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  • Re: The star system and "worthless" matches

    Void2258 said:
    ShadeDev said:
    You will receive a hero victory chest just for winning a map for the first time with a hero.
    Which only delays very slightly the issue, since eventually a player will have done every hero. Can also lead to more leaving if a player can't get the hero they need for the chest or bad games if a player takes a hero that just doesn't work for the team (possibly leading to other teammates leaving due to star depreciation).
    I wouldn't say it delays the issue sightly.  It delays the issue significantly. 

    Regardless, we have a new system in the works to give players a way to continually earn chests.
  • Re: New chest-only content, chest starvation, and beta levelers

    We are aware of the issue.  It's something we are looking at solving in the coming months. 

    For now, however, you can continue to obtain chests via quests.  In addition, in the next patch, you'll be able to obtain and additional chest each day via sabotage.
  • Re: SABOTAGE new HEAD to HEAD mode :)

    I think it is really important to understand why we removed Siege and why adding Sabotage doesn't suffer from the same problems. 

    When it came to balancing the game, Siege was a very different beast.  
    - We couldn't let the player decimate minions, because the enemy team used those minions to score.
    - Every hero in survival needed to be effective at clearing waves, which is different than in siege, where you want heroes to have different roles.
    - In Siege, we wanted to make hero abilities have lots of counter play options, which only makes skills have less punch in survival.
    - In Siege, making combat fast made the game too frantic, but survival players wanted fast combat.
    - Trap upgrades and trap parts couldn't be used in siege because they severely imbalanced the game. 

    In Sabotage, none of these issues exist.  We can build mechanics on top of Survival, rather than in place of Survival. This allows us to build both modes without sacrificing the fun of either mode. 

    In short, Sabotage is an extension of Survival, rather than a different game.
  • Re: OMDU Launches April 19th!

    just wondering but will upgrades and trap parts be used within Sabotage?
  • Re: Sabotage QA Thread

    I thought on starting this thread so we have a place to gather most of the community questions about the new mode. I thought it would help to have most of it in the same place for the devs to answer and since the devs are gonna stream it later the questions presented here could be answered during the stream too.

    My questions so far are:

    1- What about chests? Do we get chests by playing it? Trap cards, and skulls?

    2 - Will we have a custom mode so player can play specifically against friends, and maybe ad custom rules?

    3 - WHEN?!
    1.) The XP quest will be replaced by a new Sabotage quest.  Sabotage will only grant cards through quests, but you will always earn skulls and xp.

    2.) Not at launch.  Good idea though!

    3.) April 19th!