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  • Re: Achivements and how they work

    CdrKeen said:
    Juicy said:
    That is actually how they're supposed to work. If you migrated over from EU, it's been known to cause some issues. For example, I logged in on day one and got all of those achievements, as I've 5*'d all the maps. That was supposed to happen for everyone.
    So thats not supposed to happen to me. I've already 47/49 done with 5 stars, but the counter still shows 12/45 (started with 0/45, played some games). Warmage is 11/11 but it shows 3/11 and rift lord and master also.
    It was supposed to happen. Just that there have been some problems and the migration didn't give the EU players those achievements progression retroactively. 

    I don't know if it will be fixed or we will have to just play all over again to get them.
  • Re: After last update game wipe my custom settings and dont wanna use it.

    If you located the settings files, I think that a workaround is right clicking them -> Properties -> Set them to read only.

  • Scores explained - How score is calculated

    After a handful amount of hours testing and figuring out formulas, @Wynardtage​ and I got to find how exactly the scores are calculated (well, with some margin of error but surprisingly accurate)

    We created a spreadsheet where you can calculate your average combo from the stats of a match and another one that lets you calculate how high would you score by using a guessed average combo.


    You can edit and change values of the calculators to test or see some results.

    For the formulas:

    Score by Combos:


    Where an is the score of the n combo(the one you want to know the score of), a1 is the score of the combo reference (in this case x10), r is the increment of score between combos which is a ~50%

    That's for a single minion, and all minions give the same score. So you would only need to multiply by number of minions.

    Score by Wave Time:

    120.000 - (Wave Clear Time * 1000)


    120.000*Number Of Waves - (Match Time/Number of Waves * 1000)

    Time Bonus Score:

    (18.000 + 6000 * number of breaks) - (seconds lost * 100)

    Coin bonus: 1 no spent coin = 1 score.


    Total Score = Score by combos + Score by Wave Time + Time Bonus Score + Coins not spent​​

  • Consumables should not show total amount in lobbies

    Not sure if this is actually a bug but it's annoying not knowing how many total consumables you have when selecting at the lobby, showing how many will you be able to use on the loadout (left) is more than enough, and I would really prefer the total on the right instead of the max uses per match:

    Addition: I would really like to see how many consumables you own on the store consumables page, makes no sense having to go back to the workshop to check how many you already own. 
  • Re: Hallo? Hallo! 2.0

    Oh God :D

    Good luck with this xD