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  • Re: Chaos Trials Knockback

    Don't ever let your back face a pit.  Easy :)
  • Re: Release 2.2 - Chaos Trials

    Void2258 said:
    Still waiting on whether the dash will be full screen without a choice to stay windowed. This is the kind of thing that makes me quit games. I know it seems minor, but staring at a dish without the option to do anything whil I wait for queue to pop is not my idea of fun.
    Windowed will still exist.
  • Re: Why we need more traps rather than more game modes + a few other gripes

    I'm not sure where to start here, but this post is full of contradictions. 

    You are asking for us to fix Sabotage, yet simutaneously getting upset that we are making lots of changes to sabotage. 

    You're asking for more things that modify survival so it doesn't feel repetitive, yet complaining about the addition of Chaos Trials.

    You're asking for us to create more trap diversity, yet complaining about balance changes. 

    If you would like direct responses from developers, I would recommend providing feedback in a less rant-heavy manner.  As it stands, most developers would be too afraid to touch this thread with a 10-foot pole.
  • Re: Release 2.2 - Chaos Trials

    SeanPoe said:
    I feel like the control resistance change deserves an entire developer paragraph explaining how it works exactly. 

    Will it affect physic traps (e.g., spikewall, push trap, etc.) that have a binary effect (i.e., either they hit or don't)?  If the control resistance does impact physic traps, does it work by essentially increasing enemy mass so they get moved less? 

    How does control resistance work on constantly reapplying CCs like viscous tar? 

    How does it work on snares/slows which have two different factors that could be modified?  For example, if a snare was originally a 50% slow for 5s and an enemy has 50% control resistance will that snare now be 25% for 5s or 50% for 2.5s? 

    How much control resistance do they gain per wave?

    Control resistance reduces the duration of slows/stuns.  Persistent area effects are not affected, I believe.

    Knockbacks are not affected.
  • Re: Un-Endless

    We debate every change made to every map.  In general, we look at the risk to reward ratio.

    If something is incredibly easy to do and offers an enormous advantage, we will typically adjust it.  Otherwise, you simply have mass adoption of a play-style that trivializes the game, lowers diversity, and ultimately shortens the lifespan of the content.

    In other cases, the strategies are hard to pull off.  We prefer to keep these strategies, since they offer a bar for mastery and also reward discovering alternative strategies.

    I understand the concern, which is why we try to make changes to existing maps conservatively.