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  • Re: Oziel patch 2.3 changes - what do you guys think about them so far?

    His raised fix base dmg increased his Overall Dmg in Batllegrounds, Sabotage and Chaos Trials.
    But its lowered in Endless. :( 

    His manamanagement feels very bad now, even with tons of manareg in soloplayer games. Hes out of Mana within a few seconds. especially if he wants to take an effort out of his weavers.
    His shift ability converts hp to mp, which spends him additional mana, but he cant do any dmg while using it.
    But he has to use it a lot of time, which means he is a lot of time at low health and can be killed by simple archers etc.

    The Wavers doesnt fit with his new build. Players hat to choose what kind of Dmg they want to do (single Target or AoE)
    The entire T3 Weavers feels unrewarding, because their effect is to low to be a "good" pick or simply against the reason why players use the skill ( Unholy mire). 
    Maybe increase vexing surges soul increasement or change one T4 waever to t3.

    His new soul mechanic doesnt display his actual number of souls after the first usage of his ultimate. The Ultimate Button stays grey until you farmed new 75 souls, but the "counter" stays invisible.

    But most annoying is that he lost his unique playstyle. He had one job/advantage in the past which makes him fun to play with a great Dmg if the player invests enough time in Endless. Now he feels like a rnd hero pick.
    The old Gabby with blink root and the possible combination with blink and mezmerize weaver was awesome as hardline Minion stacker. 
    Perfect to raise the score by high combos to a huge amount of minions. 
    I would like to see unique Heroes which are specialists for different ingame Goals.

  • Re: Ranking-System Sabotage

    P1XEL14 said:

    Ist die Anzahl an Diamant/Platin-Spielern eigentlich begrenzt?
    Ich gehe mal davon aus das sich das Grundgebilde nicht geändert hat. Dementsprechend kannst du davon ausgehen, dass die Ränge sich durch den reinen MMR  berechnen und sich nicht an einen bestimmten Prozentsatz orientieren.
  • Re: Sabotage Matchmaking

    you stopped at platinum 5? :D
    should i post a screen from your own stream 2 weeks ago ?(D4/D4/Bronze 1Party) xD
    oh you are my stream viewer? cool
    then you should know how much games I've played with justin and nothing.
    If you have a screen, sure, post it, remind me who I played with, I don't even remember myself.
    Names of 2 other Guys from your Team are censored, but ill write them per pm :)

    oh right, you don't need to hide names here, the leaderboard has already said it all. There were only 5 players in diamond 4 at that time, 3 of them are from your guild.

    Senatorbird is a friend of mine. He is not in PRIDE but in JCKIS. We played a few games after I'm done with justin and nothing that day. Cnemire was someone we found in global chat because we need a 3rd teammate with a mic. If you watched my full stream you should have known that I play mostly with justin and nothing. Yet you ignored that fact and only picked these few games between me and my friend who is not even a member of PRIDE.

    Anyway, playing with bronze players is nothing to be ashamed of. Ask around all the bronze players I've played with whether or not they would like to play with me again. I guarantee you will get the same answer. They learned more about this game, they devoted more time (even money) into this game, I reduced my frustration due to unfair matches created by AI. The fact that you are being salty about getting outranked doesn't make everything bad. Aren't you and your guild member always keep saying that rank is skill, therefore my rank is carried by playing with bronze and I didn't deserve it? Come play some custom games then. Let's see if you actually deserve diamond as you are currently at.
    Terry, its some easier.^^
    You said you didnt teamed up with bronze since platinum 5. screen says something different.
    You said you want to teach people, which would be awesome for game. But when you were asked why you want to teamup with bronze on purpose, you said:

    "because it reduces the frustration
    it prevents from loosing a lot and winning a little
    there is nothing i can do to make the game more fun, all i can is to reduce frustration as much as i can"

    This should explain itself. 

    and about deserving a rank: 

    You should be able to easily get.
    But you didnt deserve it if you dont want to work for it ;)

    small hint for teaching:
    Usually Teacher are discussing about why/how they had to something instead of "just do this" xD

  • Re: Gabriella seems really underwhelming...

    She just lacks her old no aggro ability. Her current passive ability simply does not fit into her heroes mechanics. 
    She is too squishy and her own heal ability  does not help her to survive if she has get in close range to use it.
    Range Minions will kill her before she can use the ability. 
    Otherwise, she is a great Hero with a far-reaching skill tree that allows her to play in various  ways.
  • Re: Willkommen auf dem Deutschen Forum für Forum Orcs Must Die! Unchained!

    hoffe aber mal, dass unser heiß geliebter und einzigen Spam Ordner (Hallo? Hallo! 2.0) bleiben darf, oder? 
    Ist unser Vermächtnis aus der Pre-Merge Zeit und das wollen wir doch nicht missen ;)