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    I heard about the matchmaking balance 2 more weeks ago but it's wasn't fixed, or maybe fixed but i don't know what's wrong. 3 silvers (including tier 1 players) forced to play against 3 x platinum 5. It's fu***n bulls**it. My ususal teammates: https://forums.orcsmustdie.com/discussion/comment/53565/#Comment_53565
    I need to spend 4-7 hours to get 2 wins and daily RLchest.

    They can create the matchmaking against lowrank people and play together in one their own team. They use some glitches with unkillable minions and coin generators (as i can hear from other players) and there is nothing interesting to watch 30-60 minutes per game how 3 players [original text edited because of insults] can make tens of coins from the start of the match. I have no ideas why they are still wasn't banned, maybe i'm playing against admins and their friends?


    The results are absolutely fake and sabotage leaderboards must be wiped asap. I can't follow your way and i don't think i want recommend omdu or write neutral gaming rewievs if i see these persons one more time against me in the future.
    I don't disagree with matches being unfair, but your post is a piece of misinformation, insults and stupid accusations.

    It's all fine if you don't want to join parties, not sure of why you mention ranks if you say that they are fake.

    Makes little sense to review or recommend a whole game just by one of the modes, Sabotage have problems but it's just a small part of the whole game.

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