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    Started to play as Premade as Premade until old Gold 1, then i played most of my matches in Solo Q
    Solo Q games are depend on Teamplay same as Premade Games.
    So the biggest problem is if your you and your rnd mates and you didnt share the same ideas about building a Killbox and all build               their own stuff. In this case you should try to make the best out of it. you can try to explain some stuff like why it´s not good to add a push/flip trap at specific positions in max sec. ^^
    Add usefull stuff in their Killbox, because  its easier to Kill.
    Minions in one weird Killbox than in 2-3 smaller boxes.
    My preferred hero choice depends on the Map and mates.
    But usually Dobbin (Multilane) , Tundra or Ivy (single lane) 
    This heroes had a good potencial to counter fails.

    I played him per solo q from lvl 1 since people were complaining about lowlevels in their teams. But he got few premade Matches with guys who send me a invite too (who arent from my guild ;) ). 
    Playing as Lowlvl is some harder than as highlvl. Your dmg is to low to kill even low hp Minions if the gasp between you and the other players is to huge. Then you had to play as full support to be effective in matter of Teamplay (support traps/bars in early waves/CC hero).

  • Re: Sabotage Game Won and no reward cause the Server thinks you lost connection / cant see statisctics

    Ondark said:
    Around 70% of the Time i wont get to results and see game statistics of a Sabotage match (i really would like to) but the game counts and i get hidden rewards.
    Around 10% of the time the Game just doesnt even count.
    Around 20% of the time i can see statisctics at the end of a sabotage match and the Game counts WOW.

    The statistics do not appear because you click OK too fast after the games. (wait few seconds!)
    The rewards will only be displayed to you if they have never been in your inventory before.
    But it is easy to control when you write your current experience before a game and check it after the game.
  • Re: What is your favorite hero in OMDU?

    Gabby alias "stack,stun n´gun" ;)
  • Re: Combo Generator and Leaderboards

    I am sure that the generator can also be fun. This could lead to resource management gaining more weight again.

    But it should be equally available to all! This will be possible only after a long time.
  • Re: Largest combo possible for solo?

    1 LMB
    1 RMB
    1 Splash

    no guardian or traps in range.
    gear not used

    Splash dmg range seems to be very small.