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  • Re: Release 1.9 - Patch Notes

    Zarcos said:
    It would be nice if you also listed all of the par time changes you made. Would make it much easier for us to pinpoint which one were reduced too much like for instance the Eventide Fortress previous par time of 28:00-30:00 to now 19:45. It is now significantly harder to reach par time because of it being such a large map. Especially with slow characters.
    I gotta agree with you here, I'd love to get specific value changes on everything. But I'm also a data hog ;)
  • Re: How to make OMDU great again?

    raylei said:
    We can just put down Great Wall Barricades in the Wall map and have orcs pay for it.

    maybe with a "Heck of a lot Higher" part: make the great wall barricades 500feet+ tall that crashes our GPU memories and RAM immediately.

    The problem is that great walls cost so much coin, and it'll take so many, We may have to stop training warmages and hiring dwarf shamans to pay for it. But hey, so long as we've got that wall, who needs education and medical?

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  • Re: Loadouts, Are they staying around?

    I do like the idea of decks, but for things like trap parts. I don't ever use them for pre-set traps, but I would use them alot for pre-set trap parts. Let me set which parts go in which traps for that loadout, and I'd probably use all my slots.
  • Re: New Daily Quests

    nronksr said:
    We all know the problem.  It's a matter of how long to fix it.  Honestly, I stopped playing this game already.  I'm lucky if I even login anymore for the login bonus alone... maybe 3x a week.  My interest in OMDU is almost gone.  If things haven't changed by the next patch, I'll go my way and play any of the other thousand games I currently own and call this one a loss.  Was fun while it lasted but the idea of a daily quest and achieving a goal to get the box and skulls at least was entertaining.  When it becomes something like a taskmaster, I no longer enjoy, and thus it stops being a game.  That is when people need to move on to something else.  I at least bothered to login to post... so there is at least my .02.
    I find myself saying this alot, but the game is in beta. It's the time to figure things like the quests out. I understand they're frustrating, but you have to remember that it is one of the things they found important enough to test before throwing it into the game and just saying it's good.

    My advice to anyone that finds any one part of the game absolutely appalling is to stop playing, and try again next patch. rinse repeat for each patch. But for realzies, the beta testing is so they can find out what isn't working. Yes it's frustrating, but you're literally making the game better in the long run.
  • Re: feedback about game progression

    Will1 said:
    Condensed to save space
    This is great feedback, especially for those of us that play alot. It's often quite easy to forget the game can be challenging from the start, when you don't know what you're doing. Especially when we've been here through so many iterations of the game that we don't remember that time.

    And while you are correct that the game encourages you to use things like the spikes, barricades, and brimstone at low levels (TBH barricades never go away) - it encourages you to branch out later. Spikes are great because they're cheap, but they aren't good at everything (despite what robot devs may believe ;). ) Eventually you branch out into other traps, and it'll probably be clear later. However you unintentionally make a point that's worth noting. You mention rows of 3 brimstones (and maybe I don't understand you clearly here), but having 3 brimstones in a row isn't really a great idea. Brimstone lights enemies on fire, applying a DoT to them, so they take so much damage every half second or something. When you place them in a row, you're not getting the full damage potential out of a brimstone trap. They're best with a spike or tar in between them. However, there's no way for you to know that, because the game never gives you tips like that.

    See, it's interesting to me because those of us that give alot of feedback on the forums never realize these things. We know the inner workings of the game so well, things like this don't register in our heads anymore. So, as an FYI: If you ever, ever, ever x500 think that something is unintuitive, or not explained very well, mention it. Because it's something that players like myself and terrysongcn won't ever notice - we've been here so long we don't notice when something isn't explained very well.