, stuff.

    Can't kill runners?? hahaha that's funny... did you even play him?
  • Re: 1.8 Stinkeye

    maybe if youre thinking about a totem pole sure, but totems, by definition, can be any shape or size.  

    That doesnt make his giant totem ok tho.  It looks dumb. I feel like I wear Velcro shoes when I play him. I feel like hes shooting the short bus he rides in.  I feel like Im in elementary school learning to write with a giant crayon.  

    The problem of shooting a totem inside a wave doesnt really exist* anymore because you can place it outside the lane.  
    *a no cade setup would require you to shoot the stun inside the wave for max effect.  That said since it only takes one shot, jumping and shooting would solve the problem without the need to overcompensate. you can place q totems on the edge in a no cade setup and still be 100% effective.

    Yeah but on the other hand you find everything "dumb" so yeah... :/

    Other than that, no, I've been playing him, and I usually pick corners for my Kboxes, so the purple totem ends up being smack in the middle of the minions, so yes, being able to shoot it is wonderful. Ditto on the yellow one, which is ALWAYS in the middle of the minions for obvious reasons. Now I can actually stun stuff when I mean to, and I can also see where my totems actually are.

    Lastly, aesthtically speaking, I do think they look better in a larger size, and not "dumb" at all... but as I said, everything's dumb to you because you're super awesome or something... eh... whatever.
  • Re: Unlocked Stinkeye: gameplay discussion, tips, stuff.

    So where was the "feedback" that justified this
    We’ve received lots of feedback on Stinkeye’s new design and we decided to makes some sweeping changes.

    Feedback comes from many places I assume... There's Discord, the streams, Steam, and more importantly their internal data. I rarely see people playing with Stinkeye despite being quite powerful. In fact, I see more Bloodspikes and Zoeys (and Bionkas 'cause she seems to be the go-to hero for a lot of new players)... It's very probable their internal numbers are showing a lack of play for Stinkeye.

    I'll say it again, the "laser" idea is pretty neat, but they implemented it in a very weird fashion. Very un-intuitive and messy to use. So unless they give Stinky's lasers another try in the future, in a less weird way, I'd rather they used the mechanic on a new hero, or a trap or whatever else.

    FWIW, I think the main issue is the way the laser totems spawn. If they'd just spawn where the destoryed totem was, I don't think it'd be as contrived as it is now. The second big issue is that the lasers rendered the purple totem basically pointless... just a way to activate the laser, thus Stinkeye lost his main "thing", which is shooting at totems.

    So while I'm not super happy to lose the laser mechanic, honestly I'm rather for the idea of bringing Stinky back to his roots... The laser thing can be used somewhere else.