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  • Re: Brimstone vs. Cursed Ground

    I don't want to start a fight with all of you but, did someone test properly if cursed ground is better in any situation vs brimstone?

    Not in this thread but here people did: http://forums.orcsmustdie.com/discussion/comment/44691#Comment_44691

    I have to say this before any opinion, I don't know if trap charges are actually activations or minions affected. I don't know how the Fire DoT damage works exactly and the charges of brimstone and cursed act differently

    I don't know myself but I'll run a quick math here:

    T1 Brimstone:

    10 charges * 32 dmg + 10 * Fire DoT damage
    Then: 1 charge every 8 seconds, meaning 14-15 charges every cursed ground cooldown

    T1 Cursed Ground

    Worst scenario:
    20 charges * 14 dmg  every 36 seconds

    Best scenario:
    20 charges * 95 dmg every 36 seconds

    One vs the other, the damage depends on the Fire DoT and how much hassle is needed to make cursed ground best scenario. 
    Brimstone can be used anywhere and deal mos of it's damage while Cursed needs a lot of effort to deal a decent damage.
    For combos both can work depending on your setup but not for solo.
    Against order minions, soldiers mostly, brimstone (and fire in general) is way more efficient than arcane or cursed ground.

    My honest conclusions:

    For potential or raw damage, I wouldn't use either. Viscous tar or flip trap (with 2x damage part) create way way bigger damage potential and therefore massive difference in damage.

    Both are pretty bad for pretty much everything on higher level. But both are great for clearing underleveled maps.

    Might be useful for Combos in party but they aren't reliable at all.

  • Re: Prenium accounts

    Juicy said:
    I can't say for certain, but I beileve our 1 EU gold = 2.5 US gold, meaning it's more like 500 -> 1k. That said, yes the passes are more expensive, but the skins are cheaper. Atleast, this is what I've heard, I never played on EU's side.
    That's almost correct. Shop Skins were the same price (with conversion) Vanity chests are cheaper here.
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  • Re: Great Opener Achievement not working

    I completed Geared Up, but I didn't check if it was in a single match or not, I'll test the other one and edit this.
  • Re: Why doesn't Robot make guide videos?

    I think Vermillion Phoenix (@mdragoon) guides are actually very useful for new people.

    He uses low tier traps for pretty much all the levels, and he doesn't outlevel most of them THAT much. 

    However the best point I see is that he uses very easy to follow trap setups which are surely not the most efficient but are simple and easy to understand how they work.

    Also in most of the videos he plays a rather comfy and simple strategy, without having to do fancy stuff with the hero nor playing extremely efficient with them. Basic gear also makes it easy to follow.

    It might be true that he relies a bit too much on hero damage, but that's also what most new people does. Because new people doesn't have a deep understanding of what killboxes are or how they work. And they can't play very complex or advanced strategies.

    Watching him, helps me understand how new people thinks and what kind of strategies they use. I would lie if I say that most of them don't make me cringe or look silly but if they work they must be not that silly. As I said, most likely not super efficient, but works and some made me question myself how do they work or why.