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    LazySnow said:
    Remove Traps Cap this is a tower defend make the map a cap not a number 
    This is for performance reasons.

    In OMD1 and OMD2, there was no trap count. However, the game was also running locally. This means you computer is making all the decisions, so when a trap fires there's no internet required. Technically the whole game can be played offline. When played online, all the decisions were made on the host's PC, which is why you may notice that the second player sometimes had some pretty severe disconnects or laggs from the host.

    In OMDU, the entire game is connected to Robot's servers. This means that each time a minion moves, a trap fires, a hero attacks, uses an ability, or even moves - the server knows. And it knows because it's constantly talking with your computer and the other 2 people that may or may not be in your game (or 5, in sabotage). That's a big deal. I don't know if you got to experience it, but some sabotage maps had spawned more minions than they were supposed to during sudden death. During that time, I lost my ability to place traps. Literally too much lagg. But the thing is, it wasn't because of my computer (it was performing fine), and it wasn't because of my internet (50 mbps down? Like one game overloaded that) - it was the server. Their server is talking to 6 clients about a bajillion different things, and it just couldn't talk enough to handle it. The same thing happens with traps. Each trap has a cooldown, has special statistics (damage, fire rate, etc.) embedded into it. Even if those were optimized, you're not going to improve the cap much. You still have the server handling too much information.

    TL;DR - it has to go through the server, so trap cap makes it so the game can run with a server.
  • Re: The Little Nitpicks

    1.) I think this is still being tweaked.

    2.) This actually makes sense. Servers take a demand, and every trap is something that has to be communicated with each player in the game. Too many traps can overload that bandwidth, and essentially data starts getting lost. Issue is, your attacks (and minion attacks) movement, etc. are all in that data. They need to ensure you don't break it.

    3.) This would take up server resources. Personally I'm all for a limited pause (3 minutes? 5 minutes? something.) - but I also get the idea behind it. Servers are something maintained on their end that everyone playing the game shares. They need to ensure that they are running and have space, and technically speaking if someone can pause forever, it's possible to fill all their servers.

    4.) Dunno.

    5.) This could be technically challenging. Restart seems pretty simple, but it depends how you're trying to restart it. AFAIK, the launcher is what actually start the match. The launcher is in Unity. The game is in Unreal. Now, I've never actually done anything in Unreal (looked at, played with, never really made anything) - but I've used Unity. There are alot of differences, and given they're competing projects I can't imagine they like to play well together. I have a feeling this is a bajillion times harder than it sounds.

    You mentioned OMD2, so I'll provide a bit of context as to why OMDU is different:

    In OMD2, everything is done locally, on your machine. Whether you can handle 2 or 2,000 traps is up to your computer. In OMDU, everything is server based. It is dependent on how much data the server can communicate with you about in a given time frame. This is why trap cap exists. It isn't "Oh, get a better computer". It literally comes down to communication.

    And OMDU can't run without servers, otherwise alot of systems get borked. Sabotage teams would get an advantage (No server means a host system. Host system means Host's connection is anywhere from slightly to amazingly better than everyone else's). Highscores would have potential to be hijacked (Local calculations means no validations. With a server, it is far easier to validate information, and thus keep cheaters out of highscores). And, playing with friends can cause crashes / lagg (back to that previous point of host connection). Overall, servers are a bajillion times better, IMO.
  • Re: Lessons from Cygnus and Oziel.

    Awhile (and I mean quite awhile) back it was confirmed that it is not a bug. the intended usage is for base mana only.
  • Re: Xp calculation for account level?

    You get XP at the end of every match. It's based on quality of performance (Number of stars - I think! That may have been changed and I missed it, but I think that's the case) as well as the time spent in a match. Also, if you have the survival pass, that will speed up your leveling. I believe it also has to do with how difficult the level you're doing is. I.E. doing something in rift lord should be more exp than something in apprentice. I'm once again not sure on that one, though.
  • Re: Boulder Chute (and other manual activation) trap Trigger Part slot and explanation why.

    I mean, the point of all the different traps is that some are good in different places. The problem is, I only know one position where boulder chutes are useful right now (cliffside clash, right lane). They instakill there, but that's because they're falling like 12 tiles. You also have to consider that for most ranged heroes (the ones you'll be using them with), hitting 3 is just a matter of 3 basic attacks, which is fairly fast.