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  • Re: Hero damage and difficult

    The damage on different difficulties is only when you are underleveled as far as I know.

    If you go on a map that is higher than your account level, you have a penalty and deal less damage.
  • Re: Loot tables and a few other things...

    About the "hidden" info, it's arguable, older games were all like that, but sure, atleast it shouldn't confuse or be incorrect. But people just keeps complaining in general and pretty much no one took the time to report what actually was confusing for them or was incorrect.

    I do report a lot of these and they are eventually fixed and improved. Recent example is the fix of the "increased by +X%" where the plus sign didn't make sense or the naming of some things like referencing hero abilities as spells in some descriptions. Those were fixed last hotfix this week, I don't know if anyone else reported these but atleast I did, 2 months ago. We know that Robot cycle of updates is around that, so I guess that's the fastest something minor can be fixed.

    I don't really have server connection problems. There is some problem with steam connecting/reconnecting, both reported. Also a bug with reconnecting and pause, also being tracked down. (without counting the first day of event or maintenances) I haven't got any connection issues and I'm around the whole day.

    Just my opinion and experience here:

    I decided to try and help people by stepping in on this kind of baiting or looking for arguments posts (which seem to be a lot in steam forums and some here), and I have got insulted, roasted, dismissed, ignored, rejected and totally belittled. Even when being insightful and giving the answers people wants.

    I can't imagine why would a developer want to jump in a post like this. If they don't agree with the OP, they will just get roasted, their post will be distort and the ones reading from outside will be mislead and scared away by the nature of the post and the excessive reactions.

    It has happened before, to me it seems like a bad idea a lot of times to deal with an angry customer in a public place, specially when that is the internet. It's a loss-loss trying to argue with trolls, stubborn or childish people when they are angry and have a lot of free time.

    Although there are a few pretty annoying players around here, this community is way better than most games.
  • Re: Chests

    I have opened one and it worked fine for me, (it was a referral friend grand vanity chest)

    I think the best you can do is contact the support and see what happened to your specific cases:

  • Re: Orc Invasion Event Feedback

    You guys should keep in mind that is has been stated that it would be a TEST event so it's the first ever event we have like this and hopefully next ones can learn from this one.

    Now that it's working after the issues, I'll give my first impressions:

    It's a good idea, engaging the community to maybe play some certain maps or strategies or X to work towards a cooperative goal.
    I also want to think that there will be more variety than not just the basic killing orcs in the next events. Same goes for the rewards, they can feel quite underwhelming for a lot of people, but hopefully they are better the next ones.

    However the even lacks a lot of information. We can't see the actual numbers of the progress or our own total contribution.
    I see the event contributions box as something pretty bad, it shows in "real-time" other player recent contributions, and your own but it takes several minutes until you can see your just finished match contribution. You can't even scroll it.

    I'd prefer by a very huge margin to just be able to see my own contributions or total contribution. I would even like more to have a leaaderboard with top player and guild contributors. And it would be a very very great addition to actually have extra prizes for the top contributors.
  • Re: Chaos Trials re-spin option

    I might have a different view of the mode but the essence and what makes interesting and unique the mode is it's randomness and Chaos. If I wanted to beat easy levels I would do Survival.

    I understand that some modifiers can be frustrating, but that's the point to some extent in my opinion. I could see the ability to reroll a modifier every some tiers by paying something as long as the new random modifier has the same weight.

    Being able to infinitely reroll or reroll a map would let you make the keys very easy and you would kill diversity by playing the same things over and over.