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  • Re: "Premium Shoppe" - I don't like it. What about you?

    Removing things from the loot table would deplete content far too quickly, which would mean we would have to slow down trap distribution.  That affects a much greater percentage of the playerbase.
  • Re: New Daily Quests

    You are supposed to have 1 daily, 1 weekly, and 1 bi-weekly quest.  They all refresh daily, though. 

    Nonetheless, people want to complete them all each day, so it's frustrating for them.

    We basically agree that it wasn't a good idea, which is why we are going to fix it by making all of the quests daily.
  • Re: Daily quest: Kill 30 bombers

    There's a couple issues here: 
    - You have to get the killing blow, which stinks.  We will look into changing that, but it may be a while. 
    - Many of the minions are very specific and rare, which also stinks.  They're hard to find and overly pigeon-hole players into playing specific content. 
    - While we initially wanted a mixture of easy and hard quests, we've realized that hard quests are simply unfun.  We will be adjusting the difficulty of all of the quests. 

    That being said, we also agree that having some level of focus or goal can be enjoyable, so the changes will maintain that.
  • Re: Stinkeye - Too Weak

    mdragoon said:
    Stinkeye's more focused on using the Wrath totems to deal damage now, it doesn't disappear no matter how many times you shoot it so you can just wail on it to turn his single projectile into 3 (or 4 with the weaver, which is why it was nerfed to +1 from +2). I understand the lasers are gone and his damage potential and stun ability have been decreased so he wasn't as powerful before but this has heavily tiered his weavers.

    the tier 4 weaver for the extra wrath totem is somewhat pointless as you can't summon it for 10+ seconds after the first one and for that extra 10 seconds it'll effectively be around a 25% increase in damage considering you can't shoot both at once and now offers a non-permanent dps increase. Especially over the crazy AOE damage or additional slow area + stun chance of the additional zephyr totem. That Weaver needs to be re-examined pronto.

    His ability to spawn the super pickups (health, mana, and unchained) seems absolutely ridiculous, basically unchained on demand for you and your party? if we're talking team composition he's probably going to dethrone ivy as any sort of support outside of maps touting some key knockback areas. Stinkeye offers a strong stationary support character with solid dps but forced into an area restricted playstyle where Ivy is mobile.

    Other than that he plays pretty much the same as before. A Net nerf to his basic damage potential sure, but i'd like to see what folks like @timemaster18 and @Terrysong can do with him now.
    Remember, having two attack totems will chain together when placed near each other.  :)
  • Re: Release 1.8 - Patch Notes

    The Bionka change and minion attack range changes are real.  The other changes are only text fixes.