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  • Re: Thoughts About Archers

    Yeah, they don't shoot through minions.  It used to be super frustrating when they did.
  • Re: "Premium Shoppe" - I don't like it. What about you?

    Removing things from the loot table would deplete content far too quickly, which would mean we would have to slow down trap distribution.  That affects a much greater percentage of the playerbase.
  • Re: feedback about game progression

    Statistically, the largest difficulty spike is from apprentice to warmage.

    If we were to remove account level restrictions, the game could be completed in an extremely short period of time. 

    Don't get me wrong, I wish we didn't have to account level gate things, but that would require about 10x as much content as we have right now.  It's just not something we can afford to change, unless someone has a better idea.  I think our focus right now is finding alternative activities so that you don't feel like you are grinding.
  • Re: OMD vet here this game is missing 2 things that need to come back

    ShadeDev said:
    ... In general though, this game focuses on heroes rather than gear.  The more diverse we make gear, the less interesting heroes become.
    Adding Headshots to mechanically ranged Heroes (Ivy & Max), would only add to their diversity, not make them less so.
    However, if all ranged heroes get headshots, then that'd be a significant damage boost for ranged heroes over melee heroes. So they'd have to compensate by nerfing ranged hero normal attack damage. Which, would it turn negatively impact feel and make ranged heroes harder to play, and hence weaker than melee heroes.

    Now, just giving it to one hero as a passive ability should be fine, because they are trading some other effectiveness boost (their passive) for it. But then they've got a whole headshot system for one hero...
    Well, and not every ranged weapon should feel like a sniper.
  • Re: Release 1.7 Notes

    Crueler said:
    The thing is she already has a weakness, and they are dumping another on top of her. She doesn't have the Ice/Fire weakness comparison.

    You Compare Smolder to Hogarth and Tundra, now try to compare Nerfed Bionka to current Midnight.
    Where is her positives? If Significant damage reduction means anything close to significant, she's going to have on par or slightly better than Midnight's damage and be 8x slower. She will just have a great knockback move still.

    There is no trade offs. She doesn't offer anything to make you pick her besides probably still being better than Hogarth.

    Did the developers learn to balance from Blizzard? Seems awfully lazy to me. Sorry.
    First of all, she's not 8x slower.  She's 20% slower.

    Balance is NOT about making everyone equal, it's about maximizing playstyles.

    In a PvP game, being equal is what results in a maximum number of playstyles.  In a PvE game, massive diversity in stats and abilities does a better job.  It's okay that certain heroes have a hard time beating certain maps without certain gear.  In fact, that's a good thing, it gives you something to work towards and offers replayability.