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  • Re: Runtime Error! - Spitfiredashboard.exe

    Have you tried running the exe in compatibility mode? 

    Some people had a similar problem and made it work with that.
  • Re: Release 2.6 for PC and PS4 - Patch Notes

    The Power Generators went from 611 to 486 coins per wave.

    Sure it's noticeable, but not to get ridiculous about it because of the achievement in my honest opinion.
    It’s a pretty big deal for long games like endless. A reduction of 125 isn’t a lot per generator but with 15-20 of them up from wave 5-30 it’s a difference of almost 50000 coin. Do you think the nerf is significant enough to deter their use in sabotage? That’s where I’ve primarily seen the complaints about them. 
    Well, 50000 coin compared to 1 million spent in a match, it's a 5% difference... 

    Yes, specially combined with the no coin return from selling it. It will be more strategic to use, not a just spam and always win thing. You need to keep it for 2 full waves atleast to not lose coin, sounds way more balanced to me, even though they will still probably be used because of the nature of the trap.
  • Re: If you want to be high rank in sabotage and get there fast, you may feel the need to play dirty

    Just wanted to give my two cents on this since I experienced and reported such things several times at the early days of Sabotage.

    I had lengthy discussions and exchanges with support about this very same topic. It was a bit different since there were more ways of cheating back then, but some are still the same.

    I reported several players/teams which were cheating by:
    • Exploiting the auto-balance depending on party size, teams would queue as 3 with 2 high accounts and a very low level making minions level (they are the average of the players) pretty low and then proceed to disconnect their third player (which a disconnected player could still receive the random spells, not sure if this last bit has been fixed).

    • Abusing power generators by luring minions on them for several minutes, with the help of physics too, in order to gain a substantial coin advantage. This was partly fixed with the changes on the trap but it's still possible to do to some extent.
    • Teaming up with very low rank players to rank up faster, just like posted on the original post.

    • Leaving lobbies or matches before start, or just giving up on first wave. Thankfully the leaving with no rank penalty was fixed.

    The use of a 4th player as saboteur of the other team seems to be a new thing, I probably didn't experience it since I mostly played in a team of 3 back then.

    Anyhow, even reporting with solid proof and giving the full details of the matchs, support was for the most part unable to take any action against the cheaters. Because it seems like none of the above (except the trolling one on the other team) is against any rule or can be punished. It was underwhelming.

    However, luckily for everyone, this kind of players tend to get bored of the game pretty fast, just like it has been proven time after time.

    Having this threads talking about this things:

  • Re: Character Update

    I think he is a very strong tank as it is.

    Making him hit a bit faster could make it not feel as powerful (As long as we are keeping the DPS).

    What has been suggested a few times is to remove the inability to move while attacking. That alone would probably give him a more swifty feeling.
  • Re: Debilitation resonator currently does not work as described in tooltip.

    Thanks for the kind words :)

    I'm a bit confused about your statements though, I tested that part quite a lot, although to be completely honest, not with many different traps. However, every test I did, I came to the conclusion that it indeed does boost the damage from all (?) physical heroes for about 2 seconds.

    I understand the debilitation resonator as the hit that applies it (the first hit from a trap with the resonator to a  mob) doesn't get the bonus, deals damage and after that it adds the debuff. Otherwise it would make no sense and be quite OP (more than it already is :P) In scorcher it definetely works, been using it for a couple months with it intensiveley.

    PD: You better don't want to know all the stuff that is inconsistent right now... After going through every tooltip and a lot of other texts, it's quite depressing hehe. However, I documented most of it and I did many reports already and more will come when I get some time to do it. Robot has been fixing a lot of the stuff I reported lately, so I still have some faith :)