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  • HERO CONCEPT: Exhale the Wind Fury

    Made this concept for my 5skull teammate. @exhayle Hope you guys like

    Passive ability: Holding jump gives a featherfall like effect similar to sorceress's in OMD2

    Primary Attack:  Medium ranged wind slashes that damage as well as push targets backwards.  Attack has a narrow arc.

    Secondary Attack:  Windbelt like knockback

    Q: Vortex: A swirling wind vortex appears 2 trap lengths in front of her and remains as long as it is channeled.  Minions and heroes are slowed while inside the vortex and any traps within it that rotate or use any kind of movement are buffed. (more damage, faster reset)

    E: "Damnit, bail!" : Exhale surrounds herself with a ball of wind that deflects all ranged attacks and increases her travel speed a small amount for 3 seconds.  The ball of wind elevates her off the ground making her immune to tar and will not trigger midnights traps.


    Guys.... really? Im level 50 and have gotten 0 springs... At least let me give you money for them.
  • Re: Just curious...

    No plans on it coming back. Some form of a competitive may occur at some point. But Siege as it was before isn't likely returning.
  • Re: Pausing the game

    I actually know a bunch of people who wont play cause they can't pause the game when they are soloing.
  • My user experience with chests

    So I wanna put this here cause it's important and while it has been said over and over I wanted to add my experience to the noise.

    I've unlocked rift lord and im pretty close to 4 and 5 stars on every map, I've also spent about 160,000 gold on chests.  I have a few T7 traps and a T6, a whole wackload of T5s which is all fine and good.  But my real issue with the chests is parts.

    I don't have a SINGLE spring part.   Not one.  And spring slots are the MOST common slot for any trap.

    Not only that but I only have about 3 triggers.

    I gotta say that this feels super bad.  Approx $200 of real money invested into the game and as a player its INCREDIBLY unsatisfying.