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  • Re: Sabotage - Comeback mechanics!

    @ shadedev. Please don't lower the skill ceiling any more than it already is. There is enough randomness built into this PVP mode as it is.
  • Sabotage - Comeback mechanics!

    After playing hundreds of sabotage games, there is a recurring problem I've been noticing - comeback mechanics. Currently, there seems to be close to no mechanics that aid in making comebacks if one team is losing. In the current meta of the game (higher tier games, that is), if you lose rift points before sudden death, it's over. The chance of come back is slim to none. Here are some suggestions:

    1. Increase chance of stronger minions/consumable cards in later waves 
    2. Re-rolling minion cards/consumable cards grants higher chance of getting stronger cards (It does cost 500 coin)
    3. Allow a cap of minion/consumable cards people can get. Right now, I have close to 100 mana drain cards, coin drain, etc. All these cards are filling up my total card pool to draw from, decrease my chances of obtaining stronger cards.

    If all three of these suggestions are implemented, I believe the QUALITY of sabotage games would drastically increase. There are countless games that I've played where the other team would just go AFK if they lose any rift points because the game is essentially over. There are no comeback mechanics due to the RNG of drawing minion/consumables cards, accompanied by a huge card pool.

  • Re: Sabotage Matchmaking

    phattony said:

    A few days later we got our first loss as a team to some lower level solo queue players. Not sure if actual rank of players just that they were not in diamond or platinum. It was a mistake on our part and we deserved to lose. Yeldarb and I were both demoted a rank to platinum 1 and platinum 5 which we thought was fine because it was lower rank players. Our gold 5 ranked friend was demoted to silver 3. We thought it was a little harsh but we attributed it to him having far less games played.
    I'm glad someone shared an experience of what I was pointing out. 

    And no, I'm not just salty or attacking for no reason, I'm trying to point out a practise that is questionable and in my honest opinion should be frowned upon because it has only negative effects for the current situation and system of the mode.

    If it were about the rank, I could have done the same with guildmates and smurfs and get to Diamond 1 on a rating that no one would ever reach.

    Lmao, you're probably the king of empty words. Just like how you denied using the "glitch" (i.e. big game hunting arrow walls) to achieve an insanely high score in survival right? I recall your reasoning was that it was in the game for a couple patches so even though it's one shotting enemies, it's not a glitch because the devs didn't fix it yet. Feel free to check out the post where you make a fool of yourself here.

     Also, not sure how many times Terry has to reiterate...he did not smurf to get up to Diamond 1. He said he grouped with low ranked players to get to platinum 5. He strictly queued with Nothing and I from Platinum 5 to Diamond 1. 
  • Re: T7 Traps

    If this is working as intended, this is the worst rng system in place for any game I've ever seen. imagine spending money on gold and you get a drop that literally goes nowhere since the trap is maxxed. you're pretty much donating to OMDU
  • T7 Traps

    Not sure if this is a bug, but you can still receive trap drops from chests even if your trap is already T7. For example, if I had T7 barricades, I can still get barricades as drops from chests. The number goes up, but it does nothing. Is this intended?