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  • Re: Boulder Chute and Icicle Impaler - Does trap height matter anymore?

    If anything, they should keep the base damage @ 200, but have it increase using the past formula based on trap height. That way, it's actually interesting and viable to use in certain situations. 

    Also, if it's not based on trap height anymore, maybe update the tooltip and video.
  • Re: Known Blackpaw Exploit on Cliffside Clash?

    It's definitely possible. I've done it easily with midnight no problem. Matter of fact, it's even easier to open helm with a midnight. I can break the caches by the guardians myself without the aid of my team. 
  • Re: Thoughts on Character balance issues

    I'm pretty sure Shady answered the question regarding Blackpaw. They'll keep an eye on him, but since the devs have access to hidden information, it's safe to assume they know a little bit more than the general population. Also, if you haven't noticed, the majority of the players raising complaints are the "top tier" players. While these players dominate the forums and act as if they are the voice of the general population, sadly they are not. They shouldn't presume to be.  In reality, I'd venture to say they make up less than 5% of the commmunity. The developers' goals aren't just to reach the elite, but to the majority of players.

    On that note, I would even go as far as saying the motives of these "top tier" players are not entirely pure. The second they come across any resistance to their META, it's op and needs to be nerfed immediately. 

    As an avid blackpaw user, I an attest to the strengths AND weaknesses of blackpaw. I implore you to actually use him. He has glaring weaknesses. (Hint: His greatest strength is also his biggest weakness).