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  • Re: Best hero to buy?

    Agreeing with Hypo here.

    Bionka's great, but only if you can put everything into a relatively small area. On some of the bigger maps where you've got 3 lanes coming in, she can be hard to play.

    Midnight's my favorite - she's all around great (not quite as good as bionka, but she gets pretty close). Upside is she's fast enough for those big maps that bionka isn't, in fact one of her abilities buffs her speed. Downside is she's very squishy, having one of the smallest health pools. I personally recommend her for soloing, but I would agree with Hypo's assessment that she takes some practice.

    Temper is great, as he also has a speed boost and is an all around good hero. Benefit - you can use whatever gear you want on him, because his rage builds up so fast in comparison to gear costs. Downsides is that he doesn't have a nuke like big guys like bionka and midnight does. If you get a group of big guys, you're killing all of them the hard way. Midnight can assassinate and bionka just does so much damage that it doesn't matter, temper has neither of those. All around a great hero though.

    I'd also like to add Oziel to Hypo's list. He's a little slow, and you may have to play carefully for the first wave or two of a level, but after that he's very powerful. You've got ghosts to take down the big guys, and you've got endless mana for gear (and slows, using his other ability) that make comboing and killing easy. And of course, the more comboes, the more money.
  • Re: What is your favorite hero in OMDU?

    I think my signature speaks for itself, honestly.
  • Re: Good Strategies For Swiftyhooves?

    ^That. I use oziel. Pop a ghosts and right click him, should basically kill him.

    In a group, you'll want everyone there.
  • Re: weavers that don't make sense

    ShadeDev said:
    I have discussed some possible reworks with designers in the past.  One idea is to add primary and secondary effects to weavers:
    - Reduces the cooldown of Bull Rush by 20% and increases it's damage against burning enemies.
    - Increases the damage of "In Your Faces" and changes its damage type to arcane.

    The idea here is to have different levels influence your choices more heavily, which in turns influences your playstyle.

    This is an interesting idea, but I think it would work better if weavers were pre-selected traits instead of chosen during the match. I find it awkward for hero behavior to change significantly throughout the course of the match. It introduces too much complexity.  For example, if Max's "In Your Faces" was going to do arcane damage, then that's a decision I would want to make when selecting my loadout so I can decide to bring more arcane traps.

    Regardless, I'm totally in favor of more interesting weavers. I just think the more interesting they are, the less sense it makes for them to be temporary in-match decisions.

    (You could even do both... Have flat stat/ability bonuses be in-match upgrades and have a separate pre-match weaver system for more interesting hero customization.)
    While I'm not against pre-picking (as a solo player, I don't have an issue with it at all) - I feel like that complicates team play a bit more. Half because now that's something else you're picking while gearing up, but also because what if my teammate switches his 3 arcane traps to fire right before we start? I didn't have time to change. It's the kind of thing that in game you could go "Well, he uses a ton of dragon lances.. so maybe I should go arcane" as compared to "Well, he brought 3 arcane traps but has only ever laid one". The more stuff that becomes pre-match, the harder it becomes to coordinate with random people. Personally I like it, but I also play solo 95% of the time, and just duo with Sciz (who pre-coordinates with me) the other 5%. So it wouldn't really affect me.
  • Re: weavers that don't make sense

    If you constantly need mana, you shouldn't choose Mana Mister, you should choose longer duration for rift shards

    Feeling Frisky is actually harmful for new people, as it minimizes the death effect and make people think dying isn't much of an issue

    You can either stay close to secure souls, or you can take a weaver to secure souls. Why waste a weaver for something that can be done by positioning yourself correctly?

    Playing aggressively doesn't mean you will die a lot. Generally speaking it's really hard for heroes to die by sustained damage. Most of time heroes die from burst damages, in which case should be the result of wrong positioning, not due to aggressive or passive playing style.
    I'd like to remind that not everyone plays the game relentlessly and is hardcore.

    some people don't want to be tied to their mini-rift. I lay mine in killboxes personally.

    That's the point - it does make death a non-issue. In fact, you can probably use it to secure par times. Go kill yourself in front of a wave, speed em up, then kill em in your killbox. Point being, this one is interesting and has different applications. Plus, midnight is super squish. Get hit by the wrong ranged projectile and she's down to 8 lives.

    Casual playing? Throw a jar and chase down the one kobold that got past you? Etc. - while it isn't the upgrade I usually pick, it is the one I pick on occasion.

    I like smolder resisting CC. While yes it was more useful in siege, it has its uses here. As for the respawn ones, some people really like that trait as it lets them play more aggressively knowing they have a second life.