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  • Killboxes and how to build them

    Killboxes and how to build them

    During our (@Beleth and mine)  ‘career’ in Omdu we realized, that there are often more than one good strategy to defend the rift at any map. Especially in matchmade games there might be discrepancies between different strategies of group members. 

    This guide features an introduction into effective killboxes without the need of many rare or epic traps.


    1 Barricades

    Jack of all trades definitely are barricades. No matter if you play solo or with a group, you really want to defend as few spots as possible to concentrate all your damage potential at these spot. Rerouting enemies from their gates into a single killbox is the best option you have. Unfortunately there are maps you can’t defend at one spot. If you got more than one possible location to defend, always choose the one where you got more spots to place traps (floor, wall, ceiling). If you got more than one location with same spot count it depends on your own playstyle and trap setup which to choose.

    Second function of barricades is to narrow your killbox. Often it is advisable to redirect minions through a ‘tunnel’ of a 1x1 width (1x1 is the width and height of most traps like barricades, tar traps, wall blades,...). The major advantage of narrowing the killbox is, that you can use expensive traps once at a spot instead of spamming them all over the killbox. Additionally, many hero abilities only hit a small area and they will have more effect on narrowed space. 

    With this kind of killbox you can easily let the orcs walk along all your traps inside your killbox and shoot them from anywhere outside your killbox.

    Tip: Try to stay away from your barricades. They take collateral damage if minions are attacking you with melee or ranged attacks.

    Advanced: In War Mage difficulty and above there are minions that intentionally want to destroy you barricades. You can avoid that by placing ‘dummy’ barricades into their path. These barricades should be placed in front of your killbox(es) to protect your important barricades from being destroyed.


    2 Traps

    There are a bunch of traps in Omdu with different rarities, but do not be frustrated if you only got ‘common’ and ‘uncommon’ traps in the beginning of your career. ‘Rare’ and ‘Epic’ traps are not overpowered or essential for an effective killbox. They more or less only increase the variety of traps you can choose between, often they are only useful for specific maps, situations or killbox designs.


    Let’s build our first killbox

    We took only traps you got in the Starter Loadout.

    We chose a 3x3 killbox to show a minimum barricade usage with a maximum effect.


    Traps used:

    Arrow Wall (long range arrows, wall spot)

    Barricades (blocking enemies, floor spot)

    Concussive Pounder (stunning enemies, ceiling spot)

    Floor Spikes (damaging crossing enemies, floor spot)

    Tar Trap (slowing enemies crossing, floor spot)


    First Step

    Redirect minions to walk a longer way and through a 1x1 wide killbox



    Second Step

    Place Tar Traps and Floor Spikes alternately.

    Tip: Never place single activation traps in corners (Floor Spikes, Flip Traps, Steam Vents, etc) Always try to have those in the narrow space between barricade and wall to make the most of them. Have traps with damage over time or long effects in corners like (Viscous Tar or Brimstone).

    Place Arrow Walls as your only wall trap.

    Place Concussive Pounders above Floor Spikes and Tar Traps.


    Third Step

    Have a look at your awesome killbox and wait for minions to get wrecked inside it :)


    2.1 Traps while progressing

    As you will recognize soon, Floor Spikes and Arrow Walls are not the most effective traps.

    Besides that it is highly recommended to place a higher diversity of traps into your killbox.

    As you progress further there will be awesome synergies between traps and combos will get more and more important.

    COMBOS??? We won’t get into it too deep, but simplified, you get one combo point from every different trap type and hero when a minion dies. In the beginning you mainly need them for more coins and to fill your unchained meter more fastly and extra EXP.


    Here is a list of traps you will probably get while progressing in Apprentice and War Mage difficulty and which are really worth to prioritize for upgrading. You can go all the way to Rift Lord with only these traps.


    Main traps



    Always upgrade them if possible. You’ll need them on every map.

    Advanced: At Tier 3 you might be able to enhance it with a Revenge Rune. Now you can easily kill Tubifore and Orfum with a dummy barricade.


    Concussive Pounder

    Cheap and most effective ceiling trap along minion’s path. Also used on most Master and Rift Lord maps.


    Flip Trap

    Flipping light minions around. Can be used to flip them into hazard or in front of your killbox.

    You can choose the flip direction buy pressing ‘R’ button before placing it.

    Advanced: At Tier 3 you are able to enhance it with a Stunning Accumulator. If you got the luck to obtain one, in War Mage chests or above, it will increase the damage on every flipped minion for 100% for 5 seconds.


    Tar Trap

    Slow increases the time you can shoot at them and allows other traps inside your killbox to recharge and fire again.

    Advanced: Later you should replace the Tar Trap with Viscous Tar Trap.


    Wall Charger

    Wall Trap with lightning damage (minions explode and doing area damage if they die by lightning damage). It is a rare trap and available on every difficulty.


    Worth, but not first choice

    With five main traps you cannot fill your seven trap slots in the loadout. Here are some traps that are situationally usefull and can help you  getting more combos.


    Arrow Wall

    There are wall spots, where Arrow Walls are useful. Caused by their long range they are good at a talus next to the ceiling or as a counterpart of Wall Chargers, whenever you got a spot where wall chargers lacks in range.


    Big Game Hunting Arrow Wall

    All ‘Big Game Hunting (BGH)…” traps only attack Bosses, Gnolls, Pride Hunter and Mercenaries (War Mage difficulty and above). All of them  can really be annoying inside your killbox. BGH are commonly placed in front of your killbox to not block important trap spots.

    Besides their flat damage, BGH Arrow Walls deal 3% of minion’s maximum health per Arrow, 12 arrows per shot.



    Minions crossing begin to burn. Nice to get higher combos, because they will burn for 4.2 seconds, but burning minions also got increased movement speed. If you don’t like flip traps at some point or at all it might be a replacement or addition.


    Floor Scorcher

    A fire trap with a range of 3x1 fields in your chosen direction (a barricade is 1x1). It also slightly knocks crossing enemies back.You can choose the flip direction buy pressing ‘R’ button before placing it. It is a rare trap and available from War Mage difficulty onwards.



    Improved Killbox

    This time we do not have the opportunity to build within a 3x3 map spot, but nevertheless we want the minions to walk through a 1x1 kill box. You see the Arrow Wall as a counterpart of the Wall Charger, Concussive Pounders at the ceiling and a Tar Trap followed up by a Flip Trap on the floor spots.


    Continuous kill box

    This is one option to rebuild and extend your kill box, leading minions along the wall.

    Tip:Never place single activation traps in corners (Floor Spikes, Flip Traps, Steam Vents, etc) Always try to have those in the narrow space between barricade and wall to make the most of them. Have traps with damage over time or long effects in corners like (Viscous Tar or Brimstone).

    Safety first

    It might always be the case that minions get through your kill box. These barricades block one lane and you can defend on the other lane more easily. This path blocking becomes more and more important, the more lanes are leading towards the rift.

    Example for a straight Killbox

    This time we are at ‘Training Grounds’. After the second wave the second gate opens and we redirected both minion spawns to one killbox.


    Barricades to block the path


    Killbox without traps (Point of View: Entrance of the killbox)

    There is a big area without traps, but minions will run through a 1x1 tunnel as intended.

    We got floor, wall and ceiling spots to defend.


    Killbox without traps (Point of View: Corner of the killbox)

    You got three corner spots this time. This one and the two at the entrance.

    A good killbox to place many single activation traps.

    If you place Flip Traps at the left side of Gabriella and angle them to the entrance,

    light minions will fly over your barricades and have to walk the path again.

    Tip: Flip Traps can extend or shorten the way of minions. Always be careful where you place them and use ‘R’ button to rotate them before placing.




    There is a lot more to say about this topic, but I hope this will help especially new people to get an idea what killboxes are about in Omdu. If you got questions or ideas, feel free to leave a comment. We will respond asap  :)



    Thanks @Beleth for the help with the creation of this guide.

    Thanks to all guild members of [CoCa] who helped to improve this guide.





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    Thx for feedback @SnipahShot. We will check it soon.

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    Always depends on the specific map. Arcane Damage increases even from different sources while fire damage got synergy with heat activated triggers and fire resonators. 
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    In case you need more than one boss of a kind it is highly recommended to not destroy the Unstable Rifts. 

    Rift Lord


    Thanks: Thank you @Beleth for the help.