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  • Re: New minion ideas.

    I'm definitely all for new minions, and although I do like the comedy value of some of your proposals, I'm not sure some would really fit into the game, 
    for example, as far as I'm aware none of the enemy speak English (actually the orcs do speak English, after just playing a game, I hadn't really noticed in the past) and all of the enemy have a combat look to them, (armour or weapons etc) So although it would be very funny to have an old orc walking down with an umberella and a rolling pin rambling English stuff it would be a new path, but then again that's why this is in suggestions so they can consider taking new paths. 

    However with a few tweaks, for example, still an old orc, holding something that looks abit like an umberella but an orc version of it, the rolling pin could work too, but maybe not pajamas, you have to remember this is an orc siege, you're defending your castle pretty much and the orcs aren't going to allow some old woman in pajamas to siege with them. 

    I like the idea of a merc / boss that cannot die to hero damage or traps but he would have to die very easily to the environmental traps otherwise it would become very difficult to kill (because not all characters can push) 

    I think the orc that becomes a boulder could have potential but (for example) let's say it's the banquet hall map, you have a long line of barricades up the side of the wall, the fat orc dies in the middle, his boulder would block off the entire map. 

    I don't think a trap business man would work out, you can't have that chat box popping up during combat and most players would just choose no, take the damage and use vegetable of amending or shield guardian to heal up.  
    However a trap stealing boss (that steals traps slowly) could be a potential idea, obviously some bosses such as tubifor need to be killed quickly because he destroys barricades, well this would be the same situation, he would need to be killed quickly before he steals any traps, that would be quite abit of work for devs though. 

    I can see potential in some of these ideas with a few tweaks, the one laying traps though is the only 1 I would say doesn't have any potential it's way too much work and would have zero effect because most people lay traps near the beginning (or would start to, to avoid this new minion laying any) so.. he would always die before reaching an empty area that has space to trap. 

    I know from your last post that you don't take criticism well and will likely just go ahead and flag my post, but that won't stop me offering my opinion as a member of the community, I will give both criticism and praise on what I think will be good for the game I like playing.

    As I said I like some of these ideas, others have potential with tweaks, some have none. I have explained why I think this and you're free to come back and explain why I'm wrong and it would work. (for example, maybe there is an orc that speaks English ingame that I had missed, so actually yes your idea of the person speaking English would fit nicely) (Again this was a great example, because I have actually corrected myself and they do actually speak English as I mentioned earlier) 
    That's what the community is for, someone can post an idea, someone can offer criticism  and the person who created the idea can then offer a way around that, or prove that the criticism that was offered isn't actually a problem and he was mistaken. 

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  • Re: Wrong chest reward

    For the two games I have played, upon completing my quests I have gotten an apprentice and a war mage chest, even though I should be receiving rift lord chests. Is anyone else having this issue? Is this a known issue from recently?
    I think what likely happened is, you completed a quest which you were set but you also completed a map with a new character. It only showed you receiving the chests won from that specific map. (as it often does) however when you did open your chests you will have got the additional chests from completing the quest. 

    (basically at the reward screen when it shows your rewards, it doesn't always include the additional chests from the quest, only from completing that specific map, but the chests are still actually with you and will be opened when you open the others) 
  • Re: Survival co-op with... bots.

    I would also like to point out you're using the flag system incorrectly. Just because you don't agree with my posts it doesn't mean it warrants a flag. You have posted an idea on a community forums, the community will give feedback on your idea aswell as devs potentially looking into it. 

    I am trying to help you build a reason behind your idea to potentially make the devs interested. My first and second posts offered reasons why it was a bad idea, you was suppose to come back and give me a reason why it actually is a good idea. You didn't take the bait so I proceeded with my third message to explain in depth why you need to add those reasons. 

    See it from a devs point of view. 

    your title.. "survival with co op" 
    your first post "that would fix most my problems with this game" 
  • Re: Make kamikaze kobold and gnome destroyers a different color on the minimap than other hazard units

    Personally I think it's better to leave it how it is. It adds an element of panic to situations, and makes you much more aware of the map. 
    For example, you see the yellow dots, you don't think  you heard the kamakaze sound but you're not sure. Now you have to make the decision to run over to that gate and check or stay where you are and defend that gate. 

    (also taking into consideration map awareness, how fast the yellow dots are travelling) It all adds to the gameplay in my opinion. 

    But I can understand why some people would want it, I can't say it hadn't crossed my mind at some point previously, but looking at the bigger picture I think it makes the gameplay better.