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  • Re: Undocumented Changes 2.2

    SeanPoe said:
    RL The Baths par time increased from 11:30 to 12:00
    RL Throne Room par time increased from 13:45 to 15:45

    Well, in the patch notes it's vaguely documented as "Several par times have been made easier." 

    But having a spoiler or another post with the extensive changes would be handy instead of having to go and find out by ourselves every patch.
  • Re: 2.2 Hogarth Feedback

    The skill has been always effective in my opinion. It deals considerable dmg and cc, from my testings and endless runs, he was one of the heroes being able to create a huge damage potential output. I never seen it as a movement skill ever since Siege.

    Playing him efficiently building around his Jump would make him a very very good hero in terms of effectiveness. Ofcourse that would imply just keep jumping against the wall and eventually use the shield for extra cc.

    Which I understand that it doesn't sound fun at all and feels very clunky. I also understand that building around his throwing axe feels more fun and looks way more cool, but the jump has always outperformed by a great deal.

    Like some people has suggested before, I would enjoy that skill the most if it would be just a stomp on the ground. And from the changes, I think that now it looks closer to that. I see the new Hogarth as an improved version, still clunky though.
  • Re: Unfair players and matchmaking

    I heard about the matchmaking balance 2 more weeks ago but it's wasn't fixed, or maybe fixed but i don't know what's wrong. 3 silvers (including tier 1 players) forced to play against 3 x platinum 5. It's fu***n bulls**it. My ususal teammates: https://forums.orcsmustdie.com/discussion/comment/53565/#Comment_53565
    I need to spend 4-7 hours to get 2 wins and daily RLchest.

    They can create the matchmaking against lowrank people and play together in one their own team. They use some glitches with unkillable minions and coin generators (as i can hear from other players) and there is nothing interesting to watch 30-60 minutes per game how 3 players [original text edited because of insults] can make tens of coins from the start of the match. I have no ideas why they are still wasn't banned, maybe i'm playing against admins and their friends?


    The results are absolutely fake and sabotage leaderboards must be wiped asap. I can't follow your way and i don't think i want recommend omdu or write neutral gaming rewievs if i see these persons one more time against me in the future.
    I don't disagree with matches being unfair, but your post is a piece of misinformation, insults and stupid accusations.

    It's all fine if you don't want to join parties, not sure of why you mention ranks if you say that they are fake.

    Makes little sense to review or recommend a whole game just by one of the modes, Sabotage have problems but it's just a small part of the whole game.

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  • Re: Arcane bubble , firewall bracers ,why they not reset to autoattack on activation like Ring of storm?

    ShadeDev said:
    Just to clarify... Ice Amulet, Fire Bracers and Gnomish Repair Kit are the three gear that currently suffer from this frustration.

    There are alternate key bindings that should work to fix this, but they are still bugged and don't function properly. (But, they really just need to make gear behavior uniform.)
    The problem is...  These pieces of gear are meant to replace your primary attack, which is why they have a short cooldown and do not switch back to your primary attack upon use.
    1. An attack with a 1.5 second cooldown that costs 25 mana per shot isn't a very good primary attack replacement.
    2. Aren't primary attack replacements kind of counter to the design of OMDU? That's sort of the point of having heroes. I think Ice Amulet and Fire Bracers would be more appealing as burst damage than "I really wish Blackpaw threw fireballs like Smolder" things.
    3. It confuses people.
    4. Most players seem to dislike it. I've seen, IIRC, one player who liked the change in all of our various discussions about it.
    5. It breaks controller support.
    6. The bug with the Quickcast2/3 bindings has been outstanding for, what, 6 months now? I mean, that could be fixed instead... That wouldn't solve the confusion issue, but it'd at least make the affected playable for those of us who can't stand the new behavior.
    I think Gear is one of the biggest remembrances of Siege.

    I can understand to some extent that they "can't" be/feel as impactful and poweful like in OMD but here it has a tricky problem, it uses mana which is used for every skill. At the moment half of the gear is divided into support and damage, the latter is divided again in DoTs or supposedly primary attack replacements.

    I don't know how many people finds useful or fun the replacement of primary attack but it isn't my case, it even feels odd and lame in some cases, like just refiring flip traps next to a mana well or spamming ice amulet at the rift.
    I'd rather have those 3 being a longer cooldown but substantial burst like the ice amulet AoE freeze from OMD. Or just make fireball hit very hard with a very substantial DoT, Have ice amulet shoot more projectiles or bigger/more powerful, have a big area activation...

  • Re: Why are formerly unique traps restricted in numbers, and so heavily?

    Runes do work in both. They have a 300s cooldown on retainers though.

    Decoys don't even take up trap slots, having 100 in the map at the same time would be broken, same for retainers pretty much.

    That doesn't change the fact that being so restricted, their uses are very limited and can feel very underwhelming.