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  • Re: Weighted Random Waves

    @Brasegapok I just meant the order they open, not changing when they do. Portals always open at certain waves. 

    It was a thing in closed beta for a while. All the waves a portal would be open were respected and they were always the same wave compositions, just that the portal where those waves where coming was a different one. 

    Not sure if I managed to explain myself much better.

    Portal 1 spawns Orcs at Wave 1 and Kobolds at Wave 2.
    Portal 2 opens at wave 2 and spawns Ogres.

    If RNG changed the order, Portal 1 would open at wave 2 spawning Ogres and Portal 2 would spawn Orcs at W1 and Kobolds at W2.
  • Re: hello

    You can try contacting the support, as some Community Manager pointed out in this cases before.

    Send a ticket here with a few options for the new name, in case some are already in use:

  • Re: A skillfull roll from Deadeye managed to get her up there

    Deadeye roll can climb quite a few things. Some walls can be "climbed" with it, easy to do in Throne Room or Highlands. 

    I reported this back in July with some interesting example:

  • Re: I'm pretty sure this is a bug but....

    "Takes lessons from Cygnus" only takes into account the initial mana.

    Maybe the same with "Amateur Veterinarian" although not sure about this one

    Not really sure of how exactly all the traits stack and or interact in general with weavers/consumables/other traits. Most seem to stack in some way or another.
  • Re: Does each tick from a fire-based trap (scorcher, brimstone, etc) help a trap w/ heat activated trigg

    I actually talked about this with some dev, not sure if it was on a stream or just chat. What they said:

    Leaving aside the ballistas that have a different activation, for all the traps that can be equipped with a kinetic reclaimer or heat activated trigger:

    The trigger only reactivates traps when a minion on the "on-fire" or "ragdoll/flying" state enters the trap range of activation. Meaning that if a minion is set on fire or flipped while in the trap's range, it won't activate the trigger.

    However, I personally have seen a few cases where the last happens, but it's hard to tell if it was just an edge situation or partially in the range, etc.

    As a last personal note, the fire ticks don't really seem to have any effect on anything per se. The damage from fire is dealt because of a minion has a "debuff" which is "on-fire". Looks like while you have said debuff, you take damage every X seconds. That could be easily observed when Smolder Bot was around, but you can still see it if you get hit by a fire mage or some other fire minion.

    Another different and maybe more tricky question would be: Does a minion that has 3 different "on-fire" debuffs (from different traps/sources) have more chances to activate the heat activated trigger?