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  • Re: Release 2.5 for PC and PS4 - Patch Notes

    Onus said:

    Just in case you somehow believe PS4 players have to wait a week for the Yi-Lin and the exclusive skin. No, We don't. We have to wait a week for Yi-Lin. The exclusive skin can only be bought in the Yi-Lin pack which unlocks her early and the exclusive skin. Which cost $6.
    Yeah, no, I got it... doesn't change anything I already said:

    Jacowboy said:
    Onus said:

    My goodness, You can't be serious....
    Dude, it's a week... yes it sucks... but come on... not the end of the world... they're trying to make some money, is that soooo wrong with such a gigantic free game??

    Give them a wee break. Or better yet, buy it and support the game =)
    Now, ok we got it, you're upset. Fine. Please stop spamming your complaints. I'm pretty sure they've been duly noted byt the devs.
  • Re: Release 2.5 for PC and PS4 - Patch Notes

    Onus said:
    Frankly, I find it to be a tad bit bulshit that us PS4 players have to pay for her pack or wait anoher week for her. No, I dont find it BS because we have to pay for her. I mean, I sorta do considering everyother character didn't have to go through this. But, fortunately she's not locked behind a pay wall. At least not forever, I mean. I think its bullshit due to the fact that you guys made no mention, Not a single uttered word about this being the case for her on PS4 until AFTER the update. Or have I messed something? Please, Enlighten me if I have. But, The information given prior lead one to believe she'd be released in the update like every thing else. I wouldn't be as upset if you guys would've just told us this before hand instead of waiting after the update was live. I'm just greatfull you guys didn't put both her, The new maps and faction in the Yi-Lin pack. What's even more daunting is that PC players get her right off the bat in the update. Paying with skulls or gold like normal. While PS4 players have to pay real money for her or wait another week. Just complete bullshit. I can't be the only PS4 player who finds this to be completely unfair.
    Well, 1) it's one week wait for skull purchase... 2) you got an exclussive skin... I wish we PC players could get that skin and have a week wait period like you...

    So yeah... pros and cons...
  • Re: Tundra new panda (Imperial Golden Mage) skin

    it'll be the reward of an upcoming event... like the max swimsuit skin for the summer event.
  • Re: 2 questions

    1. It never did in OMDU as far as I know... It doesn't, and probably will never do that because it'd make the game waaay too easy.

    2. That "freeze" time is because the video player is loading, so it only loads the first time, after that there's no more freezes. I don't think there's anything to be done about it.
  • Re: Unchained meter, the purpose of combos and other questions

    Thanks for the answers by the way, even though I still don't really get why they throw so much grinders everywhere. I can't seem to notice the DPS out of these.
    Well this one is rather easy... Grinders do low BUT sustained damage, which means they'll catch many runners before going into cooldown, and they're very effective against order minions, because of that. So, they're rather useful and that's why people pick them.

    As for the reason why people throw so many of them is because of deck limits I reckon, if you can only carry one wall trap, you wanna go with the most versatile. However, if you want a wall trap to do super high damage, you'll go with the wall charger. However, the wall charger is a "rare" trap, which means a lot of people will have a higher tier grinder than a wall charger, so that's also a reason why it's used more.