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  • Re: Bloodspike still feels weak

    It's a hero that needs a lot of effort and good micro to be par with others at higher level.

    In Open Areas he is subpar with pretty much all the rest, on properly barricading with choking points he can be better than most heroes but only one build works that good. Maiming blow can keep up with dmg compared to pretty much all the top dmg heroes but any other build on the meals or the Execution feel very underwhelming.

    He is very good at Endless solo, I did The Wall 5 stars with him and it felt easier than most other top heroes, except Bionka.
  • Re: Daily Sabotage/Survival quest

    Way more people plays survival and survival is the main mode. 

    The option to choose or just a quest that counts for both as in Quest: Win 2 matches of any kind would be better, instead of having to cancel any of them.
  • Re: Dobbin seems unbalanced between player amounts

    I don't see what's the problem of having heroes that are better in team than solo, regardless the nature of the mechanic that creates that effect.

    Dobbin has pretty low dmg compared to most heroes and tiny CC, he is already being nerfed quite a lot on his main strenght being the coin generation. The other strenght is providing high mobility to the team, sadly this second one is unexplored by a lot of players.
  • Re: Patch 2.1 - Premium Shoppe!

    Before everyone asks:

    But what is the conversion rate for gibs?? 

  • Re: A Discussion About the Future of Traps

    Epic card drop rates are around 7% but 2/3 or so are parts. So around 3% are drops of epic traps, which are usually 3 or 4 trap cards.

    And yes, the rest of my traps are T7.

    You get 7 days * 2 chests = 14 chests + 1 daily login = 15 rift lord chests + 3 hero chests + 2 rift lord chests from weekly = 17 * 5 + 3*4 = 85 + 12 = 97 rift lord drops per week.

    So you get an average of 4,5 epic drops per week from that or an average of 15,8 epic trap cards per week.

    Anyway we will get the shoppe soon, that should help a lot with traps.