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  • Re: Great Opener Achievement not working

    geared up and frequent frenzier are not tracking too.
  • Re: Community traps ideas suggestion thread!

    We need parts too!

    Since it will have more tiers than t7:

    Parts that allow ceiling traps to be placed at walls
    Parts that allow wall traps to be placed on ceiling and floor! op

    We need dart spitter and all old traps to come back and then new traps!

  • Re: Clarification on Cursed ground refire rate pls

    But after you are high level enough it is not supposed to be a challenge anymore but with more content that will come in the future other challenges will come for high level players as well. It is like that in many other games, I don't see an issue with that.

    Best cursed ground thread ever.
  • Re: Community traps ideas suggestion thread!

    Green watch dogs traps!
    It is a dogs house trap, a green ghost dogs waits inside and when minions pass by it it drags one minion inside its house and bites the minions to the death, or at least some huge damage.
  • Re: "Difficult" in many wrong ways. (Long read).

    Jacowboy said:
    Galedrid said:
    Jacowboy said:
    Galedrid said:

    - Stars should be earned and kept; i.e. to 5* a map you shouldn't need to do it with a full rift in par time, but each star should be earnable and permanent.  If I play one time to focus on a full rift, I get that star.  Next time if I want to focus on par, I can do it with the stress of a perfect rift.  This would have the side effect of functionally freeing up two of the stars (the 1/3 and 2/3 rift ones) for level specific challenges to spice up replay and creativity.  As folks have said in other threads: one star could be for combos, or score.  Another could be, for instance, no barricades on the map, or no push traps; etc.  You get the idea.  This would make stars more like the "skulls" from previous games and add actual progression to a map instead of simply replaying it over and over (and tediously quitting out entirely to restart the map, currently) to get the "perfect" run.  

    Lots of things, but about this... you actually can. You can go for par or for perfect rift... don't need to do both at same time as far as I'm aware... I've gotten a lot of par stars & chests without the perfect rift.

    As for the other thing, that's what weekly challenges are for.
    You can't get the 5* chest without fulfilling all requirements simultaneously.  You can get the 3* chest either with a full rift or reaching par while maintaining at least 1/3 of your rift points, but subsequent 3* runs will not net you the chest for the other objective.  You're not "saving" them in that sense; yes you can get one or the other to reach 3* but you have no choice but to run perfectly to get 5*, and thus the second chest from any given map.  

    I just wanted to come back to this, because I've been meaning to verify my own info... 

    So let me clarify: Yes, you can obtain the "perfect rift" chest and the "par time" chest on 2 separate runs... that means you can aim for each challenge, so to speak, once at a time, and get the corresponding chest rewards...

    However, in terms of "star rating", you do need indeed to do both perfect rift AND par time to achieve the 5 stars rating... however having 4 stars on a map doesn't hamper progression...

    I just tried this today, btw... I first got par on a map but left a minion go through so I wouldn't get perfect rift and I got my chest for achieving partime... next match I did the inverse meaning I took my sweet time to complete the map with perfect rift, but didn't get par time... I did get the 2nd chest. But of course, I only see 4 stars on the map.

    So if you want to see the 5 stars on each map, you'll have to achieve both, but it's not really necessary in order to obtain the chests.

    So there you go, a 100% confirmed this time.

    Was a lie then! XD

    Or something is wrong here..

    Although it  would be cool for those who can't get the 5 stars they are still able to get the chest.