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  • Re: How to play sabotage with 3 friends

    Not for now.
  • Re: Make Sabotage Ranking System More Clear

    Since it's not meant to be an esports or a heavily competitive focused mode, 1) is pointless. 

    I see 2) as being a great addition.

    For 3) I'm not so sure, that kinda goes back to making the game feel more competitive (even more than having already a leaderboard and a ranking) by paying more attention to it. I wouldn't mind though.

    About 4), No. It doesn't really make sense, if it's like most of the ranking systems, the  ranks would follow a distribution meaning that not everyone can reach the highest, making it a bit weird to give money bonus. Although some vanity like avatar frames or something else that reflects or shows what rank you are, could work.
  • Re: Turning up late removes Jump and more

    Same happened to me today. Same results.

    Not every single match, but every single time I connected late, that happened.

    I also found the sabotage loading time higher than any survival before.
  • Re: Not able to place guardian - The Falling Folly

    Winwin said:
    @EffingWorms - That does appear to be proximity based, but within reasonable means. If you find any instances of it that seem extremely out of place, let us know. 
    I think it should be the same distance to open the menu and to be able to place a guardian, otherwise it feels very odd to open the menu (not being able to move) and none of the options work, just because you are out of some imaginary range that difers from the menu opening one.

    From your early post, it sounds like every guardian placement has this problem, so it's a problem on all of them.
  • Re: Ironsides achievement feedback

    Just as heads up, I did it a few days ago. It was a decent performance but it can still be done quite more efficiently. It was done in a match of just 75 minutes at The Wall Endless.

    Please don't make everything in this game easy. Leave some challenges and some things hard/tedious to achieve. And ofcourse, reward accordingly.