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  • Re: How about a Public Test Server?

    That's basically what you should consider the beta. It's not intended to be a final product. It has bugs, it's up for testing. It's not prudent to put up a beta for the beta. 
  • Re: Okay, this is very boring at this point, throw us a bone.

    Many bones will be thrown this week. Look for info in about 90 mins for what those bones might look like. 
  • Re: The Skin Suggestion Thread

    - Frogarth
    - Humphrey Bogarth
    - Glowgarth
    - Brogarth
    - Napolean Bonagarth
    - Showgarth
    - Brimstogarth
    - Helogarth
    - And so on...

  • Release 1.1 - Oath of the Arctic Prince

    Release 1.1

    Release 1.1 - Oath of the Arctic Prince

    Releasing April 21, 2016

    Centuries ago, the grizzlies pleaded for the Order's help in defending their lands against a massive orc invasion. The grizzlies had never encountered the orcs before, and were caught unaware by their numbers and brute strength. The Order courageously helped their northern neighbors, fighting back against the orcs and sacrificing many of their own in the fray. Once the orcs were defeated, the grizzly royal family swore an oath to the Order that they would come to their aid and repay their debt to them, no matter the cost.

    Now, the time has come for that oath to be honored. With the threat of an invasion looming over the Territories Humaine, it comes down to Prince Tundra Frost, the Oathkeeper, to pledge his troops and his life to the defense of Eventide Cove and the Capital of the Territories Humaine.

    New Hero: Tundra

    • Permafrost Passive: Frozen minions take more damage from Tundra and remain frozen longer. +100% to damage and debuff duration to Frozen-affected minions.
    • Icicle Burst: Tundra shoots 3 rapid-fire icicles, dealing frost damage to enemies.
    • Wall of Frost: Creates a wall of frost in front of Tundra that blocks the movement of enemies. The wall melts after 5s.
    • Flash Freeze: Releases a blast of ice, instantly freezing every enemy in a narrow area, regardless of frost immunity.
    • Avalanche: Tundra becomes a giant snowball, increasing his movement speed and dealing frost damage to enemies he rolls over.
    • Unique Trap – Saw of Arctos: A long narrow trap that slices though enemy minions with an ice blade, dealing frost damage and casting Chilled on them.

    Tundra's Weavers

    Avalanche Potential
    Removes Avalanche's time limit and reduces its cooldown by 20%.
    Brittle Ice
    +25% damage to frozen enemies
    Permafrosty Saw
    Permafrost now affects Saw of Arctos. Its damage is also increased by 50%.
    Frosty Aura
    Melee attacks against Tundra slow enemies by 30% for 3s. An enemy can only be affected once every 20s.
    +20% to the damage of Avalanche. Also increases speed and maneuverability during Avalanche.
    Chilled Weapons
    Tundra and allies that pass through Wall of Frost gain +20% frost damage to their primary attack for 4s.
    Deep Freeze
    Increases Permafrost's Frozen debuff duration by 25%.
    Crushing Flow
    When Tundra emerges out of Avalanche it now deals damage in a small AoE.
    Icicle Assault
    Icicle burst now fires additional icicles.
    Packed Powder
    +40% damage reduction during Avalanche.
    Shattering Icicles
    Each icicle from Icicle Burst explodes, dealing 50% more frost damage in a short radius.
    Ice Armor
    Grants allied heroes hit with Flash Freeze a shield worth 35% of their max health for 7s.


    New Survival Battleground: Avalanche

    Tundra and his grizzly warriors have iced down Eventide Fortress to protect it from invaders. Unfortunately, the Unchained have adapted to Eventide Cove's new frigid climate.

    Basics Tutorial

    • A new optional basics tutorial has been added. This tutorial teaches basic controls.


    • Roll-over rewards have been added to the post-game screen for more details.
    • The play screen has been completely redesigned.
    • When a trap is selected for placement, its tooltip is now displayed on the screen.


    • Additional ice and fire minions have been added to harder levels. These minions are resistant to their damage type.
    • Enemy bot heroes will now try out different skins.
    • Some balance adjustments have been made to a few battlegrounds.
    • A soft barrier system has been added to battlegrounds to prevent players from leaving the playable area easily. Players will take damage quickly while outside the playable area.
    • New Survival Bosses
      • Snowflake - The frosty conditions on Avalanche have made the climate more comfortable for the yeti, who have made their way into the region. The most notorious of these yeti is the incorrigible Snowflake. When angered, Snowflake loves to lob deadly snowballs at her enemies. If encountered, it is best to get out of her way!
      • Iceberg, The Ice Lord - The release of frost magic in the Avalanche conflict has attracted the attention of Iceberg, the Ice Lord. Always vigilant, this ice elemental will seek out and punish those who misuse ice magic. He is not happy that the Unchained now have the power to use frost magic.


    • Traits that provide healing and mana near traps have been improved by 20%.
    • Secondary trait effects that provide 5% movement speed have been reduced to 2.5% move speed.
    • Traits that provide healing and mana near guardians have been updated to only provide bonuses away from enemy heroes.
    • 4-star bots are now easier.

    Unchained Fortress

    • Trees have been added to the outer lane to block line of sight.


    • His starting mana has been increased from 190 to 205.
    • He now gains 0.5 mana per soul stack, down from 1.
    • Oziel now gains full benefit from each stack until 350 stacks, up from 200.
    • Oziel now gains 20 stacks from player kills or assists (he previously gained 10 stacks from a nearby enemy player death).
    • Desecrated ground no longer guarantees soul stacks.
    • Wraith Surge now caps at 3 stacks.
    • Wrath Surge projectile collision increased by 25%, making it easier to hit.
    • Haunting Spirits no longer deals area damage.
    • Haunting Spirits now casts more quickly and can be cast while moving.
    • Haunting Spirits now lasts 10 seconds, down from 20.
    • Haunting Spirits can now re-target the same player after 1.25 seconds, down from 2.
    • Tier 1 Weaver Extra Vampy now grants 10% bonus lifesteal, down from 15%.
    • Tier 1 Weaver Consecration now reads: Deaths on Desecrated Ground guarantee stacks for Soul Harvest, regardless of location.
    • Tier 2 Weaver Reaper has swapped locations with Tier 3 Weaver "Posthumous Servitude."
    Developer Commentary:
    We had a couple of goals with Oziel's changes:
    1. We wanted to allow players to counter Oziel's ability to gain souls. Before, Oziel could play very safely and still gain stacks. Now, he must take significantly more risks to become powerful. This also means that enemy players can deny him souls more easily. The intent is not to "nerf" him, but to make him more challenging to play, incentivize taking risks as a player, and to give his opponents strategic ways to counter his abilities.
    2. We also wanted to simplify his baseline skills. Oziel's skills are a bit of a mouthful, and many players had no idea that his skills had the listed secondary effects.
    3. We wanted to reduce his burst as well, but not overall damage. Oziel could reach crazy-high levels of burst damage. His burst is still very high, but we have transitioned some of that power into sustained damage to make him less frustrating.
    4. Lastly, we wanted to improve his quality of life. Haunting Spirits had a long cast time and Wraith Surge was too difficult to hit.


    • Book Club damage has been decreased to 20 from 60.
    • Chaos Blast damage has been reduced to 105 from 115.
    • The tier 4 weaver upgrade for Zoey's ultimate no longer reduces its cooldown. Instead, the vortex effect is much more pronounced.
    Developer Commentary:
    Zoey's burst damage against melee heroes was too high. These changes are designed to address that. Also, Zoey can no longer clear a wave every single cycle during the late game

    Arcane Bowling Ball

    • Now limited to 4 placed per game, down from 6.

    Arcane Phaser

    • Now expires after 9 fires, down from 10.

    Lightning Rod

    • Damage reduced to 85 from 95.

    Shock Zapper

    • Damage increased to 350 from 320.

    Magic Barriers

    • Health lowered in survival by 20-40%.
    • Rear barrier health lowered by 15% in siege.

    Bug Fixes

    • Arcane Anomoly and Arcane Bubble Blower will no longer consume mana and cooldown when it fails to spawn.
    • Fixed an issue where the hit feedback sound would play when hitting allies.
    • Dobbin's Mineshaft Shortcut and Cygnus's Rift Shard will no longer allow you to begin casting in an invalid location.
    • Fixed multiple game hitches.
    • Fixed an issue where matchmaking would not properly remove AFK players from queue.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the weapon auto-reselect code to stop functioning. If players spam click with a trap selected, their weapon should be re-selected.
    • Players will no longer time out as quickly when attempting to connect to the game.
    • Fixed issues with the Unchained activation sound stacking.
    • Many tooltips have been corrected.
    • More party bugs have been fixed.
  • Re: PAX East 2016

    Will you guys be giving out the skin codes for Max again this year? I was there last year but didn't get a chance to stop by. Want to make sure I got over there this year.
    We will be giving something away, but it won't be a Max skin. As Custer noted, Max has about a million already. 

    Max. A million. 

    Get it!?