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    There were other female orcs in Orcs Must Die 2.  Bionka's original bio (before she got a name and was changed to be leader of the Unchained instead of just a really legendary female orc) stated that only one female orc is born for every one-hundred male orcs.

    Judging by how many children Bionka has, it can be safely extrapolated that one female orc is capable of birthing a ton of orcs.  I dunno if the 1-100 ratio of female to male orcs is still canon or not, though (but it probably is considering how rare female orcs are in Orcs Must Die 2).
  • Re: Why so many Hogarth skins.

    People can't get enough of that sexy Hogarth.
  • Re: Sabotage Matchmaking

    Yea, if they leave in this stupid "You need to win 2 games" nonsense in a system where only half the players at any point in time CAN win (because in any sabotage map, half the players are winners, but the other half are the losers, no matter how good ALL the players ARE!), I'm seriously going to consider deranking myself because not knowing if I'm going to have to spend 20 minutes or 4 hours getting my two sabotage wins each day to finish my quest is starting to seriously tick me off.

    Like I keep saying, all Robot has to do is change that quest to be something like "Win or reach the end of the final round of 2 sabotage matches" and it will fix pretty much all the issues without them having to fiddle around with all these arbitary match making systems.  No matter what they do with Sabotage, half the players will always be losing all the time, making that daily one of the most frustrating ever, and it's going to start costing them players (it probably has already) including possibly even me at this rate and I like this game!

    (I even like Sabotage, but not enough to want to deal with more than my sabotage quest when I have limited time in the day and other things to do, and the frustration of that quest sometimes taking forever to finish and even the guilt of knowing that I might be making it take hours to finish for my opponents when I win is starting to wear on me)
  • Feedback: Specific Hero Quests

    If I'm not going to be able to cancel this quest because I need to waste my daily cancellation on the "Win 2 survival maps so you can get as much exp as two apprentice bath runs would have given you" quest just to get my sabotage chest quest, I would be very happy if I did not have to deal with quests like this one.

    Sheez, at level 90 most of the maps are invalid for this quest because most enemies DIE from the initial hit of bull rush before they even have a chance to die from the "physics" of it in the first place...

    (also, killing them with Bullrush directly totally should count.  Instantly dying from the impact of a charging bull slamming into your gut scientifically counts as physics, you know!)
  • Petition to have Falling Folly be the only Sabotage map

    Most sabotage matches on Falling Folly are short and chaotic, just the way sabotage should be!  Every other map besides MAYBE Thuricvald Gates and Training Grounds always goes to sudden death of a snooze fest of mile long barricade perma CC'd minion treks :| (can't CC giant earth elementals in Falling Folly!)