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  • Re: Drawing into map while loading screen.

    Doesn't sound very practical, since the loading screen times are different for each player depending on their PC performance or connection/region, etc. Pretty sure even PS4 have different times from different players.

    People with decent setups load within seconds, which would make the idea quite a bit hard to use.

    Also this could also make the loading times slower, and it seems like quite a few people has already troubles with that, adding more features to the loading screen would probably make it worse.

    What could be useful though, would be to be able to ping a different location that you aren't at. Like using Ctrl+ Click on the minimap.
  • Re: Character Update

    I think he is a very strong tank as it is.

    Making him hit a bit faster could make it not feel as powerful (As long as we are keeping the DPS).

    What has been suggested a few times is to remove the inability to move while attacking. That alone would probably give him a more swifty feeling.
  • Re: Some suggestions to modifiers in Chaos Trials.

    After playing quite a few Rift Lord Chaos Trials and have completed several Tier 12 too, I have some concerns about some of the modifiers.

    First of all, I mostly Agree with Narkh.

    Coin Drain is absolute hell. I don't think it's well balanced.

    Being a drain that is based on % of current coins, it's way too strong. I don't even know how it is balanced for different party sizes but I bet that even though on paper being the same amount of coins drained for 1 or 3 players, having the available coins split in 3 makes it way harder to spend, and almost impossible when paired with expensive traps.

    The coin income isn't constant, which makes this modifier absolutely OP. Pretty much Forces you to just randomly place traps near you (as a bank of coins) to sell them in the breaks if you want to place them properly or in a new lane. That feels quite ridiculous for being the best counter play.

    I second the idea of making it a debuff based on time like the knockback modifier or the healing aura. Or instead of drain, make it a negate of coin income (like the sabotage consumable) for some seconds every now and then.
    Or even better, make it an aura like the healing, that minions dying inside of it don't give any coins.
    Or a funny one, make that all the coin income is dropped in form of coins and you have to pick it up instead of directly receiving it.

    Gear disable is very annoying.

    I really like the idea of just disabling one of the slots or making the cooldowns longer instead. Or both, and we have another modifier :) 

    Drains and Go-breaks should indeed have some kind of exception for building times. They are pretty annoying at the start of the matches.

    Rubble needs some tweaking and fixing. It makes heroes stutter/get stuck when walking over them, pickups can't be picked when they are on top of them, trap count, sounds of barricades being attacked...

    Camera freeze is annoying but can be countered with healing traits, consumables, wells, gear. Spudge is Okay now imo.

    The rest are fine for me. Being expensive traps, spawn protection and rift points loss on death the hardest ones, Mercenaries sometimes too, which can make you lose easily when paired with several annoying ones or certain map/modifiers combos.

    But I'm still having quite a lot of fun on the high tiers of the Rift Lord Chaos Trials. Below Tier 8 feels quite a bit trivial for a maxed account or atleast for me unless it's an insanely bad combo of modifiers. I wish we could have a Key for lvl 100 which starts being really challenging :P, I'll keep dreaming but I love the mode (at high tiers).
  • Re: Gabby Blink Feedback

    @ScifiToilet Insults are unnecessary.

    Your arguments are rather weak too. I have been testing and the invulnerability worked fine for me. Problems with it might be due to lag?

    I see the new blink as a change that keeps the high ceiling for skill at the same time of removing big part of the steep curve of it. Having to rotate the camera to move forward or even jumping midair and rotate the camera before blinking in order to not lose speed, wasn't an easy thing and not a thing for new players at all.

    It's not the first game with this mechanic and you can choose how to use it, forward, backward, avoid sideways/diagonal, etc. Overall its a pretty big improvement of Gab kit paired with the healing that comes with it. 

    About being able to die, how is it that different from Blackpaw double jump? double jump has even more range and not so much air control. I don't see the fat finger point but, how is it easier to press a wrong button versus pressing one twice by mistake?

    I think you are understimating new players too. Players might die a couple of times because of it but I don't think it's gonna be much more than before.

    Sideways and diagonals are gonna be very useful for getting out of control effects that reduce or negate your camera movement.

  • Re: Trip Wire - And what changes I would like to see happen to it.

    Delenter said:
    I still don't think that having trip wire as a Permanent trap will be very good, I mean, What if you want to adjust its placement? You have to wait for a go break and sell it and move it. You could always place another one where you want it really but then you still have to contend with trap cap... So you would still have to sell the original one to deal with it and by the time you do that someone would have filled the place again...

    I'm not sure about liking the permanent thing or not but how is your argument different from what happens with the Power Generator right now? It doesn't reset until next wave, and it works fine.