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  • Re: Sabotage Matchmaking

    I agree with you regarding the MM system, but the devs beat this issue to death. Basically, there are two scenarios based on the low server population.

    1. Insanely long queue times
    2. After a certain amount of time, a game is put together, no matter how unfair.

    The devs took the latter, and I have to agree with them. When I first started playing Sabotage, I was hit with Swifty, memorize, and dance. Guess what, you learn and move on. I would rather have encountered that situation than not having the chance to play at all. It's a pretty big turn off to wait for a long time just to play a game (would this really attract new players if they think the game is dead?).
  • Re: Debilitation Resonator - Increases all damage or only physical?

    The real question is this:

    Is -50 physical armor reduction > 30% damage increase from other resonators? I personally don't know how big of a boost -50 physical armor is in terms of physical damage to make an informed decision
  • Re: Boulder Chute and Icicle Impaler - Does trap height matter anymore?

    If anything, they should keep the base damage @ 200, but have it increase using the past formula based on trap height. That way, it's actually interesting and viable to use in certain situations. 

    Also, if it's not based on trap height anymore, maybe update the tooltip and video.
  • Re: T7 Traps

    If there are more tiers to come, why not limit the max players can receive now to T7 so players can potentially diversify their trap pool (no additional traps will drop if you achieved t7)? There is no time table as to when higher tiers will come (could be a couple weeks to a few months) so why is it necessary to receive drops thst literally do nothing at this current stage of the game?
  • Re: Not being able to unlock traps with skulls is a terrible idea.

    That's the problem with how OMDU controls progress. Instead of adding more content to increase longevity of the game, management was able to find the one way that would piss people off the most (RNG). A tower defense game without the ability to even design his/her perfect killbox is absurd. I can't think of any other tower defense game that doesn't even reward farming since OMDU uses a pure RNG system for trap drops.

    To make matters worse, account level doesn't even matter anymore...only trap levels do. Before this patch, high account level almost always means that person is rocking high tier traps. With this new RNG system in place, people will be in for a surprise.