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  • Re: 2 questions

    1. It never did in OMDU as far as I know... It doesn't, and probably will never do that because it'd make the game waaay too easy.

    2. That "freeze" time is because the video player is loading, so it only loads the first time, after that there's no more freezes. I don't think there's anything to be done about it.
  • Re: Workshop and Prologue bug

    Did you try skipping the prologue? You can replay it later if you want... Devs should take a look at this, but maybe you can play in the meanwhile by skipping it altogether :)
  • Re: How did Hogarth get even worse???

    Having to jump into a wall to use an ability is just stupid. If it was me, I'd have reduced it even more, so it's almost vertical. If you want to jump far, use blackpaw...
  • Re: New chest opening sequence.....

    I also prefered the old one... however now that I only get mostly gibs (whcih is something that a lot of players should get to, eventually), it would honestly just be time consuming and not veyr exciting xD

    chuckbert said:
    Even adding them to the store doesn't solve the issue entirely.   Most of the parts vary in uses that allow you to customize the traps to adjust to the map or personal play style.  Springs on the other hand are pure DPS increase/decrease.

    Due to the trap limit concept the only type of spring you would ever want to use is the double spring.   Charging spring is just a filler part until you can get a proper double spring.  Short spring shouldn't even exist since it decreases your damage per trap limit ratio which conflicts w/ the entire design of the game.  So not only is it hard to get springs, even if you manage to get one there is only a 33% chance you actually get the spring you need.
    Yeah, I actually use short springs on several traps... depends on what you're playing and how you're playing... Soooo... Basically there's a use for all 3 springs, although I'll admit I use a lot more doubles and chargings.