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  • Re: Master founder, having to unlock Deadeye, intended or bug?

    It's a bug, I contacted Robot and they told me that it should be fixed later today.
  • Re: Release 2.3 for PC - Deadeye

    liels said:
    I understand the frustration of some people here but to be honest, it has always been obvious to me how maps like Crogon Keep, Falling Folly, Training Grounds, The Wall, Highlands, Confluence were meant to force players to use tactics with multiple killboxes.

    The whole rerouting thing doesn't feel right to me, it feels even worse and weirder with the rift rush making Ogres sprint around the whole map and all the rest of minions totally ignore heroes and guardians. It's taking away as many mechanics or more than it gives.

    There are other maps with the possibility of rerouting like Temple Graveyard, Banquet Hall, Eventide Fortress, Restricted Section. Maximum Security, etc. 

    I'm not gonna lie, I prefer maps that let you make as many strategies as possible and that allow you to explore different routing and barricading, but It feels wrong when you can just place many barricades and pretty much forget about them the whole match while just waiting on your killbox for minions to come.

    I'd like to see Training Grounds fixed too. (maybe even Baths and The Wall with their pathings around the rift?...)
    Why allow different paths at all?  Each gate (or sets of gates) has a path it *must* go through.  Find the killboxen. Done. Boring.  Dead boring. 

    Are there many ways to do things?  Are there non-obvious things that will give a real advantage?  Are real advantages allowed? Are players that by work, cleverness or community that find them allowed to "keep" them?  It seems not.

    The fact that this "needed" change happens in 2.3 after Crogon has been (more or less) stable since open beta started suggests that the devs are reactive to 2.2 Chaos trials and the 133t players thereof.  Yuck.
    I don't know what you are talking about, there are many places to have a killbox on Crogon Keep. If the map is designed to have 2 independent sides, what's the problem with that being fixed? There are other maps like that, like Academy Sewers.

    Pretty much everyone I played with lately uses the very same pathing in Crogon keep, as you say, boring. Even more boring when you have to wait the minions 2 or 3 minutes to go across the whole map, just like in Eventide. 

    If Big Maps with many Gates and many different paths to be explored are that desired and popular, ask or suggest Robot to make more of these. 

    Maps that require multiple killboxes look more interesting and hectic/chaotic, fun to me, although I have to say that I would love some maps that resemble the original game maps, with the feeling of being in a castle and having way more ceiling and trapable space in general plus having an already set (narrower) path and just focus on place traps and kill everything.
  • Re: Congrats

    @AngrySanta Are you playing on PS4 or PC? Did you play the first games OMD or OMD2?

    I haven't seen many people complain about Apprentice difficulty, maybe you are forgetting to use some important mechanic? Have you watched some video or someone else beat those levels, that should help a lot.

  • Re: Chaos trials rift lord chest had only 4 traps instead of 5

    Looks like it's working intended.
    Rift Lord:
    Hero Chest: 4 stuff 100 skulls
    Rift Lord: 5 stuff
    Chaos Trials: 4 stuff 100*lvl skulls
    Not really, they are like the normal chests.

    Apprentice: 2 reward draws + 25*tier skulls
    War Mage: 3 reward draws + 50*tier skulls
    Master: 4 reward draws + 75*tier skulls
    Rift Lord: 5 reward draws + 100*tier skulls
  • Re: Does ice resonator works against targets with the "chilled" debuff?


    the second part is right, probably just not well phrased even if the minion is under some kind of control effect, if hit by the trap it will get the bonus from the stunning accumulator.

    as for the control resonator, the older description said , damage to stunned/snared enemies.

    new description removed the snared, so I am under the impression that it do not work anymore agaisnt slowed minions
    I was refering to the last part of controlled resonator.

    And I repeat myself, it does work on tar slow effect, you can go and test it yourself.

    I highly doubt he was actually asking about the stunning accumulator keeping the effect after a physics trap hiting an enemy which at the same time is slowed, however, if he meant to ask that, then yes, doesn't matter what effects a minion has, it will be affected by the stunning accumulator if hit by a physics trap with it.