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  • Re: Is there any way to play around "minions drop grenades" CT modifier?

    Just don't funnel minions tightly and you should be fine.  Closing paths from a distance is completely safe. 

    Also, the repair scroll is very helpful.
  • Re: Oziel patch 2.3 changes - what do you guys think about them so far?

    You definitely have a point there. Having that soul cap and no direct rewards for collecting them isn't all that nice considering that's been the core of his character, atleast for me. Though I like to think of it as him collecting power from his enemies as fuel for his ultimate attack. I'm thinking that increasing the cap might be good since you can choose to store souls to get multiple E activations after another without investing in all the soul upgrades. Perhaps you could make it so that he literally unleashes the collected souls and that the amount of the haunting spirits is relative to the amount of collected souls. How about a toggle ability which slowly drains the souls to give him the active effect? 

    Anyways, I do think there should be some reason to further collect souls and they shouldn't be completely useless after 75. However, I still think that this was a step in the right direction. Both the interesting and frustrating aspects about him were reduced, so now we might me able to add more interesting stuff without frustrating things. I mean stuff like having a power curve that is so highly dependend on his soul stacks was sometimes really frustrating, atleast for me. Not only do you have little mana and damage at the beginning, but I felt discouraged from picking him on most big maps because I always thought about how many souls I'd lose and how much weaker he'd be compared to others. Also, his mobility is an additional issue on big maps. I think right now it is a good thing that you don't get punished as hard for not collecting souls, for example when you have to make the decision between risking death for more souls or playing safe and getting less. For me, it feels nice that I don't have to make lose/lose decision that often.

    Well, we'll see what happens to him in the future, I still think he is interesting and fun to play, I'd just like to see more uses for his souls. Perhaps they could be an alternate resource for his abilities? Like, he throws a bunch of souls together with his desecrated cask to deal additional damage? Do you think it would be a good idea if he'd use mana to activate abilities and a few souls to empower them? This might feel bad because you get limited if you don't think the empowering effect is worth it and those souls would get wasted, though. Well, still better than sitting at 75 and using E on regular orcs or wait for something worthy to spawn.
    Good feedback.  I am currently testing increasing his soul cap to 300.  This also adds an interesting option for the player, since stacks are lost on death.
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  • Re: Initial feelings of Deadeye

    Hey guys, I have been reading a bunch of this feedback about Deadeye.  As mentioned earlier, I will be changing the passive to no longer lower your damage against your primary target.

    In addition, I am looking into changes associated with Deadeye's hipshot buff.  Currently, I am thinking of extending the duration of the buff, but lowering the bonus.  This means you can dash less frequently without feeling like you are losing DPS.

    I am also looking into the range of her dash.  Several people have mentioned that she doesn't feel like she is gaining significant distance. In reality, she does gain about 1.5 trap spaces over her running speed.  Since she can do this every 2.5 seconds, the bonus is pretty significant. However, I am looking into increasing the distance slightly to help with the perception.

    Lastly, her bouncing bomb is not supposed to have its cooldown reduced by "More Misdeeds".  I will be removing this bonus and compensating by decreasing the cooldown by 1 second baseline.
  • Re: Release 2.3 for PC - Deadeye

    Lemartes said:
    DominoE said:
    No offense, but it honestly just sounds like you're salty over a hero you like or are dependent on being nerfed. You don't buy the "bug thing." Okay. I don't buy that Smolder was beating your Stinkeye in damage in your little group. Even if that's true, it was likely because of either account level differences, or whoever was playing him went with the wrong weaver upgrades. Yes, there is a right and wrong for a significant (as in, approximately 100% or more) damage boost with him. And there still will be even after this patch, unless there's a hidden change to how his Wrath totems work that's not mentioned in the patch notes.

    Also, if you really want to say that no one was complaining about Stinkeye doing too much damage, which is already a spurious claim to make, you should check the Steam forums.

    You have prolly just never seen a good Smolder player.

    And no not salty at all - I actually play most of the chars and thought they were all in a pretty good place (Slight tweaks needed here and there but not 30%).

    Stinkeye filled a role - like Bionka did.  Some players want a slower playstyle and not run around the map - not everyone wants to play midnight.  They were both high damage but slow.  Now both useless as there dmg is lower than everyone else but they still are slow and other negatives.

    Not to mention the dmg screen isn't really indicative of overall usefulness.  Im sure there's lot of over-damage computed, or one player can be on a lane with different mobs.

    Its all good.  The steam forums will move on the next hero now they think is OP because they are still losing and the nerf/buff will continue.  I vote midnight next.  40% across the board - she will be top dmg in most games now.
    For what it is worth, Stinkeye's attack totem got a 50-100% damage buff in patch 2.2.  In patch 2.1 and earlier, his attack totem was not scaling with his battle level.

    Prior to the fix, we were seeing Stinkeye's performance in a good spot.  After the fix, he shot way above all other characters by a very large margin.

    That being said, I don't want to nerf him into the ground.  These changes should bring him back to his 2.1 performance.  If he is too weak or unused, we will certainly make further adjustments.
  • Re: Abilities name's

    It's definitely confusing. We will discuss improvements.