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  • Re: Survival co-op with... bots.

    I would also like to point out you're using the flag system incorrectly. Just because you don't agree with my posts it doesn't mean it warrants a flag. You have posted an idea on a community forums, the community will give feedback on your idea aswell as devs potentially looking into it. 

    I am trying to help you build a reason behind your idea to potentially make the devs interested. My first and second posts offered reasons why it was a bad idea, you was suppose to come back and give me a reason why it actually is a good idea. You didn't take the bait so I proceeded with my third message to explain in depth why you need to add those reasons. 

    See it from a devs point of view. 

    your title.. "survival with co op" 
    your first post "that would fix most my problems with this game" 
  • Re: Sabotage newbies


    Yes, I guess you're right, if I want the accomplishment of having a higher rank then I will need to group up with some people of similar rank and avoid queuing up in solo.

    yes I saw your screenshot, that sucks, I must admit I had to laugh when I first saw the picture, because it is quite unbelievable, I do hope he received a warning or some form of punishment though. 

    And that's also a good point I didn't take into consideration they may not speak English. 

    I think I just play way too many games of sabotage per day, so if I actually reflect on the newbie to experienced player ratio in actual respect I probably don't get matched with newbies that much, it's just very easy to focus on those times and feel like its happening all the time. (it does happen everyday though) I guess I will just focus on the bigger picture, I mean we're all newbies at one stage :)