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  • Re: Sabotage Mode First Impressions

    I am borrowing the format too and some quotes :x


    The overarching theme of the game mode.
    The game play is a bit more frenetic then survival and I like that, the change of pace is fun

    • Holding Tab to see enemy minimap (Can we combine it into my UI? Or make it an option?)
    • The Rank System
    • I would like more control over what I use. I.E. maybe which lane my minions come out of.
    • The Rank System
    • Some spells that affect minions are not clear to me If I should Use before or after My allies and I have summoned the minions and I can't be really sure because I can't see what is going on on the other side.
    • It sometimes more about lucky than skill. Not that bad tho
    More rewards
    Improve the rank system?
    Ad UnRanked matches! I really don't wanna feel the pressure of have to winning to keep the rank, I wish sometimes we could play just for fun without the real need of wining the matches because of rank.

  • Re: Star Player achievement not being transfered to steam

    I can confirm the bug, I did nto receive the achievement on steam as well.
  • Was a great website...If some ppl are interested yet I think the trap calculator still applies

    @pjk2002 @JovialWolf @Fready2015 @Sargo3.14 @ACHempz and others involved great job you guys did there, you guys should keep going tho :D don't give up o/
  • Best discount on a trap ever!

    I've just upgraded my Temple gong alarm to t6 and I found something interesting :

    So according to the math every time this trap is placed the player should get 10 coins! Best discount on OMDU ever!

  • Re: Stables at Eventide - Noteable minions.

    Statboy said:
    What does "Has Unchained Minions" mean, and why is it listed if almost every map at every level has it?
    Whenever I see unchained I prepare myself for orcs,  ogres and trolls.
    for order it usually soldiers, bears and giants

    barbarians seems to be order version for ice guys

    and. Northman unchained version

    except avalanche on rift lord that for some reason we see the bears of arctos fighting along side the orcs