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  • Re: As someone who has spent over $1000 on your game...

    @spamwagon  - Ya that really sucks.  The RNG of chests really doesn't make it worth it, and the gibs store is a big pain with more RNG.  If you ever want to group up MSG/Friend me in game and we can run some chaos trials.  My guild has about 8 pretty active players and most evenings you can get a group for chaos trial farming.

    @Donnerstag  - Ya most FTP rely on whales - as spending will 100% give you an advantage in the arena/game.  not so much here as the devs didn't want to go pay to win - spending is more for cosmetics it seems.  This does create a problem though - since no pay 2 win = no big spenders = this game needs a large playerbase who will buy the odd skin - which it doesn't have...

    The answer really should be to remove the RNG from Gold Bought chests - make sure they only drop cards you need.  I would have no problem buying a few chests when a new trap comes out if they did this - but as it stands now I will never spend on chests just to get 99% gibs and then exchange those for even more gibs (at a steep loss).
  • Re: Oziel patch 2.3 changes - what do you guys think about them so far?

    I would like to see Oz get a faster attack - on par with Gab would be good.

    Also now that he doesn't grow in power his right click isn't that great - how about turning this into an AoE - like deadeye's bomb.

    His jar would be cool if it was a mini E - where some souls flew around and haunted stuff.

    The soul stealing gimmick should just go at this point - just put his E on a cooldown.

  • Re: orcs must die unchained cpu "Traps"

    You get 2 guardians and a trap which can give you 2 summoner traps.

    The summoner trap is like the paladins from OMD2  but they respawn every 60 seconds of killed.

    The guardians are really cool but very limited where you can place them so useless a lot of the time.
  • Re: WHAT IF... (another sabotage suggestion thread)

    The only problem is casual fun won't make Robot any money.

    Competition and rewards will drive spending.  I know I will spend on a PVP game I enjoy (even more so if I get an edge).  I wouldn't spend on mario kart though.

    I have spent quite a bit on this game, and I have a lot of T7 traps.  Im sure this has won me a lot of sabo games.  If thats taken away then I quit spending.  I'm sure alot of players would do the same.
  • Guardian Suggestion

    Make all spots on the map generic spots.

    Give each guardian something cool (like you did last patch).

    Let us choose where we want there abilities.

    Could also give them a tier system so we collect duplicate cards and raise them up a tier, they could even take parts.
    Or they could level up when used, getting stronger.

    This also give more variety to groups so they can all bring there most powerful guardian.

    I think this is more fun than the current limiting system, which isn't fun.  We just hope we have the required guardians per map.
    This is also better for long term, and you can add whatever kind of guardian and they are useful on every map.