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  • Re: Sabotage Spell Card Guide

    I think it's hard to make a good tier of spells because a lot of them depend in a lot of things. However there is a huge difference from playing 2v2 or 3v3 compared to 1v1. It's also a huge difference of playing in 3-man coordinated teams and/or high lvl compared to just random matchmaking.

    Anyhow I think you are underestimating some spells like the damage aura and the trap disable aura. Also the polimorph chicken, it makes players unable to use any skill and are vulnerable to all damage. Ogre Spludge with some combo can make it pretty good, bronze is a bit too harsh imo, quite better than no/more aggro. Hero Slow Staff can be insanely good if properly placed too, it can be used in many situations and most maps.

    Minion Heal staff should be Diamond, that thing healing rate is insane. 

    Also I think you are overestimating the Dance, mesmerize and the Stun. Even the bomb is pretty situational and useless in half of the maps when playing against decent players. You can get out of any Dance/Stun/mesmerize with just bringing the Freedom Trinket, which is pretty much a must if you want to have a higher chance of winning.

    No XP/coins are indeed very good, but can easily be countered by power gens and xp siphons, which again you should bring if you want an easier match.
  • Re: Question about account levels and trap tiers

    TimeMaster said:
    We tested this and came to this conclusion:

    2,5% HP per battle level (from base)
    ~0,8% HP per account lvl (Multiplicative, from previous level) 
    11% damage per battle level (from base)
    1,4% damage per account lvl (Multiplicative, from previous level)

  • Re: Why buffing those fire elementals??

    Leaving aside the "high rank" rant.

    Sure they are annoying but there are quite a few ways of countering them.

    This game is obviously not about skill, but even with that, and even after Siege removal, this game still has huge gaps of "skill" (more centered on knowledge than micro nowadays) creating an abysmal difference between casual and regular/dedicated players, and also leaving an almost as big gap within the regular/dedicated/veteran players.

    High skill now is more about strategy and knowledge of the game, allowing to adapt, counter, and prevent pretty much everything. Micro is still important but not that much.

    Anyhow, they are going to be changed soon:

    ShadeDev said:

    The current plan is to significantly lower their health, speed, and the number that spawn. 

    In addition, we will be fixing bugs that cause them to spawn even when flipped of the map.

    Lastly, we will be adding more systems to allow you to notice firelings by adding new sounds and explosion delays. 

    These changes make them FAR less threatening.


  • Re: Rental Parts

    Teck said:
    Curiously, how does this affect multiplayer matches where you sell a partner's traps?  Say I place a trap that normally costs 1000 coin, but is discounted to 800 through my parts or traits, what would happen if a partner sells it to make room for their trap?
    You will receive 800 coin back. You always get the cost of placing it back. The partner selling it also see the reduced price when selling it.
  • Re: Stinkeye. Explain, please.

    This might be better on the Q&A section but:

    The upgrade gives you a health regeneration buff when you are near a Totem placed by you or near an allied hero. It doesn't stack itself and it doesn't have a duration, it's active only while you are near enough one of the mentioned. 

    You can see the buff active right in top of the Health Bar (left side) with the rest of buffs. You can also hover over them to read their description.

    If I remember correctly, the distance is about 1.5-2 blocks? More like a guess though, should be easy to check.