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  • Re: Stinkeye. Explain, please.

    Keep in mind that if you hold down control you can move the mouse freely and read the descriptions of the buffs you have that TimeMaster mentioned.  I did not know this for quite a while, so it can help you learn a lot by just stopping and reading the various buffs that pop up if you have a free moment.
  • Re: Chaos Trials re-spin option

    sashimiak said:
    If something like this was to be implemented, would you guys prefer it to be on a fixed timed cycle like robertwsaul suggests, or would you prefer to have "endless" amounts of reroll but pay something for them? (e. g. skulls)
    I'd definitely lean towards a timer option.  Having a currency reroll would inhibit newer players too much and feel almost free to players who are just farming gibs at this point.
    sashimiak said:
    Regarding the different rewards for different difficulties of mod, I see a potential issue regarding the "sorting". Some players have shared their feedback (not just in this thread but generally speaking) that for them a no go breaks key is nearly impossible while others enjoy the mod and have no trouble with it. The same goes for e. g. armor mods. People who really enjoy playing (and are very good with) a hero that deals arcane damage won't find a key with say, extra ice armor particularly challenging while that might be a complete disaster for somebody else. So while there are mods I think a big portion of the player base would agree on (expensive barricades being one that comes to mind) I also think there are even more whose perceived difficulty differs greatly among players. It would be a nightmare to sort those mods into difficulty levels that all (or at least most) players can agree on.
    I very much think this needs to be a balance focused option for difficulty rather than reward.  As stated, a player who uses significant amounts of lightning damage can ignore fire armor rolls, but at the same time I think part of the intrigue with these keys is how they force you to change up your playstyle to deal with the situation.  I have found on several occasions that I had to change the character I was using between rounds due to a particular roll in order to deal with it appropriately.  I expect that this is intended and shouldn't really be changed.  I do agree that there are combinations of rolls that can be devastating early on and certain rolls that seem too difficult in general as well.  I can only claim to be an average player at best for example and have not pushed a key past level 6 yet even though I have a good array of maxed traps to work with.  I find, for example, that the "triple barricade cost" roll is by far the most devastating roll I can get.  I would feel severely handicapped even if it were only double, so I usually abandon a key very quickly after getting that roll even if its only level 2 or 3.
  • Re: Why don't solo games have more trap slots?

    yobbobear said:
    If that were the case, multiplayer should have less trap slots like it did in OMD2. The fact is that every mode (except maybe high tier chaos trials which is meant to be unbeatable) can be completed solo. There are many YouTube videos showing how people achieved this. Extra trap slots etc are not required. 
    Yes, every map can be completed, solo, but using the same traps over and over again isn't interesting, and isn't fun. Trap variety leads to more interesting games leads to players continuing to play instead of getting bored and doing something else.
    I agree that variety in trap load outs makes the game more interesting, but I don't necessarily think that means we need more slots.  Taking a chance on REPLACING reliable trap loadouts for testing rather than taking them in addendum is also interesting in its own way by merit of making the chance of victory more unknown.