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  • Re: Release 2.5 for PC and PS4 - Patch Notes

    Wow... ok... great. 
    I have a question about the skins. Will they be in a chest or individually sold? How long will they be available? Thank you
    I don't know the answer to your question.  It's not my department.  Perhaps someone else can answer.
  • Re: Character Update

    What has been suggested a few times is to remove the inability to move while attacking. That alone would probably give him a more swifty feeling.
    Please do this... I have to jump while attacking all the time and it's annoying.
    Heh, this is why we used to restrict you from attacking while jumping.
  • Re: Bring back Siege!

    Randre said:
    Hello ManceRader,

    The fundamental problem with siege was the skill gap. Siege had too many things going on at any one point and a single bad play would cost you the game. Most matches were decided by wave 2 and everything else was just delaying the inevitable. The skill ceiling in Siege was stupidly high and it was a mode where you HAD to work as a team to win. No single player could carry a match. That made running with random people painful and thus promoted teams. Who by the nature of being a pre-made team would stomp on all the random players. Which made people not want to queue random. Which in turn made people not want to play unless they had a team. But teams stopped playing if they always lost to the better pre-mades. Which reduced the number of players. So on and so on. 

    Short version: Siege was very unfriendly to new players. For someone trying to learn it was arduous.

    You could probably write an essay on why Siege failed. But I hope this short explanation helps (note all the above is my opinion and may not perfectly reflect reality).


    Interesting perspective. 

    I would argue that siege was more simplistic than most MOBAs on the market.

    The problems, as I saw it, were a little more complicated: 
    - The MOBA market is saturated.
    - Because it was similar to a MOBA. players tried to use their MOBA knowledge.  There was a lot of un-learning required.
    - Designing for Siege made Survival much less fun.   
    - Progression systems only applied to one mode.

    Smaller issues:
    - The maps were easy to get lost on. 
    - The trap building game and the minion selection game was not interesting enough. 
    - Escorting minions was difficult to make fun.
    - Lack of skillshots

    I personally never thought that the core game was too complicated.  As I said, you've got a lot competitors with significantly more events going on, item shops, last hitting, etc. 

    I'm just not convinced that there are any changes we could make to have fixed siege.  I fundamentally believe that players don't want another MOBA-like game right now.

    Does that mean that siege could have been converted into a completely different PvP game?  Yes, it could have.  However, it would have still had the largest problem...  Designing heroes for siege and survival makes both modes much less fun. 

    This largely explains why we removed Siege.  I miss it.  I found it very fun.  However, I do believe we made the right decision.

    It also explains why we added sabotage.  Many of the issues are resolved.  It's a more natural extension of survival.  That's not to say that sabotage doesn't have its own problems, but I believe it fits more strongly into the OMD franchise.

    I hope that helps.
  • Re: Level of dropped Chaos Key

    Yep, this is intended.  Chaos Keys now drop based on your account level, rather than the difficulty you are playing.
  • Re: Fire Elementals(Rift Lord)

    Well, it was an intended "fix".  They were always intended to work this way.

    HOWEVER, it sounds like the "fix" made firelings much less fun and too hard to deal with.  We obviously don't want that to be the case.

    Currently, we are thinking of lowering their speed/health and making only 1 spawn from a fire elemental.  What are your thoughts on this change?

    Alternatively, we are considering reverting the "fix" to firelings.