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  • Re: About Chaos Trials difficulty

    I don't mind the enemy scaling, but I do believe that it is too staggered as it is now.  The fact that everyone unanimously agrees that the jump T6 to T7 is so clearly pumped up in difficulty seems to me to be a sign that the scaling from tier to tier isn't smooth enough.
  • Re: My Review.

    This is either a joke or a troll because your list of issues are almost entirely hyperbolic or plain false.  That being said, I will still presume to take you seriously and wish to address each issue you have raised because I am curious.

    Misc. Issues:
    -arbitrary forum censorship and lying about community members by the developers
    *I have never been censored or seen instances of others censored on the forums.  Just this past week I was in an argument on these very forums where I called out another user for making statements that I believed were personal attacks on me due to my opinions being counter to theirs.  Neither his, nor my, remarks have been censored or removed.

    -nonexistent or random matchmaking with ridiculous penalties
    *I do not play with randoms very often, but I have gotten a match within minutes every single time I have tried.  Each match seems to be a full game on both sides and I have not seen any specific team imbalances.

    -artificially difficult chaos trials
    *The chaos trials are meant to be end game challenges that scale in difficulty predictably with random handicap with each victory to push the players farther.  As far as I have seen they are not intended to be "beaten" but rather just a scale to see how far you can get.  I do not think there is an actual end.

    -insane grind
    *I almost exclusively play only the quests each day and rarely anything on top.  I have not been under the impression that I needed to repeatedly play matches over and over in order to succeed.  I also have never bought extra trap parts for leveling with real money.

    -false "game cancelled prior to a successful conclusion" messages
    *I have received this message a couple times but in both instances I was having internet connectivity issues that I attribute to their cause.  What instances were these messages received under for you?

    -mercenaries getting stuck in the map or at spawn
    *I have seen mercenaries sitting behind the doors and never moving, but on few occassions.  I have not figured out what causes this, but it has been very few and far between.

    -barricades magically being destroyed
    *I have never seen this happen.  What instances has this happened to you in?

    -enemies magically getting to the rift
    *I have never seen this personally, but I have heard of this complaint before.  I have never heard of anyone discussing the specifics of what might cause this or follow up on it.

    -false "would black path" messages
    *I have not seen this message.  I am presuming this is in regards to placing barricades that would block paths that you believe do not actually block paths.

    -guardians magically floating away
    *This sounds like a pretty crazy one.  I'd love to see it, but this is the first I've heard of it.  What scenarios are triggering this?

    -heroes getting stuck in the map
    *I have in a few instances jumped into crevices that got me stuck floating in place.  It does seem to be in situations where I jumped into parts of the terrain that were not meant to be traversed.  Are you implying that you were getting stuck on clear cut paths or outside normal terrain like I was?

    -broken AI related to barricades
    * barricade AI is based off of check points.  Many players do not take the time to learn how enemies respond on each map.  It is very much a system that has to be learned through trial and error and memorization.

    -heroes falling through the map
    *This is unknown to me completely.

    -server connection problems
    *I have had no consistent connection troubles outside scheduled maintenance and updates.

    -waves will not start/end
    *This is a curious one as well.  I have not heard about it, but I can think the only cause would be mid-match connection issues.  Looking back at many of your complaints, many of these seem to be more likely your internet connection.  Have you tried playing on a different internet connection as a test to see how it plays?

    -unkillable mercenaries
    *This was an issue in the past that was fixed as far as I know.  I have not heard of this issue still happening.

    -inaccurate mini maps
    *Is this a reference to the mapped level or enemies on the map?  I rarely pay deep attention to the minimap so I have no real point of reference for this sorry.

    -attacks not working
    *This is yet another complaint I have not heard or seen at all.

    -broken guardian AI
    *Is this a reference to guardians not attacking enemies?  If so, I have not seen it happen either.

    In conclusion, if you are not being facetious in this post, then I believe your issues are related to subpar internet connection or an under powered PC.  Many of your complaints seem pretty outlandish and I'm surprised I haven't seen many of them before.  I'd check your computer stats and make sure they meet minimum requirements then do some testing of your internet and router to make sure your connection is consistent.  You can also right click on the game in your steam library and under properties check your local files tab to verify integrity of game files as a possible solution.
  • Heat Activated Trigger Question

    So I've recently started trying to think more outside the box about my trap setups.  In my recent adventures, I started using Fire Cracker and Floor Scorcher more which has led me to consider the Heat Activated Trigger.  Now, as far as I can tell, it applies to resetting a trap based on a burning enemy crossing into the trigger range of a trap on cooldown.  This seems to me to be best utilized on a Ceiling Balista in most cases, but I have read that it does not work.  My search shows that it has been like this for a while.  Why is it still an option to equip this then?  Is this a long standing glitch devs haven't worked out?  Is there no intention for it to work?  If so, why is it still an option to equip?  I'd like some insight if possible, thanks.  Also while I'm asking, can I get clarification that the trap has a 10% chance to reset each time a burning enemy enters the trigger range regardless of whether it entered burning, or was set ablaze while already in the area.  Also, does an burning enemy that extinguishs and is reignited apply for a secondary 10%?
  • Re: About Yi-Lin default skin

    While I agree that the alternate costume seems to fit a little better, I don't think the primary is that bad.  To be honest OMDU in general seems to have derailed the character lore slightly by mixing all the forces together so it doesn't bother me so much.  I'm more amused by the blatant modification of all the primary female character art to make them all sexier while the every male art is virtually untouched.

    EDIT:  This was a reference to the Chinese portraits compared to the Western ones by the way.
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  • Re: As someone who has spent over $1000 on your game...

    Every Free-to-Play game needs the whales to offset the poor.