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  • Re: Chinese Chest drops chances

    My Chinese is non existant but I think I got it:

                       |  Apprentice Chest   |  Other Chests
    Gear             |  0.5%                    |  2%
    guardian       |  35%                    |  1.5%
    parts            |  1.5%                    |  4.5%
    Traits           |  4%                       |  10%
    traps            |  59.5%                  |  82%

    Common       | 58%
    Uncommon    | 25%
    Rare             | 11%
    Epic              | 6%
  • Re: Undocumented 2.1 Changes

    mdragoon said:
    @Harmonia Do you know if it would be possible to just have the trap list it's refire time based on upgrades in the trap description of the launcher? I'm sure it'd take some work by the dev team but it would be good information for player Quality of Life especially if it accounted for springs. same could be done for the cost? Actually having all of this information be updated based on slots would be amazing, I understand you guys may have a lot of things to work on though, just throwing it out there
    I don't know about the dashboard, but that should be soon in the wiki ;)
  • Re: Who is this?

    Brass, Dobbin's wife. User of the blunderbuss.

    Pretty sure she is mentioned on some Bios.
  • Undocumented 2.1 Changes

    This is what I have so far for now:
    • Credits of the game, at the dashboard settings. Seems to include everyone that worked in the game prior to Launch?
    • Store deals only sell Traps non T7

    • Some rewordings on some weavers to make them clear or adjusted to the new behaviours. 

    • New Achievements that give the new infinite consumables

    • Wrong changes to refire rate wording, I suppose it was a try to reduce inconsistency but now the tooltips are wrong (they say - Fire rate %) When they should be + Fire rate is used to be or rather - Cooldown % to match most of the wording in the game
    • Added Minions abilities that were missing (like Fire Ogre or Stilt Orcs) in the consumable Cards
    • Some consumable spell name change 
    • Achievements rewording to be more clear 
    • Some minor rewordings on bosses names/descriptions and minions

    • Changed the art for Kobold Pups and Combo Generator

    • Added Time Stamp in chat messages when hovering

    • New Art for Northmun archers maybe more minions

    • Added sound when teammates use consumables

    • Consumable icon glows when your consumables are in use

    • Added notification of which Mercenary has been summoned by you or your team

    • Tactical map is more transparent, letting you see heroes and barricades way better.

    • Targeting of Map spells like staffs uses a new cursor.
    Feel free to add more if you have.
  • Re: Eventide fortress solo 5 star + bug

    You killed a minion with your right click and you pushed the orc right into the portal/teleporter.

    Minions can also use them :)