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  • Re: bye, has been fun

    Lorelle said:
    I kinda wish they could leave Siege in as a 100% optional unbalanced mess with the disclaimer that all patches were for PvE only and Siege would just have to take whatever came its way.  But that might make the game look bad or something?  Dunno.
    Yes... very much so. It would look very bad and unprofessional, and you'd see a million reviews about how the game was abandoned and not balanced and whatnot...
  • Re: Patch 2.1 - Premium Shoppe!

    It's being made "easier" for solo, so no need to reset... if it was being made harder, yeah... :P
  • Another bug on Throne Room (yes, new one, not the mace one =P)

    So, apparently you can create a pathing paradox by completely blocking the top gate, which in theory shouldn't be possible... weird thing is, it's not really entirely blocked, but the AI seems to believe so... which leads to exploding barricades and many tears :p

    Here's a video reproducing it... I've reporduced it 3 times already, so I'm guessing it's a proper bug:

  • Re: A Discussion About the Future of Traps

    The gibshop is slated for next patch, actually... They confirmed it las OaD... so... soon? =P

    Also, the gibshop (or premium shoppe as it's actually called) should alleviate the trap upgrade and parts issues, since it was already announced it would containt chests for rare & epic traps, as well as parts.

    If you're level 95, I'm gonna assume that you, like me & many others, have A LOT of surplus cards, which means you'll be able to "re-roll" a lot of chests right away.

    So I wouldn't be too concerned about trap upgrades just yet... But I am a bit concerned about the other items, because I'm also missing one Guardian, 3 traits and 1 gear... Personally I've still got like a good 90 RL hero chests to farm at the moment, but since it's all about luck, I could end up getting just more surplus instead of those missing items. Which is something I hope will be adressed at some point, with an "item chest" or something like that, so you don't leave us "completionists" hanging.
  • Re: Getting all cards and upgrade cards?

    The "premium shoppe" will aleviate some of those issues, since you'll be able to turn surplus into trap chests... There's also the daily deals, in case you need to.

    So eventually you should be able to get enough cards to upgrade everything, but it might take a while :P