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  • Re: Bloodspike still feels weak

    Bloodspike just has higher requirements to do well than other heroes.

    You need the enemy minions to be single file, bunched up, and in a line, with health and mana siphon(s) feeding you.

    I would probably increase his base damage significantly, and reduce the max # of bloodbath stacks so that his maximum output remains the same, but his minimum is a lot better.
  • Re: Useless chest rewards - unusable trap points

    Are you aware of the premium shoppe going in next tuedsay's patch? http://forums.orcsmustdie.com/discussion/13064/patch-2-1-premium-shoppe#latest
  • Re: I'm getting sick of this "Need stuff, start match to get said stuff, end up getting (fodder) stuff."

    I have 3 double springs. Not going to complain anymore.
  • Re: This is why I hate RNG

    I don't mind the rng system, but since they more or less took the loot system from the mobile game Clash royale, they may as well go all the way with it and add the other parts of Clash Royale's loot system that ease the rng:


    A shop with a few cards for traps that can be purchased with skulls, and rotates each day.

    Guild trading

    Clash royale has the ability to request cards every 8 hours (24 would make more sense for omdu), where you could have the ability to request a certain number of cards from guild mates. An example would be like 20x common, 5x uncommon, and guild mates could send you those and would be rewarded with skulls for doing so. The amounts you could request could change depending on your max difficulty level unlocked.
  • Re: Do you prefer Hero or Boss attackers in Survival?

    As it stands right now, bosses for sure.

    If you made heroes that actually felt like fighting other players in siege, then I'd like a mix.

    You'd need to increase the enemy hero health by like 2x or 3x, and then drop their damage to like, a quarter of what it is now. 

    Bosses and heroes should both be something that forces you to deal with them. Bosses are great for being big health sponges that force you to focus them. Heroes should be an enemy that ignores your defenses (except for hero seekers) and forces you to deal with them so you can go back to your business.