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    I don't disagree with having parts in the Deals but keep in mind something:

    Skulls are the currency used for everything and it's what players are in most need of.
    Deals are pretty attractive.
    New players have a bigger income of skulls due to constant lvl ups and first beating maps.

    All the deals are "overpriced", as in buying everything everyday is impossible and it's best use is when you have no more easy chests to obtain or for very occasional purchases.
    New players can easily feel tempted to spend skulls in the deals which leads to them missing a lot of skulls too soon, being blocked from new or better content like buying heroes or upgrading traps. If they buy too much early on from the deals, they will for sure struggle with their skulls unless they also spend gold.

    I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy any common/uncommon trap and I wouldn't buy any rare/epic trap unless you have all heroes or all chests obtained.
  • Re: [Bug] Refire rate upgrades not giving the listed amount after the first (T2) upgrade

    Yes, you can make that minus sign as big as your whole screen but it will still be wrong and make no sense ;)

    A decrease of re-fire rate or respawn rate means that the trap re fires or respawns slower, which is pretty much the opposite of an upgrade, therefore it's a typo that was added this patch and I pointed out before in another thread.

    I'm trying to help, you should read my replies I think they were clear and properly explained what the error and problem in the worshop is.

    The game inconsistency of wording is bad, that's the first I tried to explain.

    Cooldown =/= Refire rate. They are different things.

    Cooldown: Time the trap needs to be able to activate again.
    Re-fire Rate: Number of activations a trap can do in an specific amount of time.

    Shield Powerup has a Cooldown of 60s which equals to a refirate of 1 per minute (1/min) or 1/60 per second.

    If you decrease the refire rate by 50%, it would fire 0.5 per minute or 1 every 2 minutes, which is obviously wrong because makes no sense. A decrease of cooldown would, but they didn't get to change the wording totally to make it consistent. Should have been -25% cooldown but it would have been a lie because the trap wouldn't match the numbers and as you point out, it doesn't make sense a negative cooldown of a trap in a game.

    Therefore what matches the results and was the previous wording but with wrong scaling, is increase of refire rate.
    Being 25% increased rate for each upgrade. Where a 50% refire rate increase would increase from 1 activation per minute to 1.5 activations. And a 150% would make it 2.5 activations per minute.

    With that, you can calculate the refire rate and cooldown of the trap every upgrade being:
    T1 -> Cooldown 60= ; Re-fire rate = 1 activation(s) / minute
    T2 -> Cooldown = 48; Re-fire rate = 1.25 activation(s) / minute
    T3 -> Cooldown = 40; Re-fire rate = 1.5 activation(s) / minute
    T4 -> Cooldown = 34.3; Re-fire rate = 1.75 activation(s) / minute
    T5 -> Cooldown = 30; Re-fire rate = 2 activation(s) / minute
    T6 -> Cooldown = 26.7; Re-fire rate = 2.25 activation(s) / minute
    T7 -> Cooldown = 24; Re-fire rate = 2.5 activation(s) / minute

    Which seem to more or less match to your observations
  • Re: Who is this?

    Brass, Dobbin's wife. User of the blunderbuss.

    Pretty sure she is mentioned on some Bios.
  • Undocumented 2.1 Changes

    This is what I have so far for now:
    • Credits of the game, at the dashboard settings. Seems to include everyone that worked in the game prior to Launch?
    • Store deals only sell Traps non T7

    • Some rewordings on some weavers to make them clear or adjusted to the new behaviours. 

    • New Achievements that give the new infinite consumables

    • Wrong changes to refire rate wording, I suppose it was a try to reduce inconsistency but now the tooltips are wrong (they say - Fire rate %) When they should be + Fire rate is used to be or rather - Cooldown % to match most of the wording in the game
    • Added Minions abilities that were missing (like Fire Ogre or Stilt Orcs) in the consumable Cards
    • Some consumable spell name change 
    • Achievements rewording to be more clear 
    • Some minor rewordings on bosses names/descriptions and minions

    • Changed the art for Kobold Pups and Combo Generator

    • Added Time Stamp in chat messages when hovering

    • New Art for Northmun archers maybe more minions

    • Added sound when teammates use consumables

    • Consumable icon glows when your consumables are in use

    • Added notification of which Mercenary has been summoned by you or your team

    • Tactical map is more transparent, letting you see heroes and barricades way better.

    • Targeting of Map spells like staffs uses a new cursor.
    Feel free to add more if you have.
  • Re: The Minion Field Guide

    I wonder where you got that from... ;)