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  • Re: The star system and "worthless" matches

    I wish we could get more chests after finishing all heroes and stars in a certain difficulty besides the endless that I don't play much "/ and the daily that are only once/twice a day "/.
    I still like to replay lots of maps, but I wish I could get something besides the skulls "/
  • Re: Gold ranked players quiting before first wave.

    Maybe we should have unraked mode so ppl will play for fun only for fun. The rank system is making ppl mad so far XD I myself sometimes get a bit sad when loosing "/ But I play with my friends and guildies and I Don't have any intention to q up alone anytime soon.

    It is bad to hear what happened to you Effing, glad that you made it tho :D
  • Re: weavers that don't make sense

    Wildfire Smolder becomes immune to control effects during Heart of Flame.
    Situational? I used that when Ogres still stunned and it would become a problem, now I did not use it yet but I think it might be great on avalanche and frostbite.
  • Re: Release 2.0 - Sabotage & Commercial Release Notes

    SixOkay said:
    [...] Also, beginning with this mode is an exciting new ranking system. Players can compete to become silver, gold, platinum, and finally diamond ranked. Win Sabotage games to become one of the honored few to reach diamond rank! Players can also work together to be one of the few guilds at the top of the ranked guild ladder.

     Have fun, war mages!


    I like the idea of a ranked system for Sabotage but there is one thing that could be better. All other games put placements like silver, gold, platinum and Diamond, I think OMDU could do different placements, like its own thing which would be equivalent to that of course. Maybe Apprentice, War mage, Master and Rift Lord placements sounds even better... Or any other thing that is not the ordinary placements we see in every game... Maybe: kobolds, orcs, soldiers, trolls sounds better than that ordinary placement.
  • Re: Kinetic Reclaimer cooldown not working?

    Stop the nerfing madness!