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  • Release 2.61 for PC and PS4 - Patch Notes


    • Players can no longer join custom games for battlegrounds they have not unlocked UNLESS invited by a friend.
    • Midnight Market has been made easier in Sabotage.
    • Wu Xing maps are no longer colored red in Battleground Select.


    • Health increased by 100%.
    Developer Comment: Brass's health is too low given how close she must get to enemies to use her Shotgun.  This should make her SIGNIFICANTLY more durable.
    • Damage of Cannonball increased by 40%.
    • Cooldown of Cannonball increased by 50%.
    Developer Comment: We heard your feedback.  Brass has too many short cooldown abilities competing with each other, making it difficult to utilize all of her skills.  This change should preserve the DPS of her cannonball, while providing more opportunities to include it in her flow.
    • Turret health increased by 100%.
    • Turret range increased by 20%.
    • Turret re-target delay reduced to 0.2 seconds, from 0.75 seconds.
    Developer Comment: We believe the DPS output of Brass's turret is incredibly powerful.  However, it can be hard to keep the turret alive and within range of enemies on higher difficulty battlegrounds.  These changes should help alleviate that problem.
    • Brass Bombs damage lowered by 20%.
    Developer Comment: This is the most powerful of Brass's skills.  With the other buffs provided, we want to make sure she doesn't go overboard in power.
    • Reorganized Brass's weaver upgrades to be more competitive.
    • Junk Yard weaver increased to 2 scrap per second, from 1.
    • Cannonball Coming! weaver reduced to 33%, from 50%.
    • Scrap costs lowered by 25%.
    • Scrap drop chance lowered by 25%.
    Developer Comment: These changes are designed to buff Swiss Army Wrench's ability to generate scrap, without making existing scrap generation weaker.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed an issue with Cursed Ground that caused its charges to deplete much faster than intended.
    • Fixed an issue where health bars had a white outline.
    • Fixed an issue where player names on health bars were hard to read.
    • Terracotta Giants are now properly classified as Large.
    • Fixed an issue with Tundra's Imperial skin weapon not displaying properly.
    • Fixed an issue where Memory Lanes was not properly hiding the minimap in Solo play.
    • Fixed an issue where Brass's turret was not providing the correct benefits when taking the healing upgrade.
    • Fixed an issue where Brass Bombs would not damage Mercs or Unstable Rifts.
    • Fixed some logic issues with Bouncer Bear's AI.  However, he will still behave much differently than in patch 2.5.
    • Fixed multiple tooltips.
  • Re: Today's IA

    Not that everyone will read this, but here's how YouTube uploads work.

    We stream directly to YouTube. If you get notified and click the link, you can watch it (and rewind the live stream as it plays).

    Once the stream is over, you can still access it with that link. Now YouTube starts processing the video for VOD playback. This takes a bit of time (lately about an hour).

    As soon as I can tell the processing is done, I try to edit the video and remove the first few minutes where we just have a countdown timer. The video then has to RE-PROCESS and that can take a few hours. Because of this, I usually schedule the video to go live a few hours later and then it shows up on the channel with all the other videos.

    If my workload is heavy, I may not get to this right away and it could be the next day. Usually no longer than that.

    Hope this helps!
  • Re: Undocumented Changes 2.2

    SeanPoe said:
    According to Nananea triggers were fixed in 2.2 to now work properly when slotted into ballista traps.
    This is unconfirmed, but when I tested all triggers in Ceiling Ballista and Dragon Lance they all performed correctly except for Heat-Activated Trigger and Kinetic Reclaimer.

    Official word soon!
  • Re: Trying Heroes Before Buying?

    @Nananea hinted something about that in some stream weeks ago.... :D
    Sorry if you misunderstood, but I wasn't hinting at a "try before you buy" system coming to the game. I agreed with players in chat that having this functionality would be nice.

    Weekly challenges are the current way to test heroes out before purchasing. We also have videos of all the hero abilities in-game and on our YouTube to help you make an informed purchase.
  • Re: still haven't 5 star orcatraz and orcri-la?

    Statboy said:
    @terrysongcn Were you level 100 when you did that? I tried your strat on Orcitraz as a level 75 and still couldn't get within 60 seconds of par time.

    Has anybody at level 75 or below made 5*'s on Orcitraz? If so how?

    I've done it at level 65 with four seconds to spare. I did it with Dobbin initially, but I also showed my setup on The Killbox on Friday. You can view it here:  (38:00 is the start of Orcatraz).