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    1. It never did in OMDU as far as I know... It doesn't, and probably will never do that because it'd make the game waaay too easy.

    2. That "freeze" time is because the video player is loading, so it only loads the first time, after that there's no more freezes. I don't think there's anything to be done about it.
  • Re: Unchained meter, the purpose of combos and other questions

    Thanks for the answers by the way, even though I still don't really get why they throw so much grinders everywhere. I can't seem to notice the DPS out of these.
    Well this one is rather easy... Grinders do low BUT sustained damage, which means they'll catch many runners before going into cooldown, and they're very effective against order minions, because of that. So, they're rather useful and that's why people pick them.

    As for the reason why people throw so many of them is because of deck limits I reckon, if you can only carry one wall trap, you wanna go with the most versatile. However, if you want a wall trap to do super high damage, you'll go with the wall charger. However, the wall charger is a "rare" trap, which means a lot of people will have a higher tier grinder than a wall charger, so that's also a reason why it's used more.
  • Re: Why are formerly unique traps restricted in numbers, and so heavily?

    I've said a billion times that the overload trap needs an overhaul... call it chaos bolt or something, and make it fire a random bolt of one of the magic types... fire, ice, arcane, electricity. That should make it interesting AND useful. Also, none of that disable stuff... why would I potentially gimp myself by using it?

    It's like the ambush and execution triggers, using them means restricting the use of your traps into certain conditions that are very difficult (or plain impossible) to control.
  • Re: bye, has been fun

    Lorelle said:
    I kinda wish they could leave Siege in as a 100% optional unbalanced mess with the disclaimer that all patches were for PvE only and Siege would just have to take whatever came its way.  But that might make the game look bad or something?  Dunno.
    Yes... very much so. It would look very bad and unprofessional, and you'd see a million reviews about how the game was abandoned and not balanced and whatnot...
  • Re: Patch 2.1 - Premium Shoppe!

    It's being made "easier" for solo, so no need to reset... if it was being made harder, yeah... :P