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  • Re: Vanity Avatars 2: the Electric Bugaloo

    I would actually love mine to be synced with my account (I want lyzander here ^^!) but, I can see bringing back the previous f2p ones too.
  • Re: Rubber banding

    I've started almost a month ago, When my data plan was fresh. But now its reached its max for this month so now I'm mostly getting about 3mbps

    Now i keep rubber banding in my games. Is that normal? Is the game practically not playable if my speed isn't over 3mbps? I've set my graphics to low but that doesn't help either. 

    unfortunately, alot of plans will start to throttle you after you hit your limit. This means they're essentially giving you net, then shutting it off for a few seconds, etc. - it saves them net without really looking like an issue to MOST users. Depending how bad your ISP does it, it may affect video streaming (netflix/youtube/hulu/etc.) or music streaming (amazon/spotify/pandora) - but alot of ISP's have gotten better in regards to those, as they are widely used programs. However, most ISPs, when they throttle, still screw games massively. Games require a constant connection, and any type of throttling messes with that. It's the equivalence of you getting 2 seconds worth of data at once, then nothing for a second, then 2 seconds worth, etc. instead of a constant stream, it's getting bunched up and sent. OK for things that pre-load, very very bad for games.

    The game is probably playable at 1 or 2 mbps (most are, I used to play alot on that) - but you can think of yours as bouncing between 3 and 0. Very quickly. (probably). Unfortunately the only way to fix it is to not be at your max cap, or call your ISP and see if they'll fix it.

    ^that's my advice based on your situation anyways, I can't say for certain I'm right, but I would say it's likely.
  • Re: Orcatraz character stuck in wall

    Nice find. For future reference, Alt + K will kill your character. So if this ever happens again, you'll die but you can move.
  • Re: Serpent guardian

    Thanks mate! for clarification for those that didn't open the link - the skin guardian (thx gorkster. MyB) is free.
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  • Re: Did OMDU get much more difficult since patch?

    ShadeDev said:
    I'll take a look at shark isle on warmage. 

    We are going to loosen par times tremendously in apprentice and warmage next patch.
    Why are par times being reduced in apprentice and war mage when all you need to do is level your account to increase hero dps or level your traps? 

    One issue I see as I try to solo match find in RL is that there's a lot of people trying to do RL with T1-3 traps. This almost instantly puts un-needed pressure on me to have to carry that person when I start with less coin and they eat the trap count. Some people are gracious and understanding enough to allow me to fix or replace traps but many are not and make the game very difficult.  Either the level cap needs to be moved up slightly (possibly 10), or a trap level requirement? It's basically forcing me to not solo queue at all as I would rather just solo 1 star a game for a chest.

    I don't mind helping people at all, and ask people all the time for help. However, being forced to have to carry people that are un-willing to allow it is pretty bad.
    I think it has to go with the idea that new players are in these buckets. I'm leveling up an alt-account for guides, and I did all of apprentice in about 2-2.5 hours. That means after 3-4 hours, a new player could be in the warmage bucket. To me, it makes sense for things to get harder as they go along - and that's what this would be doing, I'd say.