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  • Re: Water Gardens Master 10minutes????

    raylei said:
    I soloed this one with Max. For damage-wise, I am lv100 and I used Feeling Fierce(10% extra damage trait), Overachiever(+1 battle level at the beginning), one rage potion, floor spikes, arrow wall, pounder, and big game hunter ballista. No barricade. I had 9 seconds left rip. Floor spike op? 
    Congrats Ray!  My try was similar to yours ... but with Deadeye (IIRC) and I didn't think to use pounders or consumables ... great thinking.

    As to this patch, it's definitely good and shows a ton of good work on the part of the Robot team.  There is dissonance in the Eastern/Western mix now, but that's probably a good thing overall.

    So far, I don't really like the new minions; it's pushing me to physical damage (trap and hero) and no tar ... i.e. boring (floor spikes, grinders/arrow walls as the core to everything).  Earth elementals are the biggest pain so far ... I suppose throwing in some brimstone (also boring)  at the end of the nearly infinite line of floor spikes would mitigate that ;)

    This patch was obviously pushed out the door before it was ready.  The par time on this map is the same as the apprentice one.  It's impressive that some of us have been able to 5* it (not me :).  The big game stuff should target the new minion hunters.  The fireling nerf is effective ... now I don't really care about them when I know they are coming.  They were more problematic before when they could and did burn your hero to a crisp.  The don't spawn on out of bounds change is a very good one.  Having them just appear from out of the goo or the ocean was gratingly dumb.

    I'm still irritated by the nerf of the stunning accumulators.  It was clearly a change to make life at T9-12 chaos trials difficult for the handful of people that can win at that level.  I and most of the people I play with can't, even with the long standing but recently changed behavior w/r/t large minions.  I suspect that's most of us.  In other words, a nerf that helps the .01% get appropriately challenged and has the rest of us stop trying at T7 or 8 :)
  • Suggestion: Account and trap level selection option

    I just hit L100.  Obviously most non-CT non-Sabo play is mind numbingly easy. Please give us a button on our hero and each trap where we may (for that game only) adjust the level downward.

    If you are feeling frisky, create a difficulty adjusted leaderboard where the people with the fewest account+trap "points" who win/5-star get recognized.

  • Re: Initial feelings of Deadeye

    ShadeDev said:
    Hey guys, I have been reading a bunch of this feedback about Deadeye.  As mentioned earlier, I will be changing the passive to no longer lower your damage against your primary target.

    In addition, I am looking into changes associated with Deadeye's hipshot buff.  Currently, I am thinking of extending the duration of the buff, but lowering the bonus.  This means you can dash less frequently without feeling like you are losing DPS.

    I am also looking into the range of her dash.  Several people have mentioned that she doesn't feel like she is gaining significant distance. In reality, she does gain about 1.5 trap spaces over her running speed.  Since she can do this every 2.5 seconds, the bonus is pretty significant. However, I am looking into increasing the distance slightly to help with the perception.

    Lastly, her bouncing bomb is not supposed to have its cooldown reduced by "More Misdeeds".  I will be removing this bonus and compensating by decreasing the cooldown by 1 second baseline.
    Deadeye is fun ... I'm still experimenting but have been having effective results with brambleweed weavers + firebomb weavers ... good sustained damage ...

    Her primary does not feel like it does the kind of damage I was expecting given the writing ... but then there is the AOE problem you are fixing and the fact that I'm not rolling every 6 sec to buff it.  Yes, that mechanic is cool from a cinimatic perspective; from a gameplay perspective not so much. It's much more like hit left shift to keep up your primary than getting an advantage from roll with bonus blazing guns^H^H^H^H crossbows afterward  Cinematography aside, why not just boost her baseline dps and decouple it from the left shift dash?

    Also, why not maker her dash more like tundras?  She can keep rolling until canceled or expired (with longer cooldown).  It's too much micro management to use it defensively.  Another idea - give her immunity for the rolling and a short period afterward ... she's pretty squishy if you imagine her rolling into mobs.
  • How do springs help (hurt) cursed ground.

    If I put an e.g. double spring in cursed ground it will increase the "refire rate" making it 35% faster.  But refire rate is not mentioned in the description.  How does cursed ground work and how does the faster refire help?

    Thank you!
  • Re: Why 25 gibs from a parts chest?

    liels said:
    mdragoon said:
    it only converted to 25? I thought most epic items returned about 200-300?
    Yes ... I found that rather ... disappointing ... insulting even :)
    That's pretty awful. Are Parts converting to that few Gibs from normal chests as well?
    I think the 25 gibs should be replaced with an animation of Nelson Muntz