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  • Re: What's with people in Sabotage?

    Yea, almost everyone I meet in Sabotage has always been kind and nice to me or willing to listen if I took the lead on the strategy.  I can't recall off the top of my head when I was mad at a player for social reasons (annoyed at them for just plain bad playing skill is another thing but not everyone's a pro player so I generally keep my mouth shut in those cases and just smile and say "GG. Was a nice try at least" or whatever after we lose).  

    But then, I might be a special case because I'm Platinum ranked despite never playing in a pre-made party ever.

    *does smarmy Max grin*  I'm just too awesome like that, I guess.
  • Re: Unreleased Heroes! (Concept art)

    I would love more heroes, but I am afraid more heroes would mean more chests you get when you win the first time in each battleground with that new hero. 

    That's a bad thing?

    Goodness knows the game could use more reason to actually play it instead of just stick to doing dailies because there's no more hero chests to earn...
  • Feedback: Specific Hero Quests

    If I'm not going to be able to cancel this quest because I need to waste my daily cancellation on the "Win 2 survival maps so you can get as much exp as two apprentice bath runs would have given you" quest just to get my sabotage chest quest, I would be very happy if I did not have to deal with quests like this one.

    Sheez, at level 90 most of the maps are invalid for this quest because most enemies DIE from the initial hit of bull rush before they even have a chance to die from the "physics" of it in the first place...

    (also, killing them with Bullrush directly totally should count.  Instantly dying from the impact of a charging bull slamming into your gut scientifically counts as physics, you know!)
  • Re: Powerup Altruism?

    I think Bloodspike's meals are only pigs because that's his point of view.  To everyone else, what looks like a yummy roasted pig to Bloodspike is A FRIGGIN' HUMAN OR ORC CORPSE.

    Hence why only Bloodspike can see and eat his DELICIOUS MEALS.
  • Re: Why are there skulls in 3-items PART chests?

    Well, honestly, I imagine the vast majority of people aren't in a situation of "I still need lots of parts, don't want to grind much more for skulls, and have most of my traps t T7 so the trap chest isn't that good but still have a few traps at T6 that need to be brought from the daily deals", truthfully.  Even for the few that are, it's only a temporary situation that will end once those final traps reach T7 anyways (which they will soon because you're pretty much on the home stretch anyways)

    Considering that you only get two riftlord chests a day as well as the weekly challenge chests and thus likely only get enough gibs to buy one Parts chest every two weeks or so, the amount of skulls you get from the Parts chests that you buy is nigh insignificant compared to even just the daily skull quest reward anyways.  IMHO it's better off focusing the Parts chest on people who are actually focusing on Parts rather than those who are in your rather unique situation where the skulls from the Parts chest only make up a small fraction of your skull income anyways (assuming you buy one Parts chest every 2 weeks and do the daily skull quest every day)