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  • Re: Did OMDU get much more difficult since patch?

    We only made docks at eventide and throne room more difficult.  In general, we drastically reduced the difficulty before 2.0 was released.
  • Re: OMD:U is too difficult

    Schaox said:
    I want an harder mode level. =)
    I hear ya.  We are looking into that, too.
  • Re: Sabo queing

    How on earth did the developer not see this coming? I have never seen a game with a game ready check without a timer.
    There is a timer, but there appears to be a bug occurring.  We are investigating.
  • Re: The star system and "worthless" matches

    Void2258 said:
    ShadeDev said:
    You will receive a hero victory chest just for winning a map for the first time with a hero.
    Which only delays very slightly the issue, since eventually a player will have done every hero. Can also lead to more leaving if a player can't get the hero they need for the chest or bad games if a player takes a hero that just doesn't work for the team (possibly leading to other teammates leaving due to star depreciation).
    I wouldn't say it delays the issue sightly.  It delays the issue significantly. 

    Regardless, we have a new system in the works to give players a way to continually earn chests.
  • Re: weavers that don't make sense

    We need to do another heavy pass on weavers.  The system was designed for Siege and we need to do more to make your in-game choices more dynamic.

    I have discussed some possible reworks with designers in the past.  One idea is to add primary and secondary effects to weavers:
    - Reduces the cooldown of Bull Rush by 20% and increases it's damage against burning enemies.
    - Increases the damage of "In Your Faces" and changes its damage type to arcane.

    The idea here is to have different levels influence your choices more heavily, which in turns influences your playstyle.