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  • Re: Farewell from Harmonia

    Let me be the first to say that we're all going to miss you and that we wish you all the best at Funimation!

    Come back now and then for some streams!
  • Re: Undocumented Changes 2.2

    SeanPoe said:
    According to Nananea triggers were fixed in 2.2 to now work properly when slotted into ballista traps.
    This is unconfirmed, but when I tested all triggers in Ceiling Ballista and Dragon Lance they all performed correctly except for Heat-Activated Trigger and Kinetic Reclaimer.

    Official word soon!
  • Re: Satyr Runner - How to Deal with Them

    Haymakers are how I've been dealing with Satyrs and Elementals for a while now. It doesn't work out in every killbox, but when it does it works so well. Definitely give them a shot!
  • Re: Can ballistas get some love?

    I disagree regarding damage. Spamming ballistas gives you the highest potential trap damage in the game in a single killbox. Sure, a single ballista may do a bit less than a spike trap, but when you have 20 ballistas in a single area the damage is insane and incredibly effective. They also recharge very quickly compared to most alternatives. 

    As for group play and the trap cap, I can understand what you're saying there.

  • Re: Survival is NOT fun after patch

    Actively killing the sappers and barricade breakers with your hero before they get to your killbox is the best way I've found to deal with them. This rings true in OMD1 & 2 as well. Traps can kill them, but can be unreliable when the sappers/breakers come in mid-wave.

    Hope this helps.