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  • Re: How did Hogarth get even worse???

    Having to jump into a wall to use an ability is just stupid. If it was me, I'd have reduced it even more, so it's almost vertical. If you want to jump far, use blackpaw...
  • Re: Patch 2.1 - Premium Shoppe!

    I'm not so sure about that... just look at all the people complaining about getting paired with "bad players" in survival... People don't like losing, in general... sure the ranking system might make it worse, but wthout it, you'd still have premades and you'd still have a lot of competitive spirit just because people like to win, imo.
  • Re: Sabotage Matchmaking

    Ironically enough, it takes me longer to find matches when I solo queue than when I'm in a full party...

    But anyways, as usual, the best and probably only fix for your problem is to find a couple of friends/players you can play with and rely on and have fun with them. That's the whole point of having a friend-list and guilds...

    Segmenting matchmaker into different types would only mean longer waits for everyone, and that's even worse.
  • Re: Theory crafting a new strat for Frostbite

    Yeah I've always done that as well... except for the new Master iteration since you have no time to do it. I also block waaaay before the kitchen to get a good time.

    I do use a fire trap tho, instead of tar, since it's a frosty level :p and I add in a cursed ground (instead of spikes) for the abb & lances (instead of ballistas).
  • Re: Theory crafting a new strat for Frostbite

    I just did a video, I'll upload it later and post it... easier to show...

    I did die once to stupid enemy heros, but it still worked pretty well and made par, so that'll have to do xD

    I don't slow satyrs, I just kill em :P


    There ya go :)

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