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  • Re: Release 1.8 - Patch Notes

    Other Update Information:
    • The Endless Leaderboards will be reset with this update.
    • Matchmade games will no longer launch with one player. They will only launch with 2+ players.

    Known Issues:

    • Achievements are not activating in Steam. You can monitor the achievements you earn in-game, but they are currently not activating in Steam.
    • Overachiever trait is designed to provide a full level at the start of each match, however it is currently only providing a full level in a 3-player team. When playing in a 2-player team or solo, the trait will not provide a full level at the start of a match. This will be resolved in a future update.
    • Smolder's Incinerate skill has an incorrect description. It currently states that it deals 10% max health, but it does straight damage. The incorrect text will be resolved with the next update.
    • Web Spinner trap cannot be sold once placed. Choose wisely. We're working on getting this fixed ASAP.
    • Grinder trap appears to be continuously jammed (spitting out gibs). This is a visual problem, not a functional one. Grind away! We are working on getting this fixed as well.
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  • Release 1.8 - Patch Notes

    Release 1.8 – Patch Notes

    Available February 21, 2017


    New Hero: Temper

    Often surprised by his own anger, this usually mild-mannered minotaur blacksmith now focuses his fiery anger towards defeating the Unchained. One day, he hopes to return to his dwarven family and his home.

    Generating rage instead of mana, Temper charges into battle dealing explosive fire damage. He also aggroes enemies, hammering them into submission.

    Developer Comment: Rage is a new resource in OMD!U. Like mana, it is used to fuel abilities, but unlike mana, it is generated by damaging enemies and decays when heroes are out of combat. For Temper, we feel that rage more accurately fits our portrayal of him as a misunderstood minotaur who is trying to refocus his anger issues into something more positive--defeating the Unchained.


    • Swing! Punch! Smash! (LMB): If used in quick succession, Temper anvil punches, swings his hammer, and delivers an uppercut, building his rage.
    • Exploding Hammer (RMB): Temper throws his hammer. On impact, it knocks back and damages enemies over time in its radius.
    • Happy Place (Q): Temper soothes himself, converting rage into health and a movement speed boost. Attacking cancels ability.
    • Hammer Slam (E): Temper brings both weapons down in front of him, setting the surrounding area on fire.
    • Bull Rush (Shift): Temper charges forward, knocking back enemies in his path.
    • Rage of the Forge (Passive): Temper gains strength as he builds rage, exploding at max rage and damaging and knocking back enemies.



    New Battleground: Orcatraz

    Orcatraz is an infamous Unchained prison filled with vile Order miscreants that can barely be contained. Help the Unchained quell the riots there and stop them from escaping.



    New Battleground: Orcri-La

    The orcs worshipping at Orcri-La have an odd tradition: they use boulder chutes to sacrifice unbelievers. Use the boulders to keep Order interlopers out and bring your own priest to guard the temple's rift!


    New Endless Maps

    • Baths (1-10)
    • Throne Room (11-25)
    • Crogon Keep (46-75)
    • The Wall (76-100)


    New Features: OMD!U and Steam Achievements

    We have implemented a new achievement system that allows players to accomplish set goals in OMD!U. Some of these achievements are easy to accomplish, but some will take some time. We've made them as fun and easy to track as possible--they also count as Steam achievements! Find them on the profile page and see if you can complete them all!


    Hero Rework: Stinkeye

    We’ve received lots of feedback on Stinkeye’s new design and we decided to makes some sweeping changes. The new design is more active than before patch 1.6, but less complicated and overwhelming than he is currently. We believe we have found a happy medium. Below are the skills that have changed or have returned to their prior functionality.

    • Arcane Anomaly (RMB): Conjures an orb of arcane energy that charges and then detonates, dealing arcane damage in a radius.  
    • Zephyr of Oasis (E): Summons a totem that increases the movement speed of allies and slows the movement speed of enemies. May be attacked to destroy the totem and stun nearby enemies for 3 seconds.  Note: The size of the totem has been increased significantly.
    • Wrath of Oasis (Q): Summons a totem that shoots nearby enemies. When shot with Prestidigitized Projectile, the totem shoots 3 projectiles at nearby enemies. Lasts 20 seconds. Note: The size of the totem has been increased significantly.
    • Shaman’s Blessing (Passive): After a totem expires, a mana orb appears at the totem’s previous location.

    Stinkeye Weaver changes:

    • Reduced Totem Testament's additional projectiles to +1 (from +2).
    • Reworked Booming Benediction. It now replaces mana orbs that drop from totems with Tears of Oasis, which provide the benefit of three drops (Unchained, mana, and health) combined.
    • Reduced Arcane Awe’s stun duration to 1s (from 3s).



    • Added the ability to skip the Prologue.
    • Updated prologue to better communicate game mechanics.
    Developer Comment: We received feedback from veterans that the prologue is unnecessary, but players new to OMD!U have expressed a desire that the prologue should better explain what players should be doing. In order to satisfy feedback from both demographics, we have made the prologue clearer while allowing players to skip it.


    • Improved load times for many users.
    • Made rare cards easier to acquire, but increased the number of cards required to upgrade common traps.
    • Increased skull cost for tier 6 and 7 trap upgrades.


    • Added new quests.


    • Fixed a bug that made players unable to purchase heroes in the workshop.
    • Fixed a bug preventing players from having two active party invites.
    • Added functionality: Players can now navigate the entire dashboard while in a party. In addition, players can now see what the party leader is viewing, and the party leader can see whether or not teammates have beaten or obtained stars on maps.
      Developer Comment: We have received feedback regarding the inability to browse the play screen when not a party leader. These new changes should aid players who need to communicate and browse battlegrounds while in parties.
    • Merged all chat windows into one. Chat windows will also display notifications when players receive a direct message.
    • Added additional alerts when trap upgrades are available.
    • Added an option to disable the low-health sound and screen effects.
    • Changed the low-health sound and screen effects to trigger at a lower threshold for tank-like heroes.
    • Removed character voice distortion from low health sound effect.
      Developer Comment: We have decided to make the low-health sound and visual effects less prominent, less common, and have added a way to disable it. However, we wanted to avoid toning it down because many players feel their heroes die because they do not know their health is low.
    • Added functionality to loadout editor: Loadout changes made during hero select will now always be saved.

    General Difficulty:

    •  Reduced the difficulty of: Training Grounds (War Mage), Eventide Stables (War Mage), Restricted Section (War Mage), Falling Folly (Master), and Gates of Thuricvod (Rift Lord).
    • Increased the difficulty of: Eventide Ramparts (Warmage), Cliffside Clash (Master), Avalanche (Master), The Baths (Rift Lord), Frostbite (Rift Lord), Banquet Hall (Rift Lord), and Highlands (Rift Lord)
    • Updated par times to be easier in early challenges and more difficult in later ones.
    • Adjusted hero damage so that they deal slightly less damage when they play a battleground that is higher than the player's account level.
    • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused consumables to not be consumed when used.
    • Reworked minions so that attacks on guardians no longer cause collateral damage to barricades.
    • Lowered the attack range of several melee minions and improved the timing of their attack animations. This should reduce the feeling of being struck out of the blue.

    Guardian Reworks:

    • Rumrudder Guardian: When placed at home, all attacks cause his enemies to bleed. Scurvy Rumrudder attacks enemies at range with his parrot, which immobilizes them. Enemies that die near him in his Plunder aura have an increased chance to drop “booty" (health potions, mana potions, coin, or Unchained drops).
    • Deckhand Guardian: When placed at home, this guardian’s attacks supply 4 combo points. Kills within the deckhand's Swashbuckling aura increase allies' Unchained meters by 3.
    • Jailer Guardian: When placed at home, the Jailer has significantly increased damage, and his melee attacks have a chance to instantly execute enemies. While in combat, his Soul Shackle aura adds 20% lifesteal to allies' primary attacks.
    • Friar Guardian: When placed at home, his primary attacks deal arcane damage. His area attacks mesmerize enemies, and while in combat, his Wiftmaker's Bwessing (no, that's not a typo) aura grants bonus arcane damage to allies' primary attacks.
    • Priest Guardian: When placed at home, his attacks instantly freeze enemies. Players within range of the Priest's Stirring Benediction are granted increased mana regeneration whether the Priest is in combat or out.
    • Stablehand Guardian: When placed at home, his melee and ranged attacks slow enemies. His area attacks deal much higher than normal damage, and players within range of the Stablehand's Hoedown aura are granted a movement speed boost that lingers for 10 seconds outside the aura.
    • Quartermaster Guardian: When placed at home, all of his attacks lower the damage of enemies by 50%. While in combat, the Quartermaster provides a 50% damage bonus to allies within his Morale Boost aura.


    • Gnomish Repair Kit: Increased cooldown to 1.5 seconds (from 1).
    • Mage’s Picnic: Increased mana regeneration to 12 (from 9) and reduced its cooldown to 60 (from 90).

    Trap Parts:

    • Rental Parts: Increased its duration to 2 waves from 1 minute.
      Developer Comment: This change makes the part more useful but harder to abuse.
    • Revenge Rune: Reworked to properly function with summoned retainers, but a 300 second cooldown goes into effect when triggered.
      Developer Comment: Most traps are permanently destroyed when killed, so this cooldown currently only applies to summoned retainers.
    • Reusable Shielding: Reworked to properly function with summoned retainers, but a 300 second cooldown goes into effect when triggered.
      Developer Comment: Most traps are permanently destroyed when killed, so this cooldown currently only applies to summoned retainers.
    • Bounty Generator: Capped bonus to 20% on any minion. Stacks linearly rather than exponentially.
      Developer Comment: This change was made to thwart exploits.
    • Combo Generator: Was missing from the loot table. It's been added.
    • Reflective Armor: Was missing from the loot table. It's been added.
    • Kinetic Reclaimer: Was missing from the loot table. It's been added.


    • Speed Pad:
      • Reduced its cost to 350 coin (from 750).
        Developer Comment: Since the removal of siege, speed pads are no longer as necessary as they once were. Because of this, we have significantly lowered its coin cost.
    • Big Game Hunter Traps:
      • Reworked to also target hunter minions./li>
      • Fixed a bug allowing these traps to deal higher than intended damage.
        Developer Comment: These traps were very powerful in siege but too pigeonholed in survival. These changes should allow the trap to have more uses while circumventing any potential exploits the trap had.
    • Healing Well and Mana Well:
      • Restores health 3x as fast./li>
      • Increased cooldown to 15 seconds (from 6 seconds).
        Developer Comment: Since the removal of siege, this trap has seen little use. These changes should allow the trap to better compete for player loadout slots.
    • Summoner Trap:
      • Lowered respawn rate to 45 seconds (from 90 seconds).
        Developer Comment: The cooldown on this trap was balanced for the wave timer in siege, and so it felt too weak. We have significantly lowered the respawn time so that the trap is ready for each wave.
    • Overload Trap:
      • Increased damage by 25%.
    • Swinging Mace:
      • Overhauled its impact visuals and effects.
      • Reduced the size of its hitbox.
      • InIncreased its damage by 16%.
    • Steam Vent:
      • Fixed a bug causing its trajectory to fire minions at an angle.
    • Boom Barrel:
      • Added to the Rift Lord loot tables.
    • Boom Barrel Dispenser:
      • Added to the Rift Lord loot tables.

    Hero Design:

    • Blackpaw:
      • Reduced Cutting Deep Weaver's duration bonus to 1.5 seconds (from 3 seconds).
      • Increased the health regeneration of the Feral Fitness Weaver to 1.5% (from 0.8%).
    • Cygnus:
      • Increased health by 10%.
      • Reduced cooldown of Chain Lightning to 3.5 seconds (from 4).
      • Increased the range of healing and mana regeneration of Cygnus’s Rift Shard.
      • Buffed Experienced Weaver to a 75% cast time reduction (from 25%).
      • Reduced the cooldown reduction of Silver Streak Weaver to 1 second (from 2).
        Developer Comment: Cygnus’s tier 1 chain lightning Weaver is one of the best Weaver upgrades in the game. We are pulling back on this and buffing alternative Weaver builds.
    • Hogarth:
      • SHIELD! cooldown reduced to 25 seconds from 30.
      • ANGRY! triggers upon dealing damage rather than taking damage.
      • CATCH! damage increased by 100%.
      • Fixed presentation consistency issues with the FEEL GOOD! and HIMS NOT AFRAID! icons.
        Developer Comment: We’ve heard for a while that Hogarth’s new passive conflicts with the benefit of freezing enemies, so we decided to redesign it. Before the current changes, Hogarth simultaneously needed enemies to attack him to provide passive stacks, while also being able to freeze enemies, which prevents them from attacking.  In general, this results in a pretty noticeable damage boost. We have also improved Hogarth’s ability to survive by lowering the cooldown on SHIELD!
    • Midnight:
      • Increased Hardened Killer Weaver's health regeneration bonus to 1.5% (from 0.8%).
      • Reworked Feline Fugitive Weaver. Weaver now eliminates Midnight's death timer.
      • Reworked Feeling Frisky Weaver. Weaver now reduces control effects against Midnight by 35% and increases her control effects by 25%.
      • Increased Dash and Slash's cooldown to 10 seconds (from 7).
      • Increased Dash and Slash's damage by 50%.
        Developer Comment: These new weaver upgrades are replacing old choices that weren’t very interesting or powerful. Control resistance isn’t very useful by itself anymore due to the removal of siege, and the speed boost to allies when running through them was both difficult to use and overlapped with the weaver upgrade that puts nearby allies in stealth. The change to Midnight’s Dash and Slash ability was made to lower her ability to permanently stun enemies when combined with other control abilities on allied heroes.
    • Oziel:
      • Increased movement speed by 5%.
      • Moves at full movement speed while using Essence Siphon.
        Developer Comment: We've been listening to everyone's feed: Oziel feels too slow. We have increased his movement speed to make him feel better to play.
    • Maximillian:
      • Increased Greased Lightning Weaver's movement speed bonus to 5 seconds (from 3). Speed bonus increased to 50% (from 25%).
      • Increased the radius of Star-struck Weaver slow by 50%.
      • Fixed Lucky Shot Weaver so it properly provides 75% increased area (rather than only 40%) of its stun, but it also decreases the duration of the stun by 0.5 seconds.
      • Updated the visual effects for Lucky Shot.
      • Increased the amount of damage reflected by the Bad at Self-Reflection Weaver to 700% (from 500%).
      • Increased Can't Touch This shield duration to 4 seconds (from 3).
      • Fixed a bug causing Maximilian to take damage while shielded.
        Developer Comment: Max’s shield build was underperforming, so we have improved its effectiveness.
    • Bloodspike:
      • Increased Energy Snack Weaver's movement speed buff duration to 5 seconds (from 3).
      • Increased the cooldown of Stunning Execution to 30 seconds (from 12).
      • Increased the mana cost of Stunning Execution to 50 (from 45).
      • Reduced the cooldown of Maiming Blow to 12 seconds (from 45).
      • Reduced the mana cost of Maiming Blow to 40 (from 50).
      • Reduced the mana cost of Homicidal Frenzy to 30 (from 50).
      • Increased health shield of Homicidal to 40% (from 20%).
      • Increased the cooldown of Bloodbath to 4 seconds (from 3).
      • Increased the duration of Bloodbath stacks to 16 seconds (from 12).
        Developer Comment: In general, Bloodspike was underperforming in most scenarios due to his low damage output. However, Bloodspike was very effective in Endless, due to his ability to instantly kill powerful minions.  We have balanced this ability by making Maiming Blow have a shorter cooldown and lower mana cost while increasing the cooldown on Stunning Execution. We have also slightly increased the cooldown and stack duration of Bloodbath to make the ability feel less upkeep- heavy. Frenzy was a pretty weak ability as well, so we have significantly lowered the mana cost and increased the effectiveness of his shield.
    • Bionka:
      • Decreased the knockback of Beat Dem Back.
      • Increased movement speed by 6%.
        Developer Comment: We still believe that Bionka design is more compelling with a slow movement speed. However, we believe increasing her movement speed and decreasing the knockback of Beat Dem Back will make her feel better to play without making her too powerful.
    • Gabriella:
      • Reworked Scared Stiff (formerly Effortless Blink) Weaver. Weaver now causes blink to immobilize nearby enemies.
      • Buffed Wand Polish Weaver to increase attack speed by 15%.
      • Increased the damage bonus granted by the Power Word Weaver to 100% (from 50%).
      • Increased mana provided by Mana Drain Weaver to 2 mana per hit (from 1).
      • Increased cooldown of Retaliate Weaver to 20 seconds (from 10).
      • Reduced the damage of Thorn of Arcana by 10%.
      • New Passive: Limitless Magic -- increases Gabriella's Unchained by 50%.
        Developer Comment: When we made Gabriella a starting hero, we decided to remove her ability to immobilize enemies with Blink and make her other skills more powerful and have more utility. Our goal was to make her more accessible for new players. However, feedback on her pointed to this being less fun, so now players have the choice to get immobilize back through a tier 1 Weaver upgrade.
    • Ivy:
      • Increased damage bonus from Precision Weaver to 15% (from 11%).
      • Increased the movement speed bonus from Celerity Weaver to 15% (from 10%).
      • Fixed Nature's Grasp (formerly Nature's Ire) Weaver to correctly provide 25% increased immobilize duration (instead of 33%).
      • Increased damage bonus from Nature's Ire (formerly Shattershaft) Weaver to 15% (from 10%).
      • Redesigned Nature's Swiftness (formerly Arrow of Love) Weaver to grant a 15% speed buff to nearby allies while Life Current is active.
      • Increased mana regeneration bonus of the Mana Mastery (formerly Gift of Mana) Weaver to 15 mana per second (from 10).
      • Redesigned Warden's Blessing Weaver to cause Life Current to provide a 15% damage buff to your hero and nearby allies.
      • Redesigned Elven Swiftboots to immediately reset Life Current's cooldown.
      • Fixed a bug where the Warden's Tutelage Weaver's mana cost reduction was not working.
        Developer Comment: We decided to upgrade several of the support weavers for Ivy without significantly increasing or decreasing her damage. She is now more helpful on a team.
    • Smolder:
      • Increased Flame Thrower Weaver's damage bonus to 10% damage (from 5%).
      • Increased the health and mana returned by the Resilient Weaver to 100% (from 50%).
      • Reduced the cooldown of From the Ashes to 150 seconds (from 240).
        Developer Comment: Smolder's passive, From the Ashes, was balanced for siege. We decided to buff this ability to improve passive-oriented builds.
    • Zoey:
      • Updated Weaver descriptions.
      • - Fixed a text issue where there was no mention of her attack speed buff.


    • Removed Doesn't Play Well With Others from display. It will be available in a future update.
    • Increased Paging Dr. Love healing to 25% (from 10%).
    • Increased Amateur Vet's healing to 25% (from 10%).
    • Reworked Execution Advantage so it provides a 30% shield for 5 seconds upon killing a boss, hero, or hunter.
    • Reworked Avoids Pain (formerly Needs Alone Time) to cause heroes to regenerate health when below 50% health.
    • Reworked Feeling Fierce (formerly Strange Sense of Humor) so it increases heroes' damage when they have over 50% health.
    • Reworked Overachiever so it now grants 1 level at the start of a match instead of XP.
    Developer Comment: Many of these traits were balanced for siege, so we have made them more applicable to survival.


    • Firelings:
      • Reduced the damage firelings deal against heroes.

    Additional Bug Fixes:

    • Maps:
      • Thuricvod Village: Addressed an issue with traps clipping into the map.
      • Falling Folly: Adjusted areas where players could clip out of the map.
      • Throne Room: Addressed an issue where the spike wall trap was not visible on a specific wall.
      • Confluence: Addressed an issue where players could not place traps in certain areas.
      • Unchained Fortress: Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the map.
    • Lobby:
      • Fixed an issue with text in the tooltip where the Overprotective trait is cut off by the bottom edge.
      • - Fixed an issue where players could be placed into a bad lobby state on game completion.
    • Guilds:
      • Restricted guild names to only 30 characters
    • Gear:
      • Ring of Last Stand: Fixed an inconsistency on the gear description in the game and in the dashboard.
    • Minions:
      • Troll pirates:
        • Fixed issue with minimap icons.
        • Troll pirates now appear as large minions on the minimap.
      • Heavy orcs and soldiers:
        • Made changes to properly classify them as medium (not large) minions universally.

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  • Release 1.7 Notes

    Release 1.7 – Patch Notes




    Available Jaunary 17, 2016



    New Battleground (56-65): Restricted Section

    Not many are allowed into the Order Academy Library's Restricted Section, much less the army of the Unchained. Enforce quiet hours by guiding your enemies through this multilevel map and to their doom.



    New Battleground (56-65): Confluence

    A confluence of bad circumstances are afoot in the Order Academy canals. Pirates are attacking the nearby village and a sewer-lurking firelord is chasing kobolds into the Academy. Good luck slowing them down!



    New Battleground (46-55): Maximum Security

    Your hero will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than in the maximum security wing of the Order Academy Dungeon. This map is perfect for ceiling traps and crossfiring wall traps. Don't forget to bring guardians!


    Update: Leaderboards

    All maps now have leaderboards available. Players can filter leaderboards by friends, guild mates, and number of players.


    Update: Quests 2.0

    Players now receive three quests daily, one for each of the reward categories: experience, chest, and skulls. One quest may be abandoned daily, and will be replaced with another quest in the same reward category. Quests now have more possible objective types expanded from playing or winning a game.


    New Feature: Rotating Store

    Each day, three different bundles of cards will become available in the store.  On Sundays, six bundles will be available. These bundles of cards can be purchased using skulls. This will allow players to more quickly obtain sought-after rare cards.


    New Consumables:

    • Potion of Caffeination: Restores all cooldowns and grants a 10% cooldown reduction until death. Limit 3 per match.
    • Potion of Experience: Grants 2 battle levels when used and +10% experience until death. Limit 1 per match.
    • Potion of Mana: Restores all mana and grants +1 mana per second until death. Limit 5 per match.
    • Scroll of Discount: Traps cost half as much for 10 seconds for all players. Limit 1 per match.
    • Potion of Mana: Restores all mana and grants +1 mana per second until death. Limit 5 per match.
    • Scroll of Slow: Provides all players with a 50% minion slowing aura. Lasts 60 seconds.  Limit 1 per match. 

    Guardian Reworks:

    We are adding new and exciting functionality to guardians to make them more powerful and fun to use. At home, new guardians will have a unique aura that benefits allied players. Each guardian will also have a different type of damage that they deal and special spin, ranged, and melee attacks. Below are the first four guardians to reflect these changes.

    • Cook Guardian: When placed at home, all attacks poison his enemies. In addition, his aura heals players when he is out of combat. Once the player has full health, they receive the Full Stomach buff, which grants bonus max health.
    • Bartender Guardian: When placed at home, this guardian’s primary attack stuns enemies, and her area attack slows them. Her aura dispenses Liquid Courage to nearby allies, reducing their ability cooldowns while she is in combat.
    • Blacksmith Guardian: When placed at home, his primary attack reduces all of his target's armor types and his area attack knocks enemies back. While in combat, his aura fortifies ally armor with the Forged Armor buff, reducing all incoming damage.
    • Weaponwright Guardian: When placed at home, his primary attack sets enemies on fire and his area attack ignites any enemies already on fire. While in combat, his aura imbues his allies' weapons with flame, causing nearby players’ primary attack to set enemies on fire.


    • The chest opening screen has been updated to better convey card rarity.
    • Account level experience is now displayed at the bottom of the dashboard.

    Barricades and Decoys:

    • Removed barricade and decoy healing during go breaks.

    Temple Alarm Gong:

    • No longer Mesmerizes enemies but slow them by 70% for 2.5 seconds.


    • Consecutive acquisitions of Unchained have been made harder to obtain. In other words, after the first time a player goes Unchained in a match, it becomes subsequently harder and harder to become Unchained again.

    Hero Design:

    • Bionka:
      • Damage reduced significantly.
      • Fixed a bug which allowed Bionka to remain Unchained for extended periods of time.
      • Increased Beat Dem Back's cooldown to 40 seconds from 30 seconds.
    • Ivy:
      • The amount of health recovered by her heal has been increased by roughly 50%.
      • The damage and armor penalty of Reach of Roots has also been increased.
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  • Re: Is there a chance Siege will ever return?

    No. There's a chance of competitive gameplay coming back to OMDU, but it won't be in the form of Siege mode.
  • Patch Notes - Release 1.6

    Release 1.6 – Patch Notes




    Available December 6, 2016


    A note to our players...

    This update is HUGE. If you’ve been following our progress, then you know that this update introduces massive changes to the game. We have removed our Siege PvP mode. As much as we loved it within the walls of Robot (and that love was definitely shared by a segment of our players), Siege mode was just not raising the bar for fun in Orcs Must Die! Unchained as we had hoped it would. By removing this mode, we’re able to fully focus on bringing back the classic Orcs Must Die gameplay that players thought was missing in OMD!U.

    At Robot, we are really proud of the new version of Orcs Must Die! Unchained that you’re about to play. From the newly overhauled moment-to-moment action and trap strategy to item collection and player progression, the changes should be immediately obvious to you.

    With these changes, we’ve tried to bring back that OMD feeling. With that said, our players are our best judges of our success, and as always, we want to hear from you. What do you like? What do you feel still needs improvement? Give the new update a go and let us know what you think!


    Chris Rippy
    VP of Production, Robot Entertainment


    Important Note: Account Resets

    An account reset has occurred in order to deal with Siege’s removal. Players have been refunded all gold that they have purchased. DLC and bundles are being refunded with their value in gold plus an additional 50%.  For a full accounting of what content will carry over and what gold will be refunded, please read here.



    New Battleground: Eventide Ramparts

    Eventide Fortress, aka "Surrounded," has been divided up into three new maps with new enemies and new challenges. The Eventide Ramparts represents the south eastern wall of the fortress. With multiple doors and paths, watch out for unexpected attacks and use your barricades wisely.



    New Battleground: Training Grounds

    Bionka trains only the most formidable of her warriors in the grueling conditions of her Training Grounds. Protect them by fighting both the Order and the elements. Remember to conserve your coin and watch your trap cap for when the third door opens.



    New Battleground: The Falling Folly

    High in the clouds, this tower is crumbling under the onslaught of attacks against it. A simple map with two doors, two guardian spots, and steep stairways, make sure to bring physics traps to make your enemies take the quick way down.



    New Battleground: Stables at Eventide

    Because of Eventide Fortress's strategic significance as the capital's main port, the enemies of the Territories Humaine are trying any way they can to get in--even the fortress's stables. With two potential fronts, one of which is very close to the rift room, players must find innovative ways to kill their enemies before they find their way to the rift.



    New Battleground: Academy Sewers

    Sneaking into the Order Academy is hard. Many believe the best way to do it is through the sewers. "Best" may be an overstatement. "Smelliest" may be more accurate. In either case, bring some physics traps and don't let the Order flush you out!



    New Battleground: Thuricvod Village

    The subterranean city of Thuricvod has recently been unearthed from the Shifted Sands. The calamity that buried it has also flooded it with lava, so remember to bring your physics traps, barricades, and boom barrels and to make use of the dwarves' ingenious environmental traps.



    New Battleground: Docks at Eventide

    Most of the goods that supply the Order come through Eventide Fortress's docks. Unfortunately, pirates want a piece of the Order's sweet, sweet booty. Protect Eventide and tell those pirates to keep their hands--and hooks--to themselves. This map features many opportunities for physics traps as well as dock guardians.



    New Battleground: Storm Drain

    Storm the massive drainage system of the capital of the Territories Humaine. Beware of the Order as it tries to wash you out. Bring your physics traps and wall traps, but beware that your barricades may not help you much!



    New Battleground: Temple Cemetery

    The Unchained have defiled the Riftmaker's Temple cemetery on their visit, and its undead residents are not amused. Use your barricades to funnel the Unchained into their spooky grasp, and they'll make their visit permanent.



    Classic Battleground Returns: Gates of Thuricvod (Corridor)

    Feel the heat in the newly unearthed ruins of Thuricvod. Bring your physics traps to send your enemies for a refreshing dip in hot, boiling lava. It's a short trip from the gates to your rift, so be sure to think about your barricade strategy.



    New Feature: Prologue

    Players now play through 5 missions to build their starter deck and unlock the remainder of the game.


    New Feature: Weekly Challenges

    Weekly challenges are a new game mode played with a restricted set of heroes, a pre-defined deck, and a modified ruleset. Players are rewarded with a chest if they complete the challenge with its suggested heroes. In addition, obtaining 3 or 5 stars for the first time also results in a chest.



    New Feature: Survival Pass

    Players can now purchase a Survival Pass to gain bonus XP and Skulls from matches played.


    Update: Revamped Profile Screen

    This is now the new home to guilds. In addition, a new overview screen has been added, showing basic account statistics and upcoming rewards. We will expand the profile significantly over time.


    Update: Visual Effects Overhaul

    We have made minion deaths, trap effects, and reactions bigger and better so that they feel more like OMD2. These changes are designed to improve the moment-to-moment excitement and power that the player feels while playing.


    Update: Physics Traps Overhaul

    We have dramatically overhauled the code behind physics traps.  The physics should be more realistic, more reliable and more fun. For example, physics traps no longer deal damage initially.  Instead, they now deal damage when the minion hits a surface after flying through the air. This makes it much more likely for comedic collisions and elaborate deaths to occur.



    Update: Hero Overhaul

    We have redesigned every single hero in the game to better support Survival gameplay. This means all new abilities, balance, and weaver upgrades have changed. See below for more detailed changes.


    New Trap:

    • Trip Wire: This trap costs 1,500 coin and fires once before being destroyed. When a minion walks over this trap, it fires all other nearby traps.
    • Temple Alarm Gong: This trap costs 1,000 coin and stuns nearby minions when triggered.

    New Traits:

    • Fire Sale: Reduces the cost of fire traps by 15%.
    • Insane Arcane Sale: Reduces the cost of arcane traps by 15%.
    • Lightning Deals: Reduces the cost of lightning traps by 15%.
    • Smashing Deals: Reduces the cost of physical traps by 15%.
    • Bear Hugs: Hero deals 8% bonus damage to nearby minions.
    • Killer Buzz: Every time a hero kills a minion, the hero gains an 8% damage boost for 3 seconds. Buff does not stack.
    • Paging Dr. Love: Increases your hero's healing power by 12%.
    • Extra Padding: Dealing damage to any enemy provides your hero with a 12% damage reduction boost for 3 seconds.
    • Attention Deficit: Reduces incoming CC effects by 40%.
    • Respect My Authority: Increases your hero's CC power by 15%.
    • Rift Away: Grants 30% bonus damage against unstable rifts.
    • Rift Gift: Killing an unstable rift fully restores your hero's health and mana.
    • Rift Rocket: Killing an unstable rift gives your hero a 50% speed boost.
    • Over Protective: Traps near your hero take 25% less damage.
    • Never Pays Retail: Never Pays Retail: Reduces hero respawn buy back costs by 25%.
    • Moneybags: Gain 250 coin at the start of every wave
    • Overachiever: Start the game with 500 XP

    New Minions:

    • Fire Fiends: These wily elemental demons come in light, medium, heavy, warlock, and fast variants and are resistant to fire but susceptible to ice damage.
    • Stilt Orcs: A new orc unit that avoids damage-dealing floor traps. Physics traps and movement speed debuffs still affect them.

    New Bosses:

    • Mr. Moneybags: This new boss scores no rift points but drops 5,000 coin if killed.
    • Commander Tower: A new boss with a wide directional shield that blocks all attacks.

    New Trap Parts:

    • Subsidized Parts: Reduces the build cost of traps by 10% and provides 500 coin at the start of each match.
    • Rental Parts: Reduces build cost by 50%, but the trap auto-sells after 60 seconds.
    • Vanity Plating: Increases build cost, but trap generates XP trickle for your hero.
    • Self-Improving Coil: Reduces trap cooldown each wave by 3%, up to a max of 30%.
    • Discount Coil: Increases the cooldown of the trap by 10%, but reduces its cost by 25%.
    • Reflective Armor: 50% of damage done to this trap is reflected in an area.
    • Bounty Generator: Minions moving through this trap have their coin reward increased by 1% permanently.
    • Combo Generator: Minions moving through this trap generate +2 combo points while on the field.
    • Kinetic Reclaimer: Grants a 10% chance for this trap to instantly reset when any minion is thrown into it, regardless of cooldown.
    • Crowd Control Trigger: Trap is only triggered if 3 or more minions are within its area at the same time.
    • Ambush Trigger: Trap is only triggered by minions with more than 75% health.
    • Execution Trigger: Trap is only triggered by minions with less than 25% health.
    • Debilitation Resonator: Minions damaged by this trap have their physical armor reduced by 50 for 2 seconds.
    • Kinetic Resonator: Minions damaged by this trap are slowed by 10% for 2 seconds. 


    • Players can now invite others to their guild from chat.
    • Players can now invite others to their party from the friends list.
    • Cards are now automatically added to your deck until it is full.  At this point, the deck editor will become unlocked, allowing you to customize deck contents.
    • Damage/Coin Flyoffs have been redesigned.
    • Barricades are now shown on the minimap.


    • Controllers can now be bound in the keybinding menu.
    • Keyboards, mice, and controllers now support binding any combination of keys or buttons to a command.
    • The video menu now contains an option, “Change Monitor” that allows players with multiple monitors to set which monitor the game will display on when the game starts.

    Meta Game:

    • All players now own Maximilian, Gabriella, and Blackpaw. There is no longer a free hero rotation, but additional heroes can be purchased from the store with either gold or skulls.
    • All materials except skulls and gold have been removed.
    • Players now tier-up traps by collecting duplicates of that trap. When the player has collected enough duplicates, they can spend skulls to upgrade the trap to the next tier.
    • We have now created four new tiers of gameplay (Apprentice, War Mage, Master, and Rift Lord). There are multiple battlegrounds within each tier and each battleground is of similar difficulty.
    • Players can unlock harder difficulties by reaching the required account level associated with each difficulty.
    • Each difficulty has a unique chest associated with it. For example, War Mage difficulty drops War Mage chests. Higher difficulty chests drop more cards and more card types.
    • Players now earn chests in five ways:
      1. By obtaining 3 stars in a battleground or weekly challenge for the first time.
      2. By obtaining 5 stars in a battleground or weekly challenge for the first time.
      3. By beating a battleground or weekly challenge for the first time with each hero.
      4. By completing quests.
      5. Through daily log-in rewards.
      6. By buying chests in the store.
    • Vanity chests are now sold in the store. Vanity chests contain a skin or dye. The contents of each vanity chest are new visible in the store. Keep an eye on the store as we add new chests from time to time.
    • Account levels and trap tiers provide smaller bonuses, but scale better with play.
    • Downscaling has been removed.
    Developer Comment: Because the difference between a level 1 and 100 player is less significant, we no longer need downscaling. We made this change so that players could play a wider range of content at any one time.

    General Gameplay:

    • Unstable rifts added. At Master level difficulty and above, players will occasionally encounter unstable rifts. These are small rifts that appear at different locations and at unexpected times. These unstable rifts spawn a small wave of minions or even a boss. Players are warned when an unstable rift appears, giving players a short time to attack and destroy it before it spawns additional enemies. If a team or player fails to destroy the unstable rift while it is spawning, it will open and allow an additional enemy army to enter the battleground and attack.
    • Enemy heroes now deal less damage.
    • Rift lightning has been removed.
    • Traps no longer have a build time.
    • Traps can now only be sold during go breaks and between waves.
    • Traps now always resell for full value.
    • Guardians have significantly more health in later levels.
    • The camera has been zoomed in significantly to put players closer to the action and their traps.
    • Respawn times have been reduced significantly.
    • Buyback costs for instant respawn have been increased significantly.
    Developer Comments: Buybacks were pretty cheap relative to the amount of time it saved players. On the flip side, being dead for extremely long periods of time wasn’t very fun. We have compressed death times and the amount of time saved from buying back to create more interesting and less frustrating decisions.

    Managing Barricades:

    • Minions can now deal “collateral damage” to barricades like they did in OMD2.  Don’t fight with your heroes too close to barricades.
    • Barricade rubble time reduced to 10 seconds from 30.
    • Barricades now show up on the minimap.
    • Kamikaze Kobolds now damage nearby minions when killed.
    • Battlegrounds no longer randomize minion portals.
    • Many minions now have visual and auditory effects that better indicate their presence. For example, Kamikaze Kobolds now glow brightly and have associated sound effects. 
    Developer Comments: While poking holes in barricades adds needed gameplay tension, we weren’t happy with how unpredictable it was. We have added more ways for players to defend against barricade destruction while also reducing burst damage to barricades. To compensate, we added more sustained forms of barricade damage like “collateral damage.”


    • When players unlock a new difficulty, they now also unlock a corresponding Endless level.
    • Playing no longer requires keystones.
    • Matches are now balanced around 3 players.
    • Minions now gain health and damage every wave rather than every couple of waves. This minimizes the feeling of large spontaneous jumps in difficulty. Furthermore, the previous system's scaling kicked in after 20 waves, so the game was super easy for 20 waves before becoming challenging. Now content scales more gradually.

    Hero Design:

    • Many heroes can now move and attack more freely.
    • The jump penalty has been removed.
    • Hit bloom has been reduced universally.
    • All ranged heroes now have significantly less health. Players should be more careful when fighting enemies at close range while playing a ranged hero.
    • In general, heroes have shifted towards single target damage and away from area damage.
    • Heroes no longer have health regeneration. However, far more healing potions will now drop.


    • Maximilian:
      •  In Your Faces now deals tremendous initial target damage, but less area damage.
      • Attack rate doubled, damage halved.
      • Absolutely Stunning Bolt stun time increased to 2 seconds from 1.25.
    • Gabriella:
      • Kinetic Pulse now knocks down minions.
      • Passive changed so that Gabriella regains mana when she is damaged.
      • Primary attack damage greatly increased.
    • Blackpaw:
      • Cooldowns reduced significantly.
      • Summoned gnolls now deal far more damage and have far more health.
      • All of his attacks now hit in an area.
    • Ivy:
      • Cooldowns lowered dramatically.
      • Penetrating Arrow now knocks down enemies.
    • Hogarth:
      • Health increased dramatically.
      • Now aggros far more enemies.
      • Hogarth has a new passive called ANGRY! When Hogarth takes damage, his attacks deal 1% more damage. This effect stacks up to 50 times.
    • Dobbin:
      • Coin bag drop rate increased significantly.
    • Cygnus:
      • Feign death removed.
      • Pylon's abilities can now be activated with a limited duration.
      • Mana shield removed.  Health increased.
      • Old debuff removed.
      • Mini-Rift no longer has rift lightning by default. Mini-rift is no longer destroyed when it touches an enemy minion.
      • Rift Lord passive now provides 100% increased damage near a rift, up from 15%.
    • Stinkeye:
      •  His attack totem is now much more powerful, but is now destroyed after being attacked 3x.
      • His speed totem can now be attacked and stuns nearby minions when hit. It is destroyed after 3 hits.
      • New Passive: Stinkeye spawns a totem at his location that attacks the nearest totem when another totem is destroyed.
    • Bionka:
      • Sing-an-March removed.
      • Health and damage increased significantly.
      • Movement speed decreased.
    • Smolder:
      • Movement speed increased.
    • Midnight:
      • Stealth can now be used in combat and dramatically increases movement speed.
      • Snare replaced with dash, damaging all enemies in her path.
      • New Passive: When Midnight uses an ability from stealth, she stuns enemies hit.
      • Damage increased significantly. Health lowered significantly.
    • Oziel:
      • Haunting Spirits now affects enemy minions and continuously spawns spirits for several seconds.
      • Oziel can now move in any direction at full speed, even while firing!
    • Bloodspike:
      • Maiming Blow is now a line damage attack, rather than single target.
      • Stunning Execution can now be used on enemies.
      • Bloodbath stack limit has been increased dramatically.
    • Zoey:
      • Feebee’s Wrath cooldown has been reduced to 90 seconds from 180.


    • Charge-based traps, such as Cursed Ground, Ice Vent, Brimstone, Fire Cracker, and Grinder now regenerate charges more quickly.
    • Unique traps are no longer exclusive to a hero but now have “association bonuses” instead.  For example, the Arcane Bowling Ball now deals 25% more damage when used by Stinkeye.


    • Players may now purchase consumables with skulls.
    • Effects granted by consumables now last longer.
    • Consumables now have secondary effects, meaning potions now have two beneficial effects. These secondary effects last until the hero dies.


    • Cooldowns reduced significantly.
    • Now costs mana once again.
    • Affects have been increased.


    • Players may now purchase consumables with skulls.
    • Effects granted by consumables now last longer.


    • Kobolds now ignore guardians again.
    • Hunters now have significantly more health and damage.
    • Archers now deal significantly more damage, but their projectiles are more visible and slower.
    • Ogres will now charge the player but no longer stun.  Instead, they slow heroes by 80%.
    • Many bosses will now aggro players again. 
      Developer Comments: We have made these changes to create more moment-to-moment gameplay. That being said, we do not want the game harder. These changes work in tandem with waves being easier, making gameplay more fun.