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  • Re: Most Useless Gear

    I've used flame bracers before, good against unstable rifts or on characters without real ranged attacks. It's not super impressive though.

    Ring of last stand would be my vote. I want to like it, especially in some chaos trials, but it doesn't quite last long enough to keep me safe in the situations I'd want to use it on.
  • Re: Thoughts on the latest Insider access, new mode, etc.

    I'll be a contrarian. I don't like endless very much.

    Endless just removes a lot of game mechanics. Xp siphons/potions become pointless, as you'll likely reach level 20 just fine without them. Money stops mattering after a while, and the trap limit rears its ugly head instead. Light minions get filtered out by physics traps, leaving just large minions and threats to barricades as the real challenge. Most low cost traps stop being used as they aren't worth increasing the trap cost for. And you'd certainly never use a short spring in a trap you bring to endless mode.

    Chaos trials appeals to me much more. The various conditions will make it so that there's likely going to be a different mix of traps, gear, and heroes that do well depending on the conditions. The randomness will make it different from game to game and that will keep it fresh.
  • Re: Sabotage 2nd Impressions

    Agree with most of this. I do like the ranks though.

    Non-swifty bosses should be improved. They don't seem worth the cost. Either they need to have their health or abilities improved, or have them come with a posse. (or lower the cost, but that's not as interesting)

    I main tundra, and yeah both Ivy and Tundra are too good. For Tundra, his shattering icicles weaver is too strong. Maybe give it a cap on targets, or a smaller area of effect. Ice wall being breakable would be pretty lame. Up its cooldown if it really needs to be nerfed. Also give him some interesting 2nd tier weavers please, they're all underwhelming.

    Ivy has real weaknesses in her low damage and tiny health pool, but the knockback is so good on sudden death that it makes up for it. I'd say give her more autoattack damage, but also increase the cooldown and damage of penetrating shot by 25% or so.
  • Re: Patch 2.1 - Premium Shoppe!

    Only did falling fally once in sabotage so far but it was the most fun map. Both teams leaked on more than one wave. Won by like two rift points against a premade, just barely. 

    I can imagine it destroying bronze/silver ranked players though. 
  • Re: Sabotage Matchmaking

    If you make the quest "play 2 games" you'll have people playing sabotage to intentionally lose. Then people will post "how did the devs not see this coming???"

    Having to win 2 can be frustrating and there may be a better solution but that's not it.