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    ShadeDev said:
    Neron189 said:
    Throne room bug still remains.Thanks for the lost game guys :D
    We reduced it significantly, but it can still happen in rare scenarios.  Sorry about that.

    We are looking into a more elaborate fix for a future patch.
    Make it go only from right to left twice, like 2 maces each. The art team can figure out something that makes sense, but that is probably the best solution for the mace bug.

    Btw I will get this opportunity to share a little thought.

    Other players have said it already and I have to agree that Holding cards in sabotage sucks. Although it is the most widespread tactic (at least I believe it is at high ranks) and I can't say it is not valid I think it kills a bit of the purpose of sabotage. It kills the "chaos" of each wave, making all waves being only the default waves for each team until Sudden Death (SD) sucks.

    From the stream when the devs compared the game with Mario Kart... At Mario kart you can't get a new item until you used the Item you have, you can't even see the next item before that. You have to use what you have in other to get a new box and randomly get a new item. For Mario karts that let you keep 1 item while holding a second one: in other to get a new box and item you have to use one item. In neither versions of MK you got to "choose" what you want like exchanging one item for another, it is 100% random.

    In sabotage players can hold their 2 cards then in the next wave players get to see more 3 cards of each category and they can re-roll one of each and then finally you get to decide if they want to keep their hand or exchange their cards.

    I think there should be a trade off for players whom hold cards. If a player hold his cards he should not be able to get the option to change his hand. The 3 cards roll and re-roll should be available only for players whom have empty hands. That way there is a trade off that currently doesn't exist. Every tactic should have some yay and nay and currently the holding cards tactic does not have any nay.

    If not that then don't let players hold their hands. Player might choose not to spend their cards, but should not be able to keep it for next wave. That is because ( I think) that sabotage was supposed to be a bit chaotic, having different waves compositions on maps on each match, which is different from battlegrounds where we memorize all minions on each wave and create a strategy to get 5 stars. By allowing players to hold their hands the game is left with only default waves until SD.

    By having only default waves the "chaotic" and always changing purpose of sabotage just died.

    One more thing.
    I think that part of the intended purpose of Sabotage is dead already.
    Sabotage should be a mode that give replay ability of the game and also be a friendly competitive mode.

    The replay ability is a yay because for all players that got all chests Sabotage gives them some different experience. And for all players it can be a different challenge. It is not that much rewarding, but it was increased a bit and the devs are working on making it more rewarding yet ( I think).

    On the other hand The friendly competitive part just failed.  I think implementing a rank system for a friendly competitive mode and make players want to achieve high ranks to show of and prove their skills just was something that made players take this mode to seriously.

    As a consequence some flaws appears in the supposedly "friendly" mode. "Pre mades" and tactics that scare new players from the mode, remove the fun and ability to Solo or duo q,  "remove" the ability of a player meeting  more players and teach new players.

    The rank system makes it so nobody wants to drop their current rank. In my opinion no rank system would be more friendly, it would make people play for fun, and don't really care that much if they loose... With the currently Rank system loosing makes people mad because of the rank, it creates toxicity and rudeness.
    That is probably the main reason that killed the Friendly part of this mode.

    Last thing, A rank system for some mode that has Luck and Randomness involved does not seems right. Although skill and coordination are things to take in consideration in high ranks match, To get to coordinate the minions and spells used requires luck first. A team can an entire Sabotage match without get any of the best cards in game while the opponent can get a lot of the best cards. No matter how skillful or coordinated a team can be, this kind of luck can be a game changer.

    (Editions are mostly text changing, I've keep trying to make my text more clear and with a "better" English, Every time I re-read I always find something to change XD sorry)
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    I feel the gibs conversion rate was low :v

    And I did not expected that sabotage consumables on the stare would only be purchased with gold instead of skulls. NVM I now realized what is going on with the gold purchasable consumables.

    I still have a lot of stunning accumulator
    and revenge runes and other parts that can only be used in few traps

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    One more thing, I think it is time to develop more and more maps. Imo more maps might be what will keep people playing instead of sabotage. More maps, maybe even ad a bit of lore.
  • Re: Why does Robot release most of the patches on Tuesdays? And about IA

    @raylei show me this

    But about the IA, I think the way the show is handled now it is boring. It is like just read the patch notes before it comes out and do some comments... And we usually can't really ask much or criticize before try it. I think the IA would be better as a show that teases future content and as a show that after a patch and after the players have tried it Shade would comment about it and mostly answer questions and critics about the new patch.

    Thanks everybody  for point that out about the patch release day.
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    Now that there sabotage is a mode that people take more seriously than what I think it was intended there are some nerfs in heroes and abilities that are necessary. The sad part about those nerfs is that every hero is unique in something that makes him excel with certain abilities and power, the nerfs simply make this less and less unique, making the heroes excel less. the best example is Bionka what really makes her unique is how she excel in doing damage and with every nerf it seems she will excel less and less on that therefore being less unique.
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