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  • Timeline for first expansion

    I'm assuming there is an expansion in the works with some maps and traps.

    Any chance of a rough timeframe and what we can expect ?

    I'm done the game, 100k skulls, all traps.  Finally hit that point yesterday where I wonder why I am playing.  Just hoping for a confirmation that something is coming.
  • Re: Summoner trap

    Try using them beside a real guardian - this will spread out the damage and let the main guardian live alot longer.  Also makes  a better stall for minions to have to pass through.

    They are also good when paired with Revenge Rune or DMG reflection and then bring a hero that can reset them.  (Gab, Temper, Bionka).
  • Endless rewards

    Endless is alot of fun but I feel the rewards are very lacking for the time/effort.

    I think all endless should reward rift lord chests and not 1 per hero.  Endless is end game and you shouldn't be limited by hero selection, we want to use our favorite one for these 1 hour+ games.

    Maybe one chest per 10 waves which is about on par time wise with a regular game.

    Could also have some top rewards like get past 25 or 50 and you get a special chest with a chance at a skin or part or whatever.
  • Re: New Daily Quests

    I don't like the new quest system at all.

    With the old system I could sometimes get all 3 with one map.
    Now you might need to play 3+.

    Not to mention some heroes are no good at killing an enemy, so your limited in who you can bring as well.

    So for me the new patch is 50/50.  Temper is great, Stinkeye has been ruined, and daily quests are more inconvenient.
  • Guardian Suggestion

    Make all spots on the map generic spots.

    Give each guardian something cool (like you did last patch).

    Let us choose where we want there abilities.

    Could also give them a tier system so we collect duplicate cards and raise them up a tier, they could even take parts.
    Or they could level up when used, getting stronger.

    This also give more variety to groups so they can all bring there most powerful guardian.

    I think this is more fun than the current limiting system, which isn't fun.  We just hope we have the required guardians per map.
    This is also better for long term, and you can add whatever kind of guardian and they are useful on every map.