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  • Re: "Allow selling traps to allies" as default option

    Matoho said:
    Alright, so you want rather active players to stop playing instead of new people, good point
    I doubt that is actually the case.  I am also against this being a default option.  I think that maybe better information regarding making this obvious for new players is a better solution.
  • Re: What are your likes/Dislikes about Gabriella?

    Personally, I generally like most aspects of her.  I tend to use her Kinetic Pulse most of the time and rarely use Devious Allure but I believe that to be mostly my play style.  If there was one thing I had to pick as a dislike, I would swap one of her tier II and tier III talents because I find tier II largely lackluster for my playstyle.  Since I sometimes go a whole match without using Devious Allure once, tier II being composed entirely of Devious Allure upgrades is a waste for me.  I would likely prefer swapping Power Word with Power From Control to balance for players trying to specialize in a specific move in matches.
  • Re: Dobbin Gold Sacks spawning behind walls or below ground. And sometimes are hard to see as well.

    Kulina said:
    Hello CuteAnduin,

    Pickups spawn very close to where minions are killed, so stepping back just a bit from the gate will allow them to spawn in areas they can be claimed.

    If you come across a sack that spawns below ground on the other hand, that's definitely not intended! In that case, I encourage you to submit a ticket with a screenshot to the support by following the link below and they'll look into it!


    This has actually happened to me lots of times but I never really thought to submit a ticket about it....  I'll have to start taking screen shots.
  • Heat Activated Trigger Question

    So I've recently started trying to think more outside the box about my trap setups.  In my recent adventures, I started using Fire Cracker and Floor Scorcher more which has led me to consider the Heat Activated Trigger.  Now, as far as I can tell, it applies to resetting a trap based on a burning enemy crossing into the trigger range of a trap on cooldown.  This seems to me to be best utilized on a Ceiling Balista in most cases, but I have read that it does not work.  My search shows that it has been like this for a while.  Why is it still an option to equip this then?  Is this a long standing glitch devs haven't worked out?  Is there no intention for it to work?  If so, why is it still an option to equip?  I'd like some insight if possible, thanks.  Also while I'm asking, can I get clarification that the trap has a 10% chance to reset each time a burning enemy enters the trigger range regardless of whether it entered burning, or was set ablaze while already in the area.  Also, does an burning enemy that extinguishs and is reignited apply for a secondary 10%?
  • Re: Bring back Siege!

    ShadeDev said:

    I'm just not convinced that there are any changes we could make to have fixed siege.  I fundamentally believe that players don't want another MOBA-like game right now.

    Does that mean that siege could have been converted into a completely different PvP game?  Yes, it could have.  However, it would have still had the largest problem...  Designing heroes for siege and survival makes both modes much less fun. 

    I think the only change that could work off the top of my head would be to scrap the concept of using an opposing hero altogether.  I can imagine an interesting "PVP" mode would be a standard survivaly type map and team vs a single overseer style player who is given a currency pool to spawn enemies over the course of several waves that players would have to react to on the fly since it is not predetermined.  A top down camera over a map that can scan freely and pop up menus on the various doors for spawning would likely be all that is minimally required.  Considering that this would use identical mechanics to what is currently in game as far as enemies is concerned, I would presume the only balancing would be around how to allow a player to actually spawn enemies in each wave.  As far as I can tell, wouldn't a player spawning enemy waves but not directly controlling the minions, mercenaries, or bosses be fairly easy to balance in comparison?  I'd say designing the interface would be the most daunting task outside of patching up maps' ugly areas for a floating camera that normally can't be seen.  Think of it as almost kind of like an RTS in a way.  Does anyone think this is an interesting idea?