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  • Re: Release 2.5 for PC and PS4 - Patch Notes

    ShadeDev said:
    ShadeDev said:
    Harmonia said:

    • "Additional Rift Points" will now be paired with easier modifiers, on average.
    Wont that make the key really easy? did you perhaps mean "5 rift point modifier"?
    Right now, it is paired with extremely hard modifiers.  As a result, this modifier actually has a super low win rate.

    It'll still be paired with tough modifiers, just not as tough.  :)
    Good to hear

    Also how much do the Terracotta Giants slow (10%, 20%...)?

    How about the range, how big is it (my guess would be around 2000/3000 units)?
    Small.  750, I think.
  • Re: Gabby Blink Feedback

    xcience said:
    hate it. I use to use blink constantly in games now I never do because its ease of operation is to cumbersome.

    I do also think in the long term this will not be an issue.......because all the people who liked it the way it was just wont play her. but rest assured we all still hate it. Its major flaw is not that you go flying off a cliff. its that it makes the blink function which stuns redundant. this is a shame because its a key tactic in high round gameplay to bunch up everything by mesmerizing and stuning back and fort then killing 50 units at once in a kill box. its still doable but not fun or enjoyable due to random misplacement at time during a game where a feather duster can kill you.

    the feature to blink in any direction you want should have been coupled with the double blink weaver. this is where it is useful anyways. blink in mez blink out. in all other scenarios the need to blink forward left or right is pointless. 
    Using blink to traverse the map is hardly useless.
  • Re: Release 2.4 for PC - Patch Notes

    Axony said:
    I also hate the change to the quests.

    1200 minions will be harder for low level palyers (less minions on lower difficulties)
    450 minions in sabotage is a punishment for good players:
    Sometimes i like to play support Ivy which means I don't really kill minions. (Feels like I'm forced to paly DPS)

    Overload Trap:

    • No longer disables floor traps that do not deal damage.
    • Trigger delay increased by 1 second.
    So it doesn't disable Tar but a Brimstone? Do is understand this right?
    The change to the quests was done to provide more flexibility to players. 

    You don't have to win or lose, which means you're not disadvantaged for playing harder levels.  You also don't have to grind sabotage if you keep losing.

    You don't have you play via matchmaking, which means you can play alone.

    It stinks to see that you guys dislike these changes.  We really tried to resolve all of the complaints associated with the exisiting quests. 

    Regarding "Survive X waves" - This doesn't really reward better teams, since the game always ends on the same wave for both teams.  Furthermore, it also rewards players for going afk.

    Regarding feeling obligated to play support, we include assists in the kill count, so support isn't at nearly the disadvantage that you may think.

    Lastly, as far as the overload trap, you are correct.  It would disable brimstone and flip traps, but not tar.
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  • Re: Release 2.3 for PC - Deadeye

    I think the core issue here is that we believe that the rerouting of minions on Crogon Keep is discouraging creative pathing, not encouraging it.  There's one ultra-superior strategy.
  • Re: Sabotage newbies

    In general, adding 5 minutes to the queue will not result in much better matches.  Typically, it just makes queues longer.