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  • Re: How to make OMDU great again?

    raylei said:
    We can just put down Great Wall Barricades in the Wall map and have orcs pay for it.

    maybe with a "Heck of a lot Higher" part: make the great wall barricades 500feet+ tall that crashes our GPU memories and RAM immediately.

    The problem is that great walls cost so much coin, and it'll take so many, We may have to stop training warmages and hiring dwarf shamans to pay for it. But hey, so long as we've got that wall, who needs education and medical?

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  • Re: Loadouts, Are they staying around?

    I do like the idea of decks, but for things like trap parts. I don't ever use them for pre-set traps, but I would use them alot for pre-set trap parts. Let me set which parts go in which traps for that loadout, and I'd probably use all my slots.
  • Re: New Daily Quests

    OmenemO said:
    yobbobear said:

    I don't care if you feel the need to tell me you stopped playing. That does not help fix the problem.
    Eventually the game won't be in beta and there will still be changes that will be made that put the player base off.  People letting the devs know when they quit gives the devs an insight into how long they will have to rectify issues & prioritize accordingly.

    Writing off information provided, even if it is a player saying they're quitting is short sighted, doing so publicly is stupid.
    They can see player numbers though. One person quitting doesn't make or break a game, and I promise you they have metrics they can check for how many people are playing daily (Hell, steam provides those publicly I believe). Metrics like that are far more accurate and useful than one person (or even a small group of people) stating they aren't playing anymore.

    Don't get me wrong - I'm all for people saying that a change is bad and they hate it. That definitely helps the devs pinpoint issues. But there's no point in over-dramatizing and complaining over and over again about it. Once or twice sure, use it to spark conversations between people if you're playing in matchmaker. But there's no reason to constantly re-iterate it.

    Let me put it this way, to me (and maybe it's just me): We got a dev response that they know it's bad, that they intend to change it. No specifics, but enough to know that it will be different. At that point, once again, to me, the topic changes. It's no longer "These changes suck", it should be "They know these changes suck, how should they fix it?" There's a natural progression, going from determining a problem, to figuring out how to change it. The issue to me is that often times, a thread gets started with the idea of determining an issue (X sucks, lets determine exactly why) - and it never gets off it. That's fine, but really what more is being contributed to the topic? What reason does any individual have to actually look at the thread (devs or players alike), they get the entire thing from the first few sentences.

    Maybe it's just me, I know I have an over-focus on efficiency, but to me it just seems like a waste. Instead of complaining, turn it into constructive criticism and how to solve a problem. Hell, you could even be the reason something gets changed (or changed as well as it does). And that goes for beta or non-beta; the difference to me is I expect a launched game to be more transparent and on the ball. In Beta they can go "We wanted to try this out and see what happens" - a month later it changes because it sucked. On a live game, I expect either a "test-realm" or PTR-esque area, or I expect changes to happen faster in more of a quick-fix fashion. That's my personal expectancies.
  • Re: "Premium Shoppe" - I don't like it. What about you?

    The problem is that it ends the progression. quickly. I would be able to cap traps out in a matter of a week. In order for the game to have a healthy, lasting progression, it needs to not end after a week. This means RNG needs to be included. The shop does limit the RNG down, the chest wasn't the full list of items right? There's a balance for RNG to work, and this may strike the right balance. I'll have to see it to be sure, but yknow.
  • Re: New Daily Quests

    OmenemO said:
    My wife has now quit playing due the daily chest quest not being any fun (or unobtainable by her standards) for the past week.

    I don't think I'll be able to convince her to come back next patch either. You guys are taking too long to rectify this.
    TBH, this is the kind of thing beta is for. Beta is for ironing out the mechanics that don't make the game (lets be honest, the game could exist without dailies). I mean, I want everyone to enjoy the game as much as the next guy (TBH probably more than the next guy) but you gotta be patient with some of these things. Dev response since a week after it happened has been "We're working on remedying this" - they don't have the massive amounts of manpower that MMORPG's do to roll out and quickfix something in a few days. Time and patience, and remember, we're still in beta testing. Specifically for figuring out things like, say, dailies.

    P.S. if it helps anyone, there are A-LOT of dynamite crossbowmen on maximum security (rift lord). Just let the unstable rifts open and have fun...