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  • Re: Grinder vs Cursed Ground

    Testing it at apprentice while having them at T7 isn't the best of the tests though.

    The trap works in a burst, it deals most damage against big (slow) minions. Obviously grinder is gonna deal more damage since it's charges are used slower.

    Anyhow, I have brought this up a few times now, ever since the release, cursed ground and brimstone have been pretty much the worst floor traps after steam vent, even with the buffs received, they have been bugged and heavily underperforming. 
  • Re: Friendly totems health bar problems (stinkeye)/ maybe on all hero's placeable items with health bars

    It also happens with dead minions, persisting empty HP bars.

    I first thought it was related to Brass, but doesn't seem to be the case.

    My only idea for now is that it could be related to physics?
  • Re: Release 2.6 for PC and PS4 - Patch Notes

    The Power Generators went from 611 to 486 coins per wave.

    Sure it's noticeable, but not to get ridiculous about it because of the achievement in my honest opinion.
    It’s a pretty big deal for long games like endless. A reduction of 125 isn’t a lot per generator but with 15-20 of them up from wave 5-30 it’s a difference of almost 50000 coin. Do you think the nerf is significant enough to deter their use in sabotage? That’s where I’ve primarily seen the complaints about them. 
    Well, 50000 coin compared to 1 million spent in a match, it's a 5% difference... 

    Yes, specially combined with the no coin return from selling it. It will be more strategic to use, not a just spam and always win thing. You need to keep it for 2 full waves atleast to not lose coin, sounds way more balanced to me, even though they will still probably be used because of the nature of the trap.
  • Re: More whisper/private messages options

    I alwaty wanted something like this but this should come with an option to allow/disallow whispers from people not on your friendlist.

    Just like there should be an option for the same on guild/friend invites.

  • Re: Feedback Patch 2.5: Wu Xing Battles

    Harmonia said:
    Hey guys,

    Just talked to our dashboard guys, and the issue with the "always saved" changes to loadouts is a bug and not an intentional change. We'll get an investigation opened so it can get fixed ASAP. 
    To be honest I prefer it the way it is right now. I don't mind it that much but maybe it's worth having an option for it at settings or 2 buttons to have both options?

    If I remember correctly, there were quite a few people complaining about the change when it was removed last time.

    I don't mind that much, but I know some of my guild who prefer it the way it is now too.