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  • Re: Water Gardens Master 10minutes????

    I don't think level 100 with T7 traps and only the highest fastest DPS hero types like Midnight should be used as a gauge for a MASTER difficulty map's par time.  Even 10:30 is waaaaay too low for anything anywhere near the intended level range, and that's before you consider heros like Hogarth.
  • Re: Water Gardens Master 10minutes????

    The fact that the fastest times posted so far only cleared par by 12 seconds kinda proves the original poster's point anyways.
  • Re: As someone who has spent over $1000 on your game...

    Now that the premium shop exists to use gibs for things, and the daily deals are restricted to traps that you don't already have maxed out, and that you can get TWO daily chests from daily quests instead of just one (which might not seem like much but that's twice as much.  100% more is pretty huge in the grand scheme of things), progression in this game is actually at a pretty decent clip and there really should be no need to spend real life money on rift lord chests (unless you're that desperate to get a guardian or gear or trait.  Those are the only things which haven't had many quality of life improvements applied to obtaining them.  Admittingly I too still have yet to get some of them which is kinda annoying...)

    I hope the game's making enough money to survive and flourish.  As it is, since you can get the heroes for free and there isn't much need to buy rift lord chests (which is a GOOD thing) and the subscription doesn't really provide many benefits (nor would you need them), I'm not sure where else the money is coming from besides skins.  Ah well, I'm sure they know what they're doing... hopefully.
  • Re: What's with people in Sabotage?

    Yea, almost everyone I meet in Sabotage has always been kind and nice to me or willing to listen if I took the lead on the strategy.  I can't recall off the top of my head when I was mad at a player for social reasons (annoyed at them for just plain bad playing skill is another thing but not everyone's a pro player so I generally keep my mouth shut in those cases and just smile and say "GG. Was a nice try at least" or whatever after we lose).  

    But then, I might be a special case because I'm Platinum ranked despite never playing in a pre-made party ever.

    *does smarmy Max grin*  I'm just too awesome like that, I guess.
  • Re: Unreleased Heroes! (Concept art)

    I would love more heroes, but I am afraid more heroes would mean more chests you get when you win the first time in each battleground with that new hero. 

    That's a bad thing?

    Goodness knows the game could use more reason to actually play it instead of just stick to doing dailies because there's no more hero chests to earn...