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  • Re: Boom barell roller drop rate.Yeah.

    It's the one trap you should buy from daily deals/gibs chests.

    It seems to be the only trap with this low drop rate.  No real problem with that - good to have one item harder to get than others.
  • Re: Summoner trap

    Try using them beside a real guardian - this will spread out the damage and let the main guardian live alot longer.  Also makes  a better stall for minions to have to pass through.

    They are also good when paired with Revenge Rune or DMG reflection and then bring a hero that can reset them.  (Gab, Temper, Bionka).
  • Re: Deadeye, aka "TNT archer strikes back:who needs skills, anyways?" is now the best hero in the game.

    Max is also support, Deadeye is just DPS.

    Not even close to the same.
  • Re: Release 2.3 for PC - Deadeye

    Lemartes said:
    So is this a straight 30% reduction to Stinkeye when he shoots a totem ?
    Yes, but keep in mind that last patch a bug about its damage was fixed and it was buffed probably more than the 30%.
    Stinkeye was good.  Hes on par with Smolder now as the 2 top DPS. (At least in my groups).  Usually Smolder will edge him out in damage yet Smolder is getting a buff.

    30% is way too much.  Char will be ruined like Bionka now.

    No one was complaining about Stinkeye doing too much damage.  I don't buy the bug thing - I saw no difference in his single shot or the totem shot.

    Devs should have learned from Bionka.  How many people play her now ?

    @DesMortes This is a good change for Oziel.  Collecting skulls to launch his Ultimate makes way more sense than the way he currently is.  I am looking forward to this change.
  • Re: Sabotage newbies

    Even though it's ranked there's no seasons/rewards so nothing much matters right now.  If they ever add some kind of season then your rank would be reset anyways.

    Getting paired with new players who don't know how to play yet is a pain though.  Not sure if there is an answer - all games with PVP have this problem.

    I would suggest joining a guild of getting a good friend list with people who like to play sabo.