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  • Re: Bring back Siege!

    Yea, I'd love to be able to (periodically?) summon minions in survival.  You'd get some real epic Order vs Unchained battles going on that way.
  • Re: Gabby Blink Feedback

    Is it really that hard to not use a skill that blasts you in a direction when there's a pit or deadly lava in that direction?  Unlike Temper and Midnight who need to use their team-rocket-is-blasting-off-again skills in order to do large AoE damage or Dead Eye who HAS to roll in order to get her damage buff, it's not like anything forced Gabby to go rocketting off that cliff for a quick parachute-less sky diving trip in the first place.  Well, not unless you're using the stun weaver, at least (in which case, just don't select that weaver for that stage.  That's not an option for Midnight, Temper, or Dead Eye).

    Midnight, Temper, and Dead Eye NEED their zoom-zoom skills in order to fully function.  Gabby only needs hers to move a linear distance really quickly, and odds are that if there's a vat of dissolving acid in that direction, she did not need to move into that vat of dissolving acid quickly in the first place.
  • Re: Fire Elementals(Rift Lord)

    Yea, as I play more and more stages with fire elementals, I really gotta say this is one of the most ridiculous things ever.  There's like, no other minion that remotely compares to them now.  Try playing Endless in most cases and these things come in such ridiculously huge numbers that there's nothing you can do about them and any barricades are forfeit (and again, you don't even get any warnings about them. Not that a warning would help because that's like knowing the exact weight of that Rhinoceros that's about to crush you)

    That includes sabotage too.  If a minion is a billion times more overpowered than another minion to use in that game, then that's a clear sign that it's... well, overpowered.  And it makes Sabotage devolve into even more of a luck-based match than usual when it comes down to a "Who can draw the ridiculously overpowered fire elemental card?" game.
  • Re: Event Reward Feedback

    I can't really fault them for not giving out the skins because that's one of the only ways they make money from the game (the only other thing that probably gets them money is heroes, and you can buy those with skulls).  But I do think they should have named the endless summer event chests something else to make it clear that they were different from the endless summer ones in the shop (assuming that's the case).
  • Re: What's with people in Sabotage?

    Yea, almost everyone I meet in Sabotage has always been kind and nice to me or willing to listen if I took the lead on the strategy.  I can't recall off the top of my head when I was mad at a player for social reasons (annoyed at them for just plain bad playing skill is another thing but not everyone's a pro player so I generally keep my mouth shut in those cases and just smile and say "GG. Was a nice try at least" or whatever after we lose).  

    But then, I might be a special case because I'm Platinum ranked despite never playing in a pre-made party ever.

    *does smarmy Max grin*  I'm just too awesome like that, I guess.