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  • Re: Release 2.2 - Chaos Trials

    vrmlbasic said:
    vrmlbasic said:

    So Revenge Rune no longer kills the enemy that killed the barricade/etc? 

    So...what's the point?   As it stands, the Revenge Rune is far from broken, and it has issues, like not killing Bouncer Bear (who can wreck barricades just by spawning in them) or always avenging the barricade against indirect damagers (eg: TNT arrows).

    I'm all for fixing what is broken, but I'd be lying if I were to say that I'm keen on this breaking what was, more-or-less, fixed.
    It's all about creating interesting options, rather than one right answer.
  • Re: Release 2.2 - Chaos Trials

    Treak said:
    Revenge Rune Part
    • Now deals 75% of minion health (from 100%).
    Just to be sure, is that meant 75% of the current minion health, or 75% of the maximum minion health?

  • Re: Sabotage Matchmaking

    Axony said:
    U don't get the point.

    They put up 3-4 of them, keep 1 minion alive, and kite it over and over those 4.
    they facetank the minion until 1 drops low and then the next person takes the aggro.

    Now we use basic math:
    4 Coin generators
    1 repair tool to reactivate them

    It's like having a "Penguin" giving him the rank of "Admiral" and giving him "13" soldiers and 2 more people of a guild...
    Have you seen this happen?  Because it's not actually possible.  You can't reset the coin generator.
  • Re: Release 2.2 - Chaos Trials

    Ivy can stand back out of danger and knock back all day, Any other character that has to go toe-to-toe risks being popped like a pimple causing the orcs to rush.

    I don't know how you can make SD more melee/smolder friendly, but if you can't stand out of sniper and giant/ogre range you're just going to get murdered every 5 seconds. Even as Hogarth with the extra 100% damage reduction weaver and the 12% damage reduction trait I can still be 1 or 2 shot by archers with the shield up.
    This is only happening because you can stall the waves until this point right now.

    How about we wait until the patch, rather than speculate?
  • Re: Why we need more traps rather than more game modes + a few other gripes

    I'm not sure where to start here, but this post is full of contradictions. 

    You are asking for us to fix Sabotage, yet simutaneously getting upset that we are making lots of changes to sabotage. 

    You're asking for more things that modify survival so it doesn't feel repetitive, yet complaining about the addition of Chaos Trials.

    You're asking for us to create more trap diversity, yet complaining about balance changes. 

    If you would like direct responses from developers, I would recommend providing feedback in a less rant-heavy manner.  As it stands, most developers would be too afraid to touch this thread with a 10-foot pole.