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  • Re: Deadeye, aka "TNT archer strikes back:who needs skills, anyways?" is now the best hero in the game.

    Max has never been the best hero in the game, well yes, maybe in OMD :P
  • Re: Survival co-op with... bots.

    sashimiak said:
    @TimeMaster You are right of course. But don't think of me saying that I've passed along an idea of it going straight to the development team's to-do list. Basically, I check the suggestions, take a look at if something has been suggested before or not and if it hasn't I will pass along a summary of the player's idea combined with the link to their post and the relevant team will look at it (and monitor any feedback posted on that thread).
    Sure, I'm no one to say what you should or have to do. I see that having a reply like yours to a suggestion is somewhat an improvement from the early total silence we had for most of the past 2-3 years of the game where most suggestions would be read but not replied at all.

    I know myself pretty well after posting many that a lot of them are just not plausible, not appropiate, not gonna happen any time soon, etc.

    But others might be interesting. However, neither the silence or the "passed along" message end up favoring the suggestion itself much. While some are very well elaborated and extense, others like this one don't even have a summary or an explained reason of why the suggestion was made. Many have just been there with a single or none reply at all.

    If an idea is interesting and/or isn't very developed or extense, it might have been great to try to incentivize it by asking questions like "why" or "how", even if all you care is about quantity instead of quality and obviously the team is the one deciding everything not players. Anyhow, atleast I would feel better if I were the one suggesting something. Rant over.
  • Re: Make kamikaze kobold and gnome destroyers a different color on the minimap than other hazard units

    Or as suggested many times before, using different shapes.



    Mercenaries Spawn on Death: Summons a mercenary with each hero death.

    Rift Point Loss on Death: Causes the team to lose rift points when heroes die.


    Bonus Rift Points: Doubles rift points.

    Bargain Barricades: Decreases the cost of barricades by -50%.

    Bargain Buffs: Decreases the cost of support traps by -50%.

    More Health Drops: Increases the number of health drops 2x.

    More Mana Drops: Increases the number of mana drops 2x.

    Fast Heroes: Increases hero movement speed by +15%.

    More Unchained Drops: Increases the number of Unchained drops by 5x.

    Bonus Damage at Low Health: Heroes deal +25% damage when below 50% health.

    Slow Minions: Slows minions by -15%.


    Expensive Barricades: Increases the cost of barricades 3x.

    Expensive Hunter Traps: Increases the cost of Big Game Hunting traps 3x.

    Expensive Ceiling Traps: Increases the cost of ceiling traps by 2x.

    Expensive Floor Traps: Increases the cost of floor traps by 2x.

    Expensive Physics Traps: Increases the cost of physics traps by 3x.

    Expensive Wall Traps: Increases the cost of wall traps by 2x.


    Long Cooldowns: Increases the cooldown duration of hero abilities.

    Increased Epic Cooldown: Increases epic ability cooldowns by +100%.

    Increased Unique Cooldown: Increases unique ability cooldowns by +100%.

    Increased Secondary Cooldown: Increases secondary ability cooldowns by +100%.


    Melee Minion Damage: Increases minion melee damage by +25%.

    Arcane Armor: Grants enemies +50 arcane armor.

    Control Resistance: Increases minions' ability to resist control effects by +50%.

    Fire Armor: Grants enemies +50 fire armor.

    Ice Armor: Grants minions +50 ice armor.

    Lightning Armor: Grants minions +50 lightning armor.

    Physical Armor: Grants minions +50 physical armor.

    Spawn Protection: Minions take 50% less damage for 20s after spawning.

    Fast Minions: Increases minion movement speed by +20%.

    Rugged Runners: Increases runner minion health 2x.

    Rush Timer: If not killed within 40s, minions drop aggro and move +30% faster.


    Persistant Rubble: Barricade rubble does not disappear.

    No Go-breaks: Removes go breaks.

    No Health Drops: No health drops.

    No Mana Drops: No mana drops.

    One Rift Point: Decreases rift points to 1.

    Gear Disabled: Disables all gear.


    Additional Armored Ogres: Adds armored ogres to waves.

    Additional Cyclops Mages: Adds cyclops mages to waves.

    Additional TNT Archers: Adds TNT archers to waves.

    Additional Fire Fiend Imps: Adds fire fiend imps to waves.

    Additional Order Mages: Adds Order mages to waves.

    Additional Fire Ogres: Adds fire ogres to waves.

    Additional Gnoll Grenadiers: Adds gnoll grenadiers to waves.

    Additional Pride Hunters: Adds pride hunters to waves.

    Additional Northmun Archers: Adds Northmun archers to waves.

    Additional Kamikaze Kobolds: Adds kamikaze kobolds to waves.

    Additional Mercenaries: Adds mercenaries to waves.

    Additional Forest Giants: Adds forest giants to waves.

    Additional Mountain Trolls: Adds mountain trolls to waves.

    Additional Shield Trolls: Adds shield trolls to waves

    Additional Unstable Rifts: Adds unstable rifts to waves.


    Increased Aggro: Increases hero aggro by +50%.

    Periodic Bomb: Periodically casts The Bomb Spell on a random hero.

    Primary Knockback: Causes primary attacks to periodically knock heroes back for 7 seconds.

    Camera Freeze: Disables heroes' cameras when their health falls below 50%.

    Spudge Drops: Obscures a hero's camera with spudge when picking up a powerup.

    Celebratory Dance: Causes team to dance when a boss or mercenary is killed.

  • Re: Chaos Trials Knockback

    geaux said:
    ShadeDev said:
    Druitt said:
    Yeldarb said:
    What does internal on the CD mean? You know, asking for myself cuz dumb.
    means no matter how fast you can attack. you can only get knocked back once per second for 7 seconds. not 15x a second for 7 seconds if you have a hero that fires fast. 
    I don't think it's necessary, because you don't need time to react.  Just check the direction your back is facing whenever you are attacking.
     I  eagerly await you back pedalling on this next patch. There is a difference between balanced challenge and screwing over you players.
    I'll try to reason it instead of going the "get gud" response:

    How is worse or different a "soft" counter of heroes with high attack speed compared to the plain armor resistance to others.

    Elemental resistances make some heroes less effective, Knockback make melee heroes and High attack speed heroes less effective.
    Similar with having Additional spawn of High Damage Minions make squishy heroes potentially less effective or big minions/mercenaries make knockback effects less effective. etc.

    The discussion is more about if it is too frustrating or if it makes it a too good counter, which in my opinion it makes you change your playstyle and be more aware like other modifiers like the rubble or the spudge on pickups or the bomb.