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  • Sabotage badges

    Hello, i have a small suggestion. Since there is a lot of work gaining rank in sabotage and you go through a lot of win 2 spots and lose 20 (which is fine, i just want to emphasize the grind). Is there any possibility to show each player rank badge by his name like the other badges? This could turn out to be a major vanity option
  • Re: Looking for a stable team to play (PC - Europe)

    Hello. We have a nice discord community with active high lvl players. I will add you in game and send u my discord. Is that ok?
  • Re: Achievement suggestions

    Thank you very much for your interest  B)
  • Sabotage for friends

    Hello, lately i had some differences with some friends about different builds and i would have loved to have a mode in which we can join in sabotage against each other and test our theories.

    Do you think this is doable? i mean if you think that it could be used as an exploit for rank you can just exclude those matches from the ranking system since sabotage does not give any reward it doesnt matter. we could join a common lobby for 2, 4 or 6 and split into 1vs1 2vs2 or 3vs3. i think its a good ideea and i personally would love to see this. Tell me your feedback and let me know if i need to be more explicit. thx

    Have fun
  • Re: As someone who has spent over $1000 on your game...

    Hello, the only reason im commenting here is to give my feedback on "is it worth it or not to donate". I play this game for 100 or so days and i got all the traps t7 and all the parts and all the gear, traits, guardians. I donated twice, once 30$ for the hero bundle and 150$ to buy the skins i wanted. I curently have most of the skins. I dont have 6 skins and 3 dyes ( the starter vanity chest) the rest of them i own. In my opinion buying rift lord chests is just ( how to put this nicely so no one will be mad?) lets say it shouldnt be a prioroty. U can grind everything that matters on your own.

     The only thing that matters and the only thing that its worth the money in this game are the badges(apprentice, master founders and one more that i cant remember) those are the single and most valuable vanity items in the game. And since they say that they dont plan making new ones very soon thats just sad. Also what this game lacks greatly are exclusive vanity items( like the badges :)) ) but in forms of avatars, titles and so on. The " endless painbringer" was fun for like 1 week then everyone had it so its not fun anymore. Something should be done to differenciate the high grinding lv 100 players from the casual players imho.

     I DO HOPE THAT THE DEVS WILL MAKE NEW BADGES (cant emphasize this better and more, i say this everytime).

    So before even considering buying anything better ask the community first just to be sure youre buying the right thing. Donating 1000$ should grant u "GOD" title in game, i mean seriously who donates 1000$? 

    So just to wrap this up a bit. Donating is worth it, the game should be supported, the team should be supported, its not easy to make everyone happy. Im one of the most critic people that u could find ( im never satisfied, if i see a bug i start the "incompetence" card but this is not because of hate or im just a bad person this is because i like this game too much and im very focused on details in everything i do) but even i agree that this game should be supported but i also agree that this is a two lane road so there are many improvements to be made. I do hope we will see them sooner than later.

    Anyway i hope that the developer team is reading all these comments to get a good ideea about what should be done to better the vanity part of the game because selling rift lord chests for that huge price is just ... ahm* not ok... and they areNOT worth it.