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    All that said, is anyone else on PS4 getting server disconnects in endless that kill the game?  I can't seem to get through more than 5-6 waves and then all the enemies glitch out and I get a disconnect/retry error.  Is this already a known thing?  
    Yea, they fixed it so that we can’t even farm banquet hall anymore on endless for the coins.  They are ruining the game for the casual gamer, all for the 300 or so that play sabotage.  They “fix” the power generators but can’t fix endless that ends at 40 minutes?  This is all a power play to keep their numbers up on player population.  
    The problem with the blue screening has been there since the beginning, probably OMGH and Bernie pointed out this first, don't recall. 
    The 40 minutes stop wasn't established to stop players from farming coins but to ensure that after 30-35 waves you would not lose the highscore and the skulls coming from actually completing the match.

    Get informed guys. XD

    Anyway i NEVER use powergens and ALWAYS have money to waste so i really don't understand what you complaining about.
    Apologies, not the 40m stop, I'm getting randomly server disconnected after 4 or 5 waves in endless and regular solo rounds since the new patch.  Before I could make it to about round 23 in endless before the game crashed. Actually every time I play endless I get kicked before wave 10 now.  Sorry if that wasn't clear amongst all our trophy crying.
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    It’s not that ridiculous compared to acheivements in other games.

    Everybody just wants easy street for the platinum. Most PS4 players are used to getting platinum trophies overnight so they are shocked about Empty Pockets. 

    No brainstorming new ideas, no creating new trap layouts and of course let’s not learn new methods to maximize combos which in turn will give you a lot more gold if optimized properly and have a good weaver rotation.

    Nope I don’t want to do none of that, lemme just get a weekly challenge to burn a million gold and another nerf to the achievement?

    Power generators were making people lazy if you ask me! Glad they nerfed them!
    It's probably a 200-300+ hour trophy that you would have to purposefully grind out after 100%ing all the available content in the game (probably including all future content).  I can only think of a tiny handful of games in the history of trophies/cheevos that are in that same ballpark.

    I still don't know how to consistently get combos higher than 7-8x solo and I don't remember it being tutorialed or anything on how to maximize coin output via combos - my combo coin numbers suck compared to having a couple generators.

    So either I do a bunch of research on the internet to find the ideal way to combo farm coin for a trophy or I use coin generators to farm for a trophy.  Either way, it's not something that you would get out of the game normally - you have to "try" for it to get it below 200 hours or play a little bit every day normal matchmade mp for the next 500 or so days.

    Besides, it's not like the other trophies are super lazy.  At least I can't breeze through 5 starring everything or the 15x combo business (not for lack of trying).  It's just a dumb no life grind trophy that adds nothing positive to the game. 

    Anyhoo, I guess this probably isn't the place for this and it's probably been complained about ad nauseum.  It's a really cool game otherwise (well and the crashes).