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  • Re: Sabotage badges

    Yes the same icon 
  • Sabotage badges

    Hello, i have a small suggestion. Since there is a lot of work gaining rank in sabotage and you go through a lot of win 2 spots and lose 20 (which is fine, i just want to emphasize the grind). Is there any possibility to show each player rank badge by his name like the other badges? This could turn out to be a major vanity option
  • Re: Looking for a stable team to play (PC - Europe)

    Hello. We have a nice discord community with active high lvl players. I will add you in game and send u my discord. Is that ok?
  • Re: Achievement suggestions

    Thank you very much for your interest  B)
  • Sabotage for friends

    Hello, lately i had some differences with some friends about different builds and i would have loved to have a mode in which we can join in sabotage against each other and test our theories.

    Do you think this is doable? i mean if you think that it could be used as an exploit for rank you can just exclude those matches from the ranking system since sabotage does not give any reward it doesnt matter. we could join a common lobby for 2, 4 or 6 and split into 1vs1 2vs2 or 3vs3. i think its a good ideea and i personally would love to see this. Tell me your feedback and let me know if i need to be more explicit. thx

    Have fun