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  • Re: Best hero to buy?

    Agreeing with Hypo here.

    Bionka's great, but only if you can put everything into a relatively small area. On some of the bigger maps where you've got 3 lanes coming in, she can be hard to play.

    Midnight's my favorite - she's all around great (not quite as good as bionka, but she gets pretty close). Upside is she's fast enough for those big maps that bionka isn't, in fact one of her abilities buffs her speed. Downside is she's very squishy, having one of the smallest health pools. I personally recommend her for soloing, but I would agree with Hypo's assessment that she takes some practice.

    Temper is great, as he also has a speed boost and is an all around good hero. Benefit - you can use whatever gear you want on him, because his rage builds up so fast in comparison to gear costs. Downsides is that he doesn't have a nuke like big guys like bionka and midnight does. If you get a group of big guys, you're killing all of them the hard way. Midnight can assassinate and bionka just does so much damage that it doesn't matter, temper has neither of those. All around a great hero though.

    I'd also like to add Oziel to Hypo's list. He's a little slow, and you may have to play carefully for the first wave or two of a level, but after that he's very powerful. You've got ghosts to take down the big guys, and you've got endless mana for gear (and slows, using his other ability) that make comboing and killing easy. And of course, the more comboes, the more money.
  • Re: What is your favorite hero in OMDU?

    Gorkster said:
    Most royal: Bionka
    Most JumpyBite: Blackpaw
    Most brutal: Bloodspike
    Most old: Cygnus
    Most shortchanged: Dobbin
    Most charming: Gabriella
    Most insecure: Ivy
    Most Maximillian: Max
    Most cool: Oziel
    Most flameresistant: Smolder
    Most likable: Stinkeye
    Most hippy: Temper
    Most sophisticated: Tundra
    Most funny banter: Zoey

    And the winner is: Stinkeye

    Most missing: Midnight. ;)
  • Re: Sabotage? Nope.

    I am now announcing that until Robot fixes their matchmaker, I am no longer going to do queues with random people ever again.

    The only reason I ever lose a game unfairly in my opinion (95% of the case), is because of one of the following reasons:

    1) The average level is unfair to low levels even when balanced to compensate my carriness. They simply can't kill anything and I can't be everywhere for them, even holding one lane out of 5 gates is too much of a task for them.

    2) The skill level is not taken into consideration. I am bundled up against premade lvl 60+ teams with random people who have literally began to play the game today. They don't know anything about how to play, causing the team to lose because of this "skill" differential. I am bored to tell in every game that barricade redirects enemies or that they just should try use them.

    3) Whenever a player disconnects, their rotting corpse spawning near rift not only boosts the enemy waves but also destroys any nearby barricades.

    Suggestions / Requests to fix the problems:
    Make a noob bracket. Level 39 and under players play against each other. Period. This is because they most likely don't know how to play the game.
    And the level difference/average will be too big of a gap if there is one level 100 player and two level 10 players.
    Whatever 30+ the average turns out to be, it is too much for the two other players and their traps to handle.

    This bracket is essential. No questions. No arguments. I only wonder how you let it out in its current broken state to begin with. :(

    Then, make a disconnected player disappear, their hero does not need to exist to feed the enemy if the player is not in, dying over and over and over again.

    Until the fixes are made:
    I will be doing only premades that favor my team if I am to ever play sabotage again.
    This means I will have two level 90+ players and one level 1-10 player in my team whenever possible.
    The low level player will be there to reduce the enemy minion levels and to build barricades whenever possible and also to play a support role of stunning afar with maximillian, not dealing any damage while the two high players will carry out the maps.

    Support abilities of stunning, knocking etc. will be used by the low level players as they are not scaled with account level, the team getting full benefit of having a third player. Heroes that can be accepted are Maximillian (stunner), Gabriel (reset, mesmerize), Tundra (ranged freeze), Stinkeye (slow), Ivy (knockback).
    I can't help you with #3, but you'll find more info here: https://forums.orcsmustdie.com/discussion/12707/make-sabotage-ranking-system-more-clear#latest about #1 and #2.

    The TL;DR version is this: The current ranking system needs time to correctly place everyone, and the more data it has the better (players, in this case). Skill level is being considered, but everyone is starting at the same skill level (Despite that obviously not being true, that's how the system works. And it works great if a bajillion people are already placed, but it takes time if they aren't.)

  • Re: [Sabotage] Spell Description

    email10 said:
    Hi there, do anyone know how long Minion Speed Boost Spell, Minion Damage Boost Spell and Minion Stealth Spell last and when they affect the minions, do i have to cast it before or after i summon my Minions?

    (Sorry for bad english)
    I believe they are all until death.
  • Re: Make Sabotage Ranking System More Clear

    By my understanding of how this works (and perhaps someone can correct me if I'm wrong), you're seeing the effects of a system already tuned in Rocket League, HotS, LoL, etc. .

    What this means is when a season resets, The system has already assigned you a new spot. But it lets you do placement matches to change that spot. OMDU doesn't have a spot for you - sabotage didn't exist before. So what's happening is you're playing matches against other people it doesn't know how to place. Now I'm sure there's a starting place (which seems to be probably Silver III) - win a game and you go up, lose a game and you go down.

    Based on that, it means when you first start the system, I.E. when sabotage launches, it needs data. Lots of data. It needs to place everyone, and then as players win and lose, it'll start spreading the ranks. But here's the thing: It takes into account your team's skill versus theirs whenever it raises you ranks. So in order to rank up, you need to be fighting teams with your skill level (meaning MMR). The issue here is that in order to find someone your skill level, or rather a whole team, it needs to be pulling people in your rank. And if you hit Gold I while everyone else is in Gold II, you'll be getting less exp because they're not as good. In the same fashion, you'll lose more (if you lose), as you were supposed to be better than them, so it's trying to balance you out.

    TL;DR, the current system doesn't have enough data yet to saturate bronze through diamond (and beyond?) yet. So currently, it's basically like it's bronze - gold instead of bronze-diamond. Think of gold as the new diamond right now. As time goes on and more players get ranked, that will change and you'll start seeing players go up. But the bottomline is it doesn't matter what your rank is, if you're in the top couple dozen, ranking up is going to be immensely hard, and losing a game is going to give away alot of points.