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  • Re: The Skin Suggestion Thread

    Correct you are, sir! Err. Ma'am. Sir. Mother.

    Also I want a skin for stinkeye where he is a snowman with little colored snow totems. Yellow snow? Eww.
  • Re: Not remembering hero skin

    Winwin said:
    Hey guys!

    I reached out to the dashboard team and confirmed that this is the intended function here. To clarify, the dashboard will remember the last selected hero, skin, and dye are retained, but will reset each time you change your hero.
    That's depressing. While it's nice to know that it's working correctly - could it also be passed along that it would be nice if the information was retained per hero?
  • Re: Traps Cap

    LazySnow said:
    Remove Traps Cap this is a tower defend make the map a cap not a number 
    This is for performance reasons.

    In OMD1 and OMD2, there was no trap count. However, the game was also running locally. This means you computer is making all the decisions, so when a trap fires there's no internet required. Technically the whole game can be played offline. When played online, all the decisions were made on the host's PC, which is why you may notice that the second player sometimes had some pretty severe disconnects or laggs from the host.

    In OMDU, the entire game is connected to Robot's servers. This means that each time a minion moves, a trap fires, a hero attacks, uses an ability, or even moves - the server knows. And it knows because it's constantly talking with your computer and the other 2 people that may or may not be in your game (or 5, in sabotage). That's a big deal. I don't know if you got to experience it, but some sabotage maps had spawned more minions than they were supposed to during sudden death. During that time, I lost my ability to place traps. Literally too much lagg. But the thing is, it wasn't because of my computer (it was performing fine), and it wasn't because of my internet (50 mbps down? Like one game overloaded that) - it was the server. Their server is talking to 6 clients about a bajillion different things, and it just couldn't talk enough to handle it. The same thing happens with traps. Each trap has a cooldown, has special statistics (damage, fire rate, etc.) embedded into it. Even if those were optimized, you're not going to improve the cap much. You still have the server handling too much information.

    TL;DR - it has to go through the server, so trap cap makes it so the game can run with a server.
  • Re: Rubber banding

    I've started almost a month ago, When my data plan was fresh. But now its reached its max for this month so now I'm mostly getting about 3mbps

    Now i keep rubber banding in my games. Is that normal? Is the game practically not playable if my speed isn't over 3mbps? I've set my graphics to low but that doesn't help either. 

    unfortunately, alot of plans will start to throttle you after you hit your limit. This means they're essentially giving you net, then shutting it off for a few seconds, etc. - it saves them net without really looking like an issue to MOST users. Depending how bad your ISP does it, it may affect video streaming (netflix/youtube/hulu/etc.) or music streaming (amazon/spotify/pandora) - but alot of ISP's have gotten better in regards to those, as they are widely used programs. However, most ISPs, when they throttle, still screw games massively. Games require a constant connection, and any type of throttling messes with that. It's the equivalence of you getting 2 seconds worth of data at once, then nothing for a second, then 2 seconds worth, etc. instead of a constant stream, it's getting bunched up and sent. OK for things that pre-load, very very bad for games.

    The game is probably playable at 1 or 2 mbps (most are, I used to play alot on that) - but you can think of yours as bouncing between 3 and 0. Very quickly. (probably). Unfortunately the only way to fix it is to not be at your max cap, or call your ISP and see if they'll fix it.

    ^that's my advice based on your situation anyways, I can't say for certain I'm right, but I would say it's likely.
  • Re: Not being able to obtain a skin unless you actually have the hero

    So, I bought the grand vanity chest hoping that i would get something that i like, but i ended up getting a skin for a character that I don't even own, which leads to this suggestion about preventing certain skins or dyes from being obtained unless you actually own the hero or you already own the dyes and skins for the heroes that you own. I mean, I have to buy a separate hero just to use that one skin or pretend that i opened an empty chest.
    Never been a fan of that chest myself, too much RNG for a vanity item.