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  • Re: If you want to be high rank in sabotage and get there fast, you may feel the need to play dirty

    1. There are communities like NuNs that train their members in sabo, thats why sometimes they have lower lvl players in party
    2. The power generator  is not an exploit nor a bug nor a abuse, minions aggro, ivy knocks back, gens roll, its just how the game work, its not a secret or anything.
    3.what kind of maniac would think that anyone is wasting his time planting saboteurs in other players parties...

    Allow me to point out the facts about this claim of yours because enough is enough:

    Sorohendi I know you referred to players in my guild as cheating because our friend was in your party in a particular sabotage game on maximum security the other day. He came on voice and told us he was in your team and apologised but proceeded to do his best to win. In fact we only won in sudden death because I used an empty rift scroll and there was literally a second in it. We rerouted the minions around the north guardian to buy time because we kept dying. You are always throwing accusations around but the truth is we are just an active guild and we queue around one another when we can but when the queue is dead we play against each other. Just because you come across us in matchmaking does not make us cheats. He told us you threw accusations at him throughout the game, in fact this was likely the one thing that prevented you from winning.

    You were banned from our discord server for trolling and slinging abuse at people, making accusations one after another which we specifically and categorically disproved in each case. Something Sashimiak can see if he wishes because it is still in our general chat log and you have been trying to target us unfairly ever since. If anyone in my guild is using a low level account to cheat I will promptly ban them from discord and ask mancerader to remove them from the guild but to my knowledge this is not the case at all and I play with everyone in my guild daily.

    Your grudge against us is personal and nothing to do with the topics you have raised and bringing it into the game forum is just a vindictive and petty attack on our dignity. We do not think rank dictates a good player we play for the kicks. I myself am only platinum V and almost quit because I was embarrassed when multiple bugs in the game cost me a lot of rank, I wanted only a modest rank so I dont look like inexperienced on my streams. Sure I encounter cheats sometimes but I generally beat them anyway and move on and I have since grinded my rank back FAIRLY like everyone else in my guild does when this happens.

    Please stop trying to target us with this slander and leave us alone to enjoy the game that we a) care about passionately and b) are trying to help promote and improve though teamwork and sharing of advice and streaming and nice conduct.

    If you think individual players are cheats feel free to write a ticket but using power generators to farm xp for a few seconds or even up to a minute at the end of a wave is not cheating or exploiting, the way professional sabotage games work is to have the trap cap by sudden death when you are facing a strong opponent. Both teams must have level 10 heroes and enough funds to afford this, and the power generator is one of only 2 traps that allows 2 slots for xp siphons. if we were sitting there for minutes on end to farm coin on every map and not just doing it for a few seconds a wave on a few maps where it is strictly necessary I would understand but as you can clearly see from my regular streams this is not the case AT ALL. 

    The trap is designed to farm coin and it farms coin for a limited amount of time. By spending money on it you actually have less funds in the early game to place damaging traps and it often costs people games if they do not use the generator carefully. I have nothing more to say on this issue because your complaints of "cheating" do not affect me directly and my game logs and streams will proove that but I hope you can get over this vendetta and leave us alone, I know you are referring to my friends because of statements you have made in game repeatedly. 

    You do not have to like people who play the game but you have no right to target them like this either. You should play your game and let us play ours, if individuals are cheating then submit a ticket. I honestly considered you a good friend in this game for a long time but I worry about how you come to think and feel this way, we have begun for a while to act badly towards you because of all the dirt you sling at us, it is regrettable to say the least. I just feel the official game channels are not the place for this kind of thing and whilst you did not mention anyone specifically i have knowledge of what you are referring to from what you have said to people in game and in each case the accusations have been both unfounded and unreasonable, I hope you get past this, I welcome Robot to check all our game logs for details of the things Sorohendi claims and I will even happily provide times and dates that these supposed games took place because our discord logs are very thorough. I will not be commenting here again and I am sorry to anyone who is reading this for the drama myself and my guild have been dragged in to.

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  • Re: OMDU - RPG Adventure Mode

    I would probably die of excitement if this was implemented. The possibilities are endless!! 3 Man pve adventure dungeons with specific objectives... Raids... the idea of making your way through a dungeon with only 1 life and having limited resources at your disposal comes to mind. Would really bring a massive new interactive element to the playable heroes and the minions too but how well would this work with current ai? Is it doable?
  • Re: Achievement suggestions

    Having rewards for some of the more random achievements would definitely make them more interesting.; FOr the most part I have been ignoring them and only getting by proxy. When you do achieve something in the list it feels irrelevant sometimes. Having more of them would be good if there were appropriate rewards and they were more challenging / encouraged unique playstyles away from the generic builds. Also it would be really nice if they could be categorised in a more user friendly way. Right now I feel like I am guessing as to what section an achievement will be in based on somebody else's logic.