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  • Re: 1000 gold for 1 week skull x2 ?

    Bla Bla Bla Bla.

    Edit: This is what I did say but the knowledge that you won't listen to anyone is enlightening.

    Edit Edit: Anyway this pointless thread will probably be deleted. Meaning you probably won't see this.

    Edit Edit Edit: Thanks for the response
    Threads don't tend to disappear unless they're downright respectful. A little ignorance tends to stay :P.
  • Re: Why only 3 player co-op

    I believe it's an issue of making the game balanced. There's restrictions on how many minions can be spawned at once (too many would lagg), so in order to make the game work for say, 5 people, they can't just spawn minions. This means instead, the minions would be harder to kill. The problem with this, is that's how the game used to feel hopeless. You would go into a map as a group of 5, and you'd be unable to really killl a single minion on your own because you did so little damage. They opted for maximum of 3, because you can still kill one on your own at 3 players. It helps so they don't have 1 or 5 people runs getting unbalanced.
  • Re: Largest combo possible for solo?

    Heck, I got a 10x in the weekly challenge off basically just me and the deckhand. He's definitely good for combos.
  • Re: Release 1.8 - Patch Notes

    - What is the point of the Steam trap?  It seems basically worthless especially since they don't take damage from it.  Wouldn't they at least take fall damage?  I could see it being useful if it had a lower cooldown.  Maybe I'm missing something.
    Mobs take extra damage while in the air. 4x damage, IIRC.
    Wow, where did you find that information?  It isn't listed in the trap.  Thank you so much, that's a hugeee deal!
    It was mentioned in a bunch of IA's, but otherwise it isn't publicized very well. It needs to be. It's one of the reasons ivy is powerful as well - even on maps where you can't knock mobs off, throwing them back and shooting them in the air is killer.
  • Re: loadout bug

    yobbobear said:
    Speaking of which...
    I have found another Loadout trait bug. During the pre game Loadout editing, I was able to have 3 triangle traits in my deck. I will post a picture tomorrow when I have some time. 
    With the second bonuses? Because techncially you're allowed to have 4 traits, of any type, equipped. Unless I missed a change somewhere. However, the second bonus only applies to any in a matching slot.