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  • Re: Theory crafting a new strat for Frostbite

    Yeah I've always done that as well... except for the new Master iteration since you have no time to do it. I also block waaaay before the kitchen to get a good time.

    I do use a fire trap tho, instead of tar, since it's a frosty level :p and I add in a cursed ground (instead of spikes) for the abb & lances (instead of ballistas).
  • Re: Theory crafting a new strat for Frostbite

    I just did a video, I'll upload it later and post it... easier to show...

    I did die once to stupid enemy heros, but it still worked pretty well and made par, so that'll have to do xD

    I don't slow satyrs, I just kill em :P


    There ya go :)

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  • Re: Release 1.7 Notes

    You guys should fire up OMD2 some time... it's not as amazing as you remember... 

    I mean, it's a great game, obviously, but for exemple... yes we have a cap now, and yes I agree it should be raised as much as possible... but in OMD2, while there was no cap, the game dropped less coin over time, which meant that at some point you could just not build anything anymore, or it'd take dozens of waves to put down a single trap down. So there was a limitation as well, it was just different =/
  • Re: I have a question for the balance team about traits and trap slots.

    ShadeDev said:
    Interestingly, we think players probably have too many trap slots right now.  However, we know people have been asking for more slots, so we have been resisting the urge to reduce them.

    Our logic is simple...  The puzzle and choices are more interesting when you feel restricted on the traps you are allowed to take.

    That being said, we definitely need better end game progression and it's something we are working on.
    I wouldn't be opposed to OMD2's system, where if you played co-op you'd get less slots than solo play, for the obvious reasons.

    However the current 7 trap slots + 2 gear slots does feel like a bare minimum for solo play... You always need barricades (when soloing), and the 2 gear are forced, so that leaves you with 6 trap choices, which is not that much (we already lost the "unique slot", and it's ok).

    So removing 1 trap slot per player when in a 2-people party, and 2 slots when in a 3-people party could be interesting... BUT that would also probably wreak havock with the loadout systems, I reckon... so you might as well leave as is :p
  • Re: New Store Item Request

    eh... 1500 skulls for 2 epics? Not gonna happen :p

    An epic card goes for around 2k on the store, all parts are epic... so do the maths. It could be a little less pricey in gold coins tho, to incite players to buy skulls... that would be good.

    It'd be nice to have more chests, but unless they cap parts, not an RNG parts chest... too risky. I'd rather they sold them on the store... buuut, why not?