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  • Re: Character Update

    I think he is a very strong tank as it is.

    Making him hit a bit faster could make it not feel as powerful (As long as we are keeping the DPS).

    What has been suggested a few times is to remove the inability to move while attacking. That alone would probably give him a more swifty feeling.
  • Re: Debilitation resonator currently does not work as described in tooltip.

    Thanks for the kind words :)

    I'm a bit confused about your statements though, I tested that part quite a lot, although to be completely honest, not with many different traps. However, every test I did, I came to the conclusion that it indeed does boost the damage from all (?) physical heroes for about 2 seconds.

    I understand the debilitation resonator as the hit that applies it (the first hit from a trap with the resonator to a  mob) doesn't get the bonus, deals damage and after that it adds the debuff. Otherwise it would make no sense and be quite OP (more than it already is :P) In scorcher it definetely works, been using it for a couple months with it intensiveley.

    PD: You better don't want to know all the stuff that is inconsistent right now... After going through every tooltip and a lot of other texts, it's quite depressing hehe. However, I documented most of it and I did many reports already and more will come when I get some time to do it. Robot has been fixing a lot of the stuff I reported lately, so I still have some faith :)

  • Re: blacklist players ps4

    tronixde said:
    sadly no... even though I was luckily enough that I've never encountered the "empty-loadout" type one's, I encountered a few of the "place-a-barricade-where-I-want-or-I'll-leave" type, even some "if-we-don't-do-it-as-I-want-I'll-sabotage-your-match" kind of players... 

    @moderator speaking of which: I've recorded one of the latter as he sabotaged our sabotage game, is there some kind of reporting platform where I could submit the footage to robot? 
  • Re: Petition To Adjust The "Empty Pockets Trophy" - Spend 200,000,000 Coin!

    iRageQuit said:
    @TimeMaster @Daxt, you lost me there... I don't think its about earning coins as much as spending them. with the trap limits in game, earning the coins after reaching the limit, without any use of them.
    the trophy is about spending 200m coin.
    Spending it is a trivial issue. You can die and buy back (This mechanic spends coins on a % of the owned) or use traps like boom barrel and trip wire to spend it.
  • Re: Endless Summer - Event

    Daxt said:
    Such hate. 

    Move on if you're not having fun. I'm happy with the event and having fun.
    Although I don't support such negativity and even toxicity, I have to admit that the past events and the current aren't very appealing for the experienced players.

    They don't really engage or motivate them and the rewards aren't very useful for them. Not saying that is easy to satisfy the "hardcore" players, but the events don't seem to have them as a target or have any part for them. That's probably where the frustration is coming from.