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  • About chests and chests drops rates.

    Hi all,

    1- I wonder about how much is the drop rates on each chest. It is not all games that share this information but I think its is a pretty nice info on those games which does that and I was wondering if robot might share it with us.
    We now have four tiers of rarity: common, uncommon, rare and epic. Would it be like 50%, 30%, 15%, 5% it is just a guess. it might be even harder or easier but again If we could see this info in game I think it would be really cool.
    Besides that what if the chances of getting a rare or epic card increased every time a player opens a chest and don't get it? I've seen some games doing it like that, for example FE Heroes every time  a player does a summon and don't get a 5* hero the chances to get a 5* star hero increases a bit, I think if that would be a nice feature in omdu too... Let's say if a player open five chests without any epic or rare the chances increases a bit and so on until he gets a epic or rare card.

    2 - Parts! I dunno how the others players feel about parts but I feel that parts should not be on chests and should be crafted with skulls or at very least I think a chest that contains only parts should be available in exchange of some skulls. And if this chests comes to existence the drops of some parts should be limited for example: there should be only 4 stunning accumulators on the entire game after a player gets all of it it should be removed from the chest. Or at very least the player should exchange this repeat part again for skulls and get another change with the part chest.

    3- What about a some how cheap chest that drops potion and scrolls? It would be cheaper than buying potions and scrolls from the store but the chatch is: it is random.

  • Heroes chest reward

    Some players have a issue when they used all heroes they have in a specif map, that cause those player to not want to play those maps anymore. I myself for example, there are some maps that I think its hell of fun to play but currently I already got all chests I could.
    My suggestions: Could it be like if you used all heroes a player had available on a certain map then it would reset and the player would do it all over again to get more chests? I think its pretty fair because its incentive players use all their heroes on a map so they could do it over and over again.
  • Was a great website...If some ppl are interested yet I think the trap calculator still applies

    @pjk2002 @JovialWolf @Fready2015 @Sargo3.14 @ACHempz and others involved great job you guys did there, you guys should keep going tho :D don't give up o/
  • Re: Promotional skins, dyes and gold missing.

    NoWhammy said:
    Bumping this back up. I am still missing All of my dyes and have seen no answer. I bought a few vanity chests before I noticed I had Zero dyes after the reset.
    I think they are trying to fix it, but there is no estimate time for when it will be fixed.
  • Skins with special effects

    I would like to know if there is any intention to make skins with special effects or to add some effects on skins that are already there.
    Is there any limitation that are not making it possible now?

    This thread also come as a suggestion for the devs to implement something as cool as skins with effects on the game and for players to give some suggestions of skins and effects.

    I think that dobbin xmas skins really need a special effect where he throws gifts instead of dynamite. Max with a crossbow that shoots snow ball. Gaby with themed spells.