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  • Re: Earthling Mechanic Bug

    @AndrealVox - Thanks for taking the time to report this. We do not have an ETA that we can provide just yet, but you can rest assured that our team is aware of this issue and is looking into it.
  • Re: Achievements showing in-game but not on steam

    @Gorkster - Thanks for taking the time to report this to us. Our team is aware that achievements are not properly syncing between OMDU and Steam at this time. We don't have an ETA on a fix just yet, but our team is looking into it.

    For a list of Known Issues, please see the most recent patch notes available here.

  • Re: Text for Ambush Trigger wrong

    Great news on this one guys - our team is aware that the text isn't matching the functionality and a fix is currently planned to go out with the next major update.
  • Re: Gnolls and Gnoll Grenaders

    We double-checked this with the development team and confirmed that Gnolls and grenadiers are working as intended. If they cannot find their first priority (player heroes), they continue on per normal.
  • Re: Stuck at loading screen after log in

    @NoWhammy - Thank you for the kind words, I'm always glad to help!

    In regards to the Steam downtime, there was also a small bout of game launching issues on our server around the same time. Our server team cleared that up very quickly and all went back to normal without any server downtime. 

    Are you still experiencing any problems loading into either version of the game after following the troubleshooting steps here? If so, please send in your DxDiag and log files per the instructions here and let me know which troubleshooting steps you've taken. If you are running any antivirus or firewall software, please make sure to include the names of those programs if you write in.