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  • Re: Remove/Edit Thuricvod Gates in Sabotage

    Gates of Thuricvod is one of two maps that does not end in Sudden Death all the time and that's what Sabotage should be about . Both teams should be continuously under pressure and not be able to clear every wave easily. I hope they won't change anything on that. A 5 to 0 rift point win is much better than a win after 15 minutes in sudden death.
  • Re: New Game Mode: Chaos Trials!

    I really hope that Rift Lord will be the hell to finish. Devs always have to take care of all players so I think Apprentice and War Mage should be challenging but doable for newbies and Master + Rift Lord should punish every little fault and even without big faults it should be hard to progress.
  • Re: Sabotage Matchmaking

    Lorelle said:
    Maybe they should change the daily quest so that getting to the end of the final round also (ALSO!) counts as credit for that quest, at least.  If the purpose of forcing you to win in that quest is to make sure players don't just throw matches, I think getting to the end of the final round as well fits that requirement enough to prevent people from throwing matches early just for the quest.
    Not a bad solution. 
    After the latest patch people aren't forced to play sabotage and are able to change the quest, although 75xp are not a chest.
    Sabotage is indeed designed for premade teams. You need to coordinate traps, consumables and taking care of special enemies. 

    Creating "fair" matches is only possible by MMR and number of premades. I think at the moment matchmaking tries to get teams with similar MMR average into match. The longer you are in queue, the more MMR difference between you and the other team is possible.
    If they would take care of premade teams as well, the queue time might extend to inacceptable numbers and people would complain about that. Even now queue time sometimes gets next to 10 minutes or above.

    Omdu doesn't have a community of a 100.000 active players and more important, sabotage is still a fun mode and doesn't focus on esl.
    I know that it can be frustrating to be matched with random players and against premade teams. The only solution is to look for a guild or for players you want to play with. 
  • Re: Brimstone vs. Cursed Ground

    Always depends on the specific map. Arcane Damage increases even from different sources while fire damage got synergy with heat activated triggers and fire resonators. 
    Fire is good against runner especially little earth elemetals that ignore tar traps. Arcane works well with several types of arcane damage at the same time ( dragons lance, bubble, hero dmg...)