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  • Re: Oziel Passive works?

    This was a post-poned change that made it into the tooltips. 

    It is coming next patch.
  • Re: Randomly losing Sabotage rank despite not losing.

    True, I guess I didn't expect almost the entirety of plat IV to pass me in a timespan of ~12 hours. I thought maybe the rank updating was delayed and docking me rank for past losses or something.
    This can occur, but very rarely.  More than likely, other players gained rank.  Rank is zero sum, however, so you have just as much of a chance to go up while offline.  Also, your rank will never change, even if your position on the leaderboard changes.

    In other words, others may gain/lose rank, causing your relative position to change, but if you were rank 1 gold, you will still be rank 1 gold.
  • Re: Our traps beeing disabled - Power Generators

    We will be removing the announcer line in a future patch.  Unfortunately, it isn't as easy to fix it as we expected. 

    It may return in the future.
  • Re: Our traps beeing disabled - Power Generators

    Bloodess said:
    Bloodess said:
    It is ok for me to be publick tester if it speed up the development. More people find more find more bugs/unwanted features if it not some game braker.
    The game has been in alpha/beta for years, though. Even after Siege was removed and the game was mostly redone, it stayed in beta for a long time. It's fine that patches leave some minor bugs, but lastly every patch has been quite a mess... :/
    Its online game with continous development and it went miles from that Siege to something playable. With this small dev team, its best what they can do. Everybody do mistakes and sky will not fall from this. But yes, we could have some ptr(public test realm) to find some bugs like this.
    Again, I'm okay with some bugs, and I understand that Robot is a small team, and also that OMDU is a constantly evolving game. But last patch was riddled with bugs, some of which are VERY easy to spot. Take for exemple the fact that Oziel's Soul Stacks stop showing up after the first time you use his E ability... The devs obviously saw it and choose to let it slide anyway. I love the game too and have been supporting it for years now, but I feel like a bit of criticism on this particular subject is completely fair... ;)
    Sorry about the issues.  At some point, we have to ask ourselves "is this worth trying to fix at the last minute"?  Sometimes it is worth the delay to fix the bugs, but we also know our patch cycle is slower than players would like.

    It's a difficult balance and not something we have perfected.  We need to get faster with fewer bugs.  It might be a good idea for us to do smaller more frequent patches.
  • Re: Initial feelings of Deadeye

    Hey guys, I have been reading a bunch of this feedback about Deadeye.  As mentioned earlier, I will be changing the passive to no longer lower your damage against your primary target.

    In addition, I am looking into changes associated with Deadeye's hipshot buff.  Currently, I am thinking of extending the duration of the buff, but lowering the bonus.  This means you can dash less frequently without feeling like you are losing DPS.

    I am also looking into the range of her dash.  Several people have mentioned that she doesn't feel like she is gaining significant distance. In reality, she does gain about 1.5 trap spaces over her running speed.  Since she can do this every 2.5 seconds, the bonus is pretty significant. However, I am looking into increasing the distance slightly to help with the perception.

    Lastly, her bouncing bomb is not supposed to have its cooldown reduced by "More Misdeeds".  I will be removing this bonus and compensating by decreasing the cooldown by 1 second baseline.